“I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary

I have the plague. I don't know when it happened---if it was slow in coming or began all at once---but I have it, and I'm looking for a cure. An amazing someone tried their best to cure me, and their medical expertise was unparalleled in its individuality (the usage of ducks was very inventive, for … Continue reading “I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary


Botanical Garden Japanese Festival 2018

Like last year, I attended the Japanese festival at our "local" botanical garden, although this time I went with my friends (Ginger, Chronic, and Chronic's as-of-yet-alias-less brother) instead of Husband. Also unlike last year, we went on a Sunday instead of Saturday, and thus we had different experience options. I just re-read that opening paragraph … Continue reading Botanical Garden Japanese Festival 2018

🌸⛩Shoujo and Husband Attend a Japanese Festival🌸🇯🇵

Two possible truths could prove the less-than-profound-yet-highly-accurate jumping off point for this post's introduction. The first? I am incredibly but happily tired from an afternoon well spent. The second? I might need to go back on my no-more-fan-media pledge for Yuri on Ice and read some fanfiction because, dear readers, I have been inspired...By this:[Yurio … Continue reading 🌸⛩Shoujo and Husband Attend a Japanese Festival🌸🇯🇵