Pack Bonding with a Smol Octopus (Anime STL —Day 2)

Today brings a return of my rambling, journal-like coverage of AnimeSTL. When I saw Elias, I knew it would be a good day.

I’m currently waiting the next 20 minutes for the Caleb Hyles concert, and following that, well…

I saw the CUTEST giant hedgehog at the dealer’s hall, and it is 25 dollars, but I really want it, and I’m at war with myself because I LOVE hedgehogs, but also… $25…

Make that 45 dollars!

And there is also a small ice cream narwal that I have my eyes on from artist alley…

And I think I might be out of line, but I’ve been waiting here for like 40 minutes, sooo… if they marked off lines, we would not have this problem. I just hope no one thinks I’m trying to be rude. I just have no idea where I’m supposed to be… :/ 😦

Now people are showing up and standing over here who just got here so I think they need better line marking. AX was line con, yes, but at least we all knew where to be so we didn’t accidentally cut in line…

As I wait, I’ve seen some awesome Sayians and Demi-sayians:

I ~may~ have seen a few in the dealer’s hall as well, but those are the evil, early arc ones. Watch out for those.

I’ve also seen a bonified Disney princess and her beau!

In any case, the doors open in 5 minutes; let the concert begin!


Okay, so the concert has not started yet, but I gotta share… look how close I am! *mild fangirling but also worrying about hearing loss*

Every time I see Caleb Hyles (he came out earlier to talk with fans), I put my hand over my nose like I realized I do when I’m nervous. I am ridiculously ridiculous and need to stop this nonsense. :p I was equally excited to meet Josh Grelle last year, so I guess I’m just an overly-excitable person. But, I mean, we all knew that, right? ^_−☆

Anyway, I’ll catch up later!


That concert. I am in awe. It was so cool. Caleb seems so nice! He sang a whole new group of songs he hasn’t sung in concert before, and… just and!

I also ran into Kiki and Tombo in the dealer’s hall. Jiji seems a little shy! 😛

I found Howl. Luckily his hair is still blonde; Chronic and I didn’t have time for any natural-hair-color-reverting freakouts today. ^_−

And, today again, superheroes (and their SOs!) patrolled the convention to keep everything running smoothly.

I bought a hilarious print and a very adorable smol octopus ❤ ❤ ❤ from artist alley. I am so emotionally attached to this tiny octopus (simply named Octopus), and to quote the viral ?tumblr post?, humans will pack bond with anything. So, it’s now Chronic, me, and the beebee smols.

As we now sit in another humorous anime game show, I have a moment to share with you that I FINALLY FOUND A VICTOR. (Well, actually Victor fangirls found both of us and called us together for a picture; honestly that was better.)

I was also found by a Yuuri!

(I couldn’t remember if I got explicit permission to post this to the blog, so I’m blocking the cosplayer’s face along with my own.)

Further, it isn’t a convention without at least one unwanted, awkward interaction with a man. I don’t know why. I don’t like it. I wish it would stop. So does Octopus. ( ; ; )It can’t just be me!! Please just be cool, gents! I am afraid!! (>人<;)

(Again, pack bonded with the octopus.) 🐙

Next up, I head to a character shipping panel! I’ll check in again soon!


The shipping panel was both fun and hilarious. I got to talk to all the people about HijiChi, too!

(Hazelyn, that Makoto\Haru is for you! Lol)

Meeting up with Chronic again (as he went to another panel–“Getting Your Friends Into Anime (No, Really)”), we ran into Dr. Strange!! His powers seem in fine working order, though he was tuning them up when we came by!

We then went to the LAVA (Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying) panel, which was absolutely fantastic improve by Robbie Daymond, Max Mittelman, and Ray (not “Tay,” autocorrect?) Chase. Pictures and film were prohibited at this time.

Look! Edward Elric!

Now we’re waiting for our final panel of the con (we decided that Sunday was a short day that didn’t hold much appeal for us, so we’ll call it early), “When Good Tropes Go Bad.” It’s on awful fanfic tropes. We predict it will be hilarious.


Final Update: the panel was funny, but the last part was dirty. 😦 Now we’re headed out!

Thanks for reading my rambling coverage! Check back in soon for more of my shoujo thoughts! ❤


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