Mayes Hughes is Alive and Well! (Anime STL—Day 1)

If you are reading this post because I handed you a business card, welcome! If you are of my usual anime compatriots, also welcome! Just welcome, everyone! And so begins my highly subjective, rambling, journal-like coverage of Anime STL!

Does anyone have any rose petals I can borrow? How about a periwinkle jacket? No? Aw, man. Maybe Honey Senpai does!

Today, No Face handed me gold nuggets. It was amazing.

Following this, I got to meet CALEB HYLES, and I even got to sing on stage with him during his Disney/Anime sing along! (It was to “History Makers,” by the way!)

He was so nice, even though I was such an awkward fan girl. I texted beloved Husband that I met the man, but the picture didn’t go through and it led to a strange “met who?” and clarification phone call. 😛

Moving on, I ran into a wicked queen turned witch who offered me an apple, and a large demigod with a fish hook who isn’t afraid to say “You’re welcome!”

After a quick dinner with Chronic (chicken and rice bowl!), I ran into two superheroes patrolling the convention center to keep our anime compatriots safe.

(If I see Spongebob, I’ll be sure to let him know his idols are nearby.)

Earlier, I’d stumbled across at least part of the Teen Titans.

After all, villains lurk around every corner.

Chronic and I are currently sitting in anime trivia, and the casual nature of the panel gives me opportunity to make a needed, reassuring announcement…

A few days ago, I jumped forward in my FMA viewing to compare Mayes Hughes’ death to that of the man in my previously viewed FMA:B. It was truly tragic; Elicia’s little voice echoed insistently as she questioned why they were burying Daddy. How is he gonna do his work? The inclusion of a real child’s voice created such emotion, and I was honestly in tears.

Well, I am so happy to say that the anime has been proven wrong. I ran into the Hughes family complete and well! (Let me live in my denial of canonical truths, okay?)

After this anime trivia is complete, I think we’ll be headed on to the Art of Being Evil panel. I’ll update this post as we see more!


The Art of Being Evil with Keith Silverstein was interesting for sure, but once finished, Chronic and I were both pretty exhausted; as such, we only popped our head into the 90s Nostalgia Prom for a few minutes (I lured him in with the promise of dancing dinosaurs) before heading home. We’re currently in the car and waiting for the windows to de-fog.

Tomorrow, we’ll head back around noon for our final con day, as Sunday holds little interest for us. I have learned today that wigs are good for about ?six hours? before they start to hurt, and that I’m more socially awkward now thanks to my anxiety than I have ever been. Woo!

Good night, all!

~Shoujo ❤

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