All in all, life is moving along.

The update schedule is telling me that I’m supposed to be writing about my life now. Well, I suppose I can do that and sum it up in one word: BUSY. I’m tired.

This whole part-time school/full-time work thing is finally catching up to me, even though it’s been only a few weeks. I’m not made for college schedules, as much as I love to learn. I reflect on my days as a full-time student and think, “No. Never again.” No Master’s degree is worth my mental health.

I’m still WAY to obsessed with “The Untamed (CQL)” and I HIGHLY SUGGEST you check it out. It becomes a lifestyle after a while. Even if I wanted to escape, I couldn’t. I’ve inadvertently cultivated my Twitter account to show me almost nothing but; I regret NOTHING.

I’m still mourning my Muffin. I never wrote a post in recognition of her passing, but honestly, I just…couldn’t. It hurt too, too much. I do hope to write her some sort of memorial someday, but until then, please know how deeply she is loved. I WILL see her in Heaven someday. And from now until then, I will love her just the same. Love her from a distance. ❤

I’m still going to counseling. My work place might be closing at the end of the year. In the past week(ish), I’ve been signed up (without my consent?) to help with the church Youth Group program, our heater went out at home (brrrrrrr!), our baby Rags got an injury and had to be taken to the vet, I had a headache for days so severe I took off work, I had to go to the hospital for tests, and I worked three 12ish hour days in a row, which is a LOT on my back, even if the soul is willing… I also forgot I was enrolled in a second class (ADHD brain) and missed a paper. So.

But, honestly, I’m not trying to sound complain-y. It’s just been a long week.

All-in-all… life is moving along.

That’s really all I have for this life update, but I want to try and stick to my schedule better.

So I leave you with love,


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