Mystic Messenger Hell (707’s route — day 5)

I did it. I’m committed. I have returned.

Mystic Messenger, I am coming for you.

Please click here if you need a refresher on what Mystic Messenger Hell entails. Please click here to access previously played route reports.

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I write this nearing midnight and very sleepily. 707’s route tomorrow! I’m starting on day 5 because I can. I’ve played the prologue chapters three times already. I’m good. I feel better about the sustainability of a 6 day route than an 11 day route in these trying times.

I wanna stay healthy and get enough sleep.

I also want to play MysMess and take my mind off of things.

Forgive me if this round isn’t as intense. I might miss a few chats. I might have to spend some hourglasses. I might, you know, just be chill.

Anyway, four minutes until midnight when I’ll start playing, and the first chat is at 12:18 AM. Wish me luck!

I loaded into 14 new guest emails IT’S FIIIINNNEEE…



Oh, and Vanderwood is here. How on EARTH did my autocomplete know what name I was about to type. Too weird.

Okay, Ima go sleep for like two hours. I’m already exhausted if my blogging doesn’t give it away. Niiiighttt 💕

It’s morning. I forgot how difficult it is to play a chat when you’re awoken from a deep sleep, but I did it! For now, not much to report, except that it’s a little difficult to remember how to respond to 707 without the context of the first five days.

Jumin still dislikes Zen.

I know what to pick, I know what to pick, and yet…just, wow, Jumin. Don’t hold back or anything. Jeez.

And he still speaks the truth about cats.

Also, I accidentally pressed the wrong button and missed my first phone call with Seven! 😭 I was so disappointed.

More to come!

I begin typing again with only one chat left for today. I feel oddly LESS stressed than I did yesterday, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I have something serving as a welcome distraction from our global state of affairs every few hours. Don’t get me wrong, the dead-of-the-night wake-up calls are just as decidedly un-fun as I remember them to be, but during the day, I had almost forgotten the extent to which I enjoy this game.

I think this is a good time to play, after all. We’ll see how I feel after a few days of gameplay. ❤ Now, it’s time for the photo montage of amusing things that happened in MysMess today!

Yoosung is getting flustered by muscular men.

I mean, I get it.

When taken out of context, we can use this quote to explain the impact of Covid on the world:

Oddly therapeutic to have to spelled out like that.

Seven has too many feelings:


Yoosung has great taste in literature.

👏 👏 👏

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what a Triptor bot was supposed to be.

*slaps forehead in Twitter*

I’m going to save this as a reaction meme:

My cats are also good bois.

And that’s all for now! I’ll write you all again tomorrow!

With love from Mystic Messenger Hell,

Shoujo 🌸


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