Random Things That Are On My Mind Tonight (or, late night oversharing I’ll later regret) – Posting the Backlog of Drafts, pt 1

This is the first installment of “Posting the Backlog of my Drafts.” Because I have like 67 drafts, and that’s not okay, friends. So, everything that can be published is going to be published, with pictures added no less, insecurity be danged.

My husband has a sleepy smell. It’s warm and deep. It’s husky. It’s him. It is one of my favorite smells in the whole world, and he doesn’t wear cologne.

I’ve never said that to anyone before. I don’t even know that I’ve told him.

I always used to think that it was okay to be weaker as the fairer sex. But now I’ve come to resent being a stereotype of female “frailty.” On top of everything else, I legitimately black out when it’s a little hot. I swoon. Who does that??

I love being taken care of as a woman. I love the care my husband gives me, and the concern and consideration he shows for me. But still wish I was stronger. Physically. I’m working on it.

(But you don’t need a prince on a white horse, ladies. You do you.)

I do take care of him too, though!!! Cause I love that boy!!! Like, better or worse, sickness and health, we a team.

You don’t know what you got til it’s gone. Paving paradise and putting in a parking lot can have Clannad-level consequences.

No ones gonna get that reference.

Actually, two references.

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