“You aren’t me, Yuuri.” — Fanfiction Friday (3/9/18)


Fandom(s) featured this week:

“Yuri!!! On Ice”

Once and Future Kings

“Yuri!!! On Ice” — Updating as of March 6, 2018; 13 (out of 18) chapters

  • “Five years after returning to Hasetsu in defeat, Katsuki Yuuri is training in Detroit as the reigning Men’s Figure Skating World Champion. Professionally, all of his dreams have come true. If only achieving his dreams in skating hadn’t ended up costing him the one person he wanted to hold on to… Halfway across the globe, Victor Nikiforov is unwillingly thrust back into the spotlight of international competition. As he prepares to begin his career as head coach for the St. Petersburg Skate Club, Victor must brace himself to see his estranged husband for the first time in over a year. Their friends just want the two lovesick idiots to get their shit together…”
  • I just… I just love this “future fic” so much. It isn’t the traditionally lovey-dovey YOI fic one might come to expect from the fandom, but rather something profoundly *real,* depicting our characters as men with (un)broken dreams, injured self-esteem, lives outside of the ice, and hurtful flaws. However, it also avoids the pitfalls of being a strictly stereotypical “hurt/comfort” fic. After some heartbreaking events in the wake of PyongChang2018 and a few serious injuries, Yuri is left feeling like he has everything to prove, and Victor—who must come to terms with the actions of his past—is left with everything to lose… The writing is fantastic, and the chapter pacing keeps me captivated.

    This fic is ongoing and updates regularly; I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Image result for yuri on ice victor yuri fight
I keep stumbling across YOI art from Gearous, and I love it. Incidentally, the header image is from them, too.
Image result for gearous yuri on ice
I mean, just LOOK AT THAT.
Image result for gearous yuri on ice
I am not crying. You are crying. Everything is fine. It’s just raining.

Keep reading, and tell authors that Shoujo sent you! (^_−)☆


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