Tipsy Takes — Songs from Anime that Make Me Feel Stuff

Caution: As you might have guessed, this is the second installment of Tipsy Takes. I'm tipsy. My hair is still pink. Read the first post on Karnaval here. I love spell check. Haha. Sober notice: All comments written after I've regained my composure look like, well... this! Song #1: Let's be honest; if you've … Continue reading Tipsy Takes — Songs from Anime that Make Me Feel Stuff

Reverse Harem in Retrospect: Your Posse in Effect (or, “Bishonen Classification within the Reverse Harem Sub-Genre”)

Shoujo Thoughts: ☆ ~('▽^人) Otaku Ramblings

Let’s be real about it; a self-proclaimed lover of the reverse harem sub-genre, I am not blinded to its faults. In fact, I was suprised when—in conversation with my friend, Chronic—he said something I found quite odd as I guided him through his initial exposure to Hiiro no Kakera (and, continuingly, reverse harem in general). One of my biggest critiques of the reverse harem sub-genre has been that, all too often, its female main characters are written as bland and unimaginative, furthering their purposes as effective means of self insertion. However, Chronic said that he found said leading ladies to have more personality and…spunk?…than their counterparts in other genres. (This makes me very concerned about the narrative quality of his moe preferences, but I digress.) It was in the context of this same discussion upon which today’s point of interest was stumbled. If the point of moe is to make one go…

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“That isn’t funny at all, but it almost sounds like it should be?”

TL;DR -- My update schedule told me to blog. I have pink hair. Graduated college again. Anxiety is awful. Random oversharing. I'm making questionable choices. Our house is infested by ants. My Husband and I have different emotional needs, and that's okay. My blog schedule says I'm supposed to update about my life today. Though … Continue reading “That isn’t funny at all, but it almost sounds like it should be?”

Deus ex Machina and Original Sin: a “Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth” Otome Review

Shoujo Thoughts: ☆ ~('▽^人) Otaku Ramblings

“This is a sad story— a story about a man who came to be consumed by fate.”

“You will lead the people from God’s cradle to the expanse of world knowledge.”

“God is going to consume me.”

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[Please note that this review will be spoiler-free until a specified point (character route commentary), at which time I will offer the option of skipping to spoiler-free content via jump link.]

Plot Synopsis:

Cardia is a girl without a past. Suffering absentee memories and skin excreting an unknown but deadly poison, she awaits the return of a man she fleetingly recalls to be “Father.” The man she would later know as Mr. Issac Bedford left very specific—if half-remembered—instructions: she must not leave the mansion, and she must never know love. Regarding the first, she has yet to understand (or attempt to grasp) his greater machinations, and regarding the latter…well…


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Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation

English translation by Shoujo Echoes a lonesome sound--flute in an endless night.Dreaming amongst the clouds,wake in fog--determine wrong from right Who can own the praises of the world, its scorn--who can stand to call them just? Hot blooded men, outspoken steel,a zither playing, searching for it must Mourning a life lived on in memory … Continue reading Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation

To the Muffin who…

To the Muffin who'd been with me every step of the way since I was eleven years old, thank you. To the Muffin who didn't have a home after her kittens were adopted out, thank you. To the Muffin who found her owner at a Petsmart and took to her immediately even as she hissed … Continue reading To the Muffin who…

I’m done!!!! ✨🌸💗

Guys, guys, guys!!!! (I’m from the midwest, everyone is “you guys.”) It’s been 4.5 years full-time for my BA and 3 (not counting the year I took off) part-time for my ECC, BUT IT’S DONE!! I’m done!!!!!!!! I’m done with college!!!!! I spent most of my 20s in school, but I can finally say… I’m … Continue reading I’m done!!!! ✨🌸💗

A Heart Fullmetal, Empowered: In Response to the Depiction of Disability in “Brotherhood”

I wrote this academic paper for my Children with Special Needs class. It will be the last paper of my college career! (Hopefully!!!) We were to write about the depiction of disability in a movie or book. I stretched the prompt a little to write about FMAB and its depiction of characters with disabilities and … Continue reading A Heart Fullmetal, Empowered: In Response to the Depiction of Disability in “Brotherhood”