“I… like him. Probably more than I think I do.” –Fanfiction Friday (03/23/18)


Fandom(s) featured this week:


No Longer Strangers

“Hakuouki” — Updating as of Feb, 28 2018; 48 chapters

  • “Kazama/Chizuru. Chizuru has been separated from the Shinsengumi during the war and plans to pursue them alone. However, when Kazama appears and declares he is also going to Ezo, Chizuru asks to accompany him. Now on a journey with someone who was once her enemy, Chizuru will come to realise there is a lot more to him than she thought. And a lot more to herself. SEQUEL TO SUN & MOON”
  • I finally found it again! So very long ago, I read a KazamaxChizuru fic that I simply adored; it was lengthy, substantial, interesting, and incomplete! I of course devoured the work in one setting as I am wont to do when consumed by good fiction, but then I lost track of it again until, just tonight, I found where I had jotted down this particular title as a note to use for a fanfiction friday feature. (spoiler: I never did.) So, now, you lovely readers get to experience this fic, too! I plan to start re-reading right away that I might fully appreciate the new content. This fic explores the idea that perhaps Chizuru forgot more than the burning of her village and her heritage. Perhaps, along with that, she forgot someone who, for a time, meant the world to her… I’m being vague and unhelpful because it’s been a long time since I read the work, but I cannot stress enough how excited I am to give this fic a read, and I hope that you check it out as well! (^^)/

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Keep reading, and tell authors that Shoujo sent you! (^_−)☆


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I’m including this gif for no other reason than that I love it, and I have no where to immediately use it, so here you go. 😛

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8 thoughts on ““I… like him. Probably more than I think I do.” –Fanfiction Friday (03/23/18)

  1. yes, it is up to 51, but I think it has been a while since they have continued, and I can not be with this uncertainty. I want more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What happened to this fanfic and the author? All her/his accounts are gone, so is the fanfic on all sites. Is she ok?
    Does anyone know? It was by far the best Fanfic of Chizuru xChikage =(


  3. Hi! I remember reading this on ff.net! Unfortunately my devices got wonky and now I can’t recover it and the link is nonexistent. Is there a way for me to access or download it again? Ty!!

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    1. Regrettably, I don’t think there is any way to access it. I couldn’t find enough of it on The Way Back Machine to make a difference, and the author has dropped off the map.


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