Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings is a passion project coming up on its second year of operation; it is a blog dedicated to the hilariously so-bad-they-are-good (or just honest to goodness amazing) shoujo titles that we know and love! In addition, I tend to ramble on other anime gems across various genres and step outside of my comfort zone to review series once thought decidedly “not my thing.” The site is a place recommenced to first time or long time anime watchers who want to engage in discourse regarding cute and/or amazing shows that abstain from the “common pitfalls of anime” that had uninformed people like me avoiding it for so long. That is, until I found shoujo romance. 😛❤

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I also enjoying interpreting and analyzing characters, anime episodes, and full series. Genre sub-facet discussions are a must, and impressions via compiled episodic commentary are always fun! I write otome reviews, and I cover convention cosplay and industry panels when I’m privileged to attend anime conventions; my first convention was AX2017. I had not been blogging long, but I fell headlong into my love of anime and decided to take the plunge! It was amazing, and now that I’m more experienced, I hope to feature more comprehensive convention coverage while maintaining my personal tone!

I hope to grow in the future and that I continue to gain new friends in the anime community that has proved so very welcoming!

If you’re looking for girly shoujo sparkles, you’ve found the right place! Please keep in mind these guidelines below, and happy browsing!!

Things You WILL Find Here:

  • Laughing ramblings,
  • squeeling fangirling,
  • shoujo anime recommendations,
  • otome playthroughs, etc.

Things You Will NOT Find Here:

  • Excessive Gore/Violence,
  • Excessive or Inappropriate Fan Service,
  • Incest,
  • Sexually Explicit Content.


(And, like, “Black Butler,” because how could I not?)

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(And, like, “FMAB,” because how could I not?)

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(And, like, “Yuri!!! on Ice,” because how could I not?)

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Please, when commenting, be kind to the blogger and to each other; also, can we keep the language PG-13? Thank you, my dears.  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ


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