Mystic Messenger Hell (Preface)

Have you heard of that game over which fangirls weep and pass out from exhaustion? You have, haven’t you? You’ve heard the rumors, how it destroys your sleep schedule and work productivity…

And you’ve heard the advice, too; pick a good time to begin play, sleep for eight hours the night before you begin, start after midnight, set phone alarms…

Well, excluding the latter two of all, I’m not listening~~~~!!

Yes, my fellows, no matter how ill-advised I know it to be…


*Incomprehensible Screeching*

*More Screeching*


*clears throat* Okay, that’s better.

Welcome to my new series “Mysic Messenger Hell.” I could present myself quite formally, but I’m terribly nervous (read: ALSO *SO* EXCITED, DEAR GOODNESS, if you couldn’t tell) about this whole ordeal. This is not the opportune time for me to undertake something like this. In fact, I’m almost positive I’m going to have to pause at some point and load up later (or even delete my account and begin again) but…

*takes a deep breath*

I’m doing this, and I’m starting just after midnight tomorrow.

See, I’ve gotten advice, but the whole thing just sounds so…odd…that I feel I should at least make an attempt and so experience firsthand what the game is like so that, if I do need to pause or restart–and in all likelihood, I will–I will have a better idea of what I’m up against. Also, I’m incredibly impatient about the whole thing.

Now, I don’t promise that I will get through more than one day initially, but here is what I intend for the long haul that (eventually) awaits:

  1. I will post one Mystic Messenger Hell blog update for every consecutive day of play. I will let you know if I stop and resume my regularly scheduled life out of sheer necessity, but I promise to pick the route back up at the earliest opportunity should this prove critical. I will halt the updates if I pause game play and continue daily updates upon recommencing. During the reign of Mystic Messenger Hell, all other posts will be put on temporary hold, including Fanfiction Friday. This does not guarentee that other posts won’t appear, but please don’t be surprised if my anime viewing and blogging goes the way of the dodo for up to 12 (game play + recuperation) days.
  2. I will record how I’m doing in the game and/or how I’m feeling about it. I will probably reflect on my chronic exhaustion. In fact, it is very likely that these posts will probably become illegible after a while due to said exhaustion. I don’t do well when I’m low on sleep. I promise, guys, that I will try to retain my sanity, but if I start to sound loopy, you’ll know why. Please feel free to be amused, should this warning find basis in actuality.
  3. I will do this initial play though WITHOUT A WALK THROUGH. That’s right, you heard it here; I intend to go into this blindly and see what I can accomplish. If this intent changes because I am failing and can’t stand to lose the progress that I’ve lost sleep to gain, I will let you know.
  4. I will continue the Mystic Messenger Hell series through all the routes, but I will not play them consecutively. In the case of all routes, points 1-3 hold.

My first route is Zen. I’ve been told he’s supposed to come first. I’ve also been told that he’s one of the least intensive…

Dear gosh, I can’t believe I’m doing this right now. I’m so irresponsible.

In any case, the format–at least as per my current idea–will flow as follows, with the body of the blog written as a letter (for ease as I’m pretty sure I’ll be too far gone to format prettily✿):

Title –>

Mystic Messenger Hell ([name]’s route–Day [number]) *first attempt*

Body –>

Dear Anime Compatriots,


With Love from Mystic Messenger Hell,


I literally have to be out the door at 3:30 A.M. tomorrow to take my parents to the airport. I’m going to be driving a lot over the next several days, and baking for church fish fries/dinners, and looking out for my brother’s health with my parents out of the country, and working (my job is honestly quite intense), and of course school-ing, and driving…

…Wait, did I already say driving?

But I’m going to try. Because I’m an impatient idiot. And if I only get through Day 1, at least I’ll know what I’m doing when I restart (most likely at the very beginning of summer break).

Wish me luck and extra sanity. Please expect the first series post tomorrow evening. I’m off to prep for work tomorrow (ugh) and chart out my Day 1 alarms. Again, that’s really all I expect to get through during this first attempt…


A soon-to-be very tried Shoujothoughts


9 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Hell (Preface)

  1. Zen first? Really? I thought Yoosung would be first. He’s the easiest route to get!

    OMG you’re doing it. I thought you were going to wait a tad bit longer! LOL, I found an awesome walkthrough if you really need one. 🙂 Best of luck. I’m rooting for you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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