The Best, Easiest Sushi Salad 🥒🔪🧀🥗

Okay, so hear me out. I didn't know this would be good. In fact, my husband thinks its pretty bizarre, but I've accidentally created (That sounds like too much credit, lol.) a simple salad recipe that tastes like a California sushi roll! Now, why not just eat sushi, you ask? Perhaps you don't have the … Continue reading The Best, Easiest Sushi Salad 🥒🔪🧀🥗

✨Guest Post!✨ Blueberry Bread (BBT challenge) by AS101

Blueberry Bread (BBT challenge) Blogger’s Note: This delicious looking post was written by Anime Science 101 as a continuation of the BBT Challenge! AS101 has tagged Moya from The Moyatorium as the next participant, and that post will be on her blog! Animescience101 here, let start by saying thanks to Shoujo for this idea, and … Continue reading ✨Guest Post!✨ Blueberry Bread (BBT challenge) by AS101

Chocolate Calico Bread 🍞🍫 (BBT Challenge)

Baking Bloggers Telephone Challenge -- Instructions Post these instructions at the top of your blog post. ❤ #BBTChallenge Consider the baked good recipe you were given by the person who tagged you, and then change it to make it your own! This is Baking Telephone! Write step-by-step instructions for the whole recipe (including your changes!) … Continue reading Chocolate Calico Bread 🍞🍫 (BBT Challenge)

Look who’s fully qualified! (🎶Hello, it’s me~🐈‍⬛) An Update with a Side of Support

Preschool Prattle

I realized that I hadn’t mentioned anything online about something I accomplished a few seasons ago, but I do consider it an important step forward in my career even if the subject doesn’t make for the most inspirational edublog content. Still, I’ll make it known! As of the end of last summer, I finished my TEFL/TESOL/TESL* and am now a fully qualified TEFL/ESL instructor! If I’m gonna keep working in this field, I need the proper credentials, right? Right!

Anyway, I believe that the certification paired with my English degree and the university teaching experience makes me quite marketable should the need arise, and that feels good. Even though I was like…fully DCFS teacher qualified (ECE), it felt like I was… I dunno, always unnecessarily chasing legitimacy in the eyes of the public K12 crowd, so to have that stamp of approval is nice. Like, no one should doubt my…

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Resolutions & Reflections

These are the things I want to accomplish in 2023, and some of them have already been implemented these past few weeks or so. These are the days of our lives. ❤ Work out at least three times weekly~ For a lot of reasons, I gotta get healthy! I’m not in bad shape, but I … Continue reading Resolutions & Reflections

The Good, the Bad, and the Photo Montage: a life update

It’s been a while, I admit. These past few months have been full of work, doctors appointments, tests, urgent care/ER visits, more tests, medication, pain, and—as of this Wednesday—surgery. The days have not been full of anime, although otome has featured in my real life if not online. (And, yeah, I’ve been totally off socials … Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the Photo Montage: a life update

Windows in the Dark

You know that feeling when you’re a little kid and you need to use the restroom in the middle of the night, so you slink down the unlit hallway or stairs and through the still and quiet house, trying to avoid looking out of too many open windows for fear of what you’ll find staring … Continue reading Windows in the Dark

Mini Makeup Review: Ilia Skin Tint Serum 💁🏻‍♀️

Obligatory Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty guru, but I am a girl who has spent too much money on makeup in her life that made her look like an Oompa Loompa or made the skin flake off her face. 🙃 Finding the right makeup is always such a guessing game, but I thought I’d throw … Continue reading Mini Makeup Review: Ilia Skin Tint Serum 💁🏻‍♀️