Meet the Blog Cast

Blog-readers, behold below your primary cast of real-world characters! (*’‘*)

Shoujothoughts少女 (20-something, female, otaku) 


  • Is a Tama-chan, utterly
  • So girly, omgosh
  • State of being: absolutely hopeless romantic
  • Extra and easily excitable
  • Anxiety-ridden
  • Hufflepuff cinnamon bun
  • Talks to herself; super embarrassing (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
  • Bumping into imaginary objects or slipping on flat surfaces. ❤
  • Very sensitive
  • Pink is life
  • Bows and ribbons lifestyle
  • Dresses are the Favorite (TM)

The Husband— (who would die if he knew Shoujo was writing about him) (20-something, male, gamer)


  • Ambitious, motivated, intelligent, responsible
  • Absolute perfectionist
  • …unintentionally sexy… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
  • Real world example of the “cool type”–reserved
  • Megane of stoic spectacles variety
  • Onry as hell in private; teases Shoujo into oblivion
  • Short hair, long~~~ temper
  • Stubborn as the day (in an Alaskan summer!) is long
  • Genuine
  • Believes that much of his feelings are meant to be understood without verbal expression???
  • Truly a closet goofball
  • Lives in jeans of black to blue, flip flops, and dark colored t-shirts

Muffin (17, female, fluff ball, kitty-in-Heaven)

/ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ nyaaaan


  • Getting on in years but still Shoujo’s precious baby kitty
  • Likes to nap almost as much as she likes to eat
  • Recreational catnip user, enjoys her window seat
  • Has strategically taken over Shoujo’s favorite chair
  • Drools like a puppy dog
  • Is the most adorable thing under the sun
  • Vomits a lot *ew*, leaving Shoujo-chan to clean up after her
  • Leaves lots of litter box work for the Husband
  • Makes the cutest puff-ball of long fur when curled up on self
  • Hates riding in the car
  • Loves to sit on a kitchen chair (or on the floor) during meals and waits to be offered the meats
  • Meows a LOT ❤
  • Is a very smart beebee
  • Escape artist
  • Does not hesitate to let you know when she wants what I’ve dubbed “the ‘tentions” (attention)

Baby Shadow (1, male, huge baby)


  • Loves his momma, is momma’s shadow
  • Wants firm back pets, ear scritches are the favorite
  • Rolls over on his tummy while he’s still 10 feet away from you like, “Pet me.”
  • My little black bat
  • Is so big for such a little meow, omgosh
  • Pumpkin eyes
  • Attached at the hip to his brother
  • Scared at most situations
  • Startles easily
  • Must have his nightly drink from the bathtub faucet
  • Window seat? “Come ‘ere, brudder, it is ours!”
  • Looks at his brother like, “What? Are you really going to do that? Now?”

Raggies (1, male, aka “trouble”)


  • Adventurous!!
  • “Nanners”
  • He will find a way into your drop-ceiling, don’t test him.
  • Silent as the dead (unless he’s breaking things)
  • Sees the food, wants the food
  • Climbs ALL the surfaces
  • Found as a runt with a broken and stunted leg but never let that stop his thirst for life!
  • Brave boy
  • Started off as a water cat, but then became a box boy-oh
  • “I will groom brudder. It my job.”
  • Sneaky McSneakersen
  • “Wasn’t under the floorboards. Don’t know what you talkin’ bout, momma.”