“He shrinks when he doesn’t have enough water! I love himmmm!” –Episodic Commentary on “Merman in My Tub” (pt 1)

YouTube was just like, “Hey. You should watch this show about a this guy who has a merman living in a bathtub at his house.” And, to be fair, I did both watch and greatly enjoy “This Boy Caught a Mermaid,” but I don’t know if this is going to be a similar thing. We’re jumping in, though. We begin.

Episode 1:

There’s a merman in his bathtub. Just saying it I can’t help laughing.

Oh, my gosh. The bath mix. The merman has always wanted a pink bath. Oh wow. How cute!!

He had no idea the merman was a merman until said merman couldn’t spread his legs as he tried to carry the mythical creature to his house to recuperate. I get that he was probably in shock from seeing this man lying nearly dead by the water, but come on. You can see his tail. I’m confident a person doesn’t just overlook something like that.

The colors in this show are very 90s, but so cute!

Wakasa. His name is Wakasa, and the boy who found him is Tatsumi.

Oooohhhhh, “are you trying to dry me out!?” Such cute eyes!!!!!

And now they’re in a bathtub together and that escalated quickly.

Hamburgers are extravagant? I’ve noticed that in anime, often meat itself is pretty much a “fancy” or “sometimes” dish, but here in America, it’s a dietary staple. I don’t eat nearly as much meat as a lot of other people do, honestly, but for many people it’s consumed at each meal.

“To what degree should I treat him as a human or a fish?” lolololol

Episode 2:

Do bathtubs in Japan usually talk? Also I need to convert yen to dollars.

The OP looks like somehting Holanders would make, but I also don’t have a clue who made this show.

Ichi ni ichi ni ichi ni lolol

Saving money by bathing together. He was blushing and then he’s like. Nhah, I’m just gonna work more.

Episode 3:

Oh, my gosh, Wakasa has a friend. Takasu has infiltrated the bathroom.

Half a century???

The guy is an octopus!!!!

The octopus guy has magic to fix things???

Two adult men with out of control lower bodies in such a small space LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL NOOOOH

He’s…he’s being assaulted…. by tentacles…. ??

A FULL BODY MASSAGE!?!?!?!!?!? no! That’s assault!!!

Octopuses love small dark spaces lolol

Episode 4:



I think we’re all just in love with him—WAIT Jellyfish boy Mikuni is leaving!!!!

The octopus and the mermaid are so ridiculous omgosh

J-jellyfish are famous for their massive outbreaks?? Does… does that mean… BABY JELLIES???!?!?!?!!?

Episode 5:

Obligatory Halloween episode? Check.

I gotta find out who animated this.

Tatsumi just keeps doing such sweet things for his aquatic friends. Also, Takasu has fallen under the spell of the jack-o-lantern’s small dark interior.

It’s raining candy.

I thought jellyfish boy didn’t eat. Why does he want candy?

Tatsumi’s blush is adorable. It’s official, I’m gonna adopt them all. But who will be my sons, and who will be my son-in-law???

Episode 6:

Every maiden dreams of taking a bubble bath, but he’s not a maiden!! He’s a merman!

He’s just so happy to take his bubble bath.

They’re in the bath together–BUBBLE FIGHTTT!!!!!!

This is such BL-bait.

I am so emotionally invested in my boys, now. Honestly, what other show is going to let you adopt a jellyfish boy? Not many, I can say that for sure. I haven’t watched a new anime in so long; I look forward to bringing you my thoughts on the last episodes in part 2 of this episodic commentary. 🙂

~Shoujo ❤


5 thoughts on ““He shrinks when he doesn’t have enough water! I love himmmm!” –Episodic Commentary on “Merman in My Tub” (pt 1)

    1. Sometimes, all we need to say is “Yay, cute boys.” Sometimes, that is enough. lol (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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