Russia’s Famous Love Machine – CMV/AMV SATURDAY (10/06/18)

This is just too much for my poor heart to take. I know that the song doesn’t fit exactly, I know it, but it’s been stuck in my head for days now, and the thought of combining Victor Nikiforov with the words “Russia’s Greatest Love Machine” was too much for me to pass up. So, today for your viewing pleasure, I present this AMV by MCRfreak925 set to Ra Ra Rasputin by BONEY M.

I’m a history nerd quite thoroughly educated in the Russian monarchy, so I know that Rasputin and Victor really have nothing in common, but I still have to post it. I have to. It’s a physical and emotional need at this point.

The creator plans to submit this AMV to a contest in November! Why not hop on over to YouTube and give her some encouragement!

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Cosplay Updates~~ 1950s Gender-Bent Yuuri Katsuki

You may remember that I’ve planned a very specific cosplay for Anime STL (as well as any other cons I pick up this season). The deadline for creation draws ever nearer, and I’m getting antsy as the bulk of my work still lies ahead as my RL job gets ever more demanding…

To begin, the pattern came in today for my poodle skirt. I had attempted to find said pattern locally in my size, but no dice. 🎲 Now that this is settled, I’ll soon be buying a crinoline online (or making one, but that might be just asking for extra work… but also fluffier?!) After the skirt is assembled (hopefully this weekend!?), I’ll need to create a perfectly YOI poodle as an accent. My biggest hurdles now are:

  • choosing a skirt color
  • darkening/styling my hair

Regarding the first, I was thinking that a deep blue would be my best choice to compliment the dark athletic/under armor shirt and stay within the confines of Yuri’s personality. It corresponds beautifully to his pair skate costume, as well, and so…

Yeah, in elaborating on my thought process, that decision came easier than I thought. So, yes. Deep blue. Now to find the perfect fabric. *nervous face*

My hair was always destined to be in a straightened ponytail with a few gelled pieces falling forward into my eyes, but my own hair is a medium brown, and it doesn’t feel dark enough.

[art by Gearous]

While I can have my photo-shop savvy friend darken my hair in post for pictures, I’m considering using a hair mascara to streak black into my brown and darken it up… but then it might stain my Victor jacket. I’m at a bit of a loss, actually; what do you think, anime compatriots? Should I just leave my hair the brown that it is, or should I attempt the hair mascara? There is also the option of wearing my hair in a bun and preventing color rub off… or, again, I could leave it brown.

OH NO! I still have to get more business cards made!! It might be too late!!

Well, I’m off to panic about that and see if I need to/can order them tonight!



Here are some sneak peeks of my accumulated items!


I just ordered the cards. They should be in on time! ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

“Give me that thing that I love.” — CMV/AMV Saturday (04/14/18)


Please enjoy your weekend with this Yuri!!! On Ice AMV by MS-MV:

The song “Applause” as covered by Sam Tsui very straightforwardly describes Victor’s mindset pre-Yuuri almost to a startling degree, and I love it; before Yuuri, all Victor cared about was wow-ing and surprising his audience, and I suppose that the reason that I enjoy this video so much is because I never thought about how well it would fit until someone assembled this video, which is admittedly just a well-edited skating montage…

And that’s really all I have to say about that! No, it isn’t groundbreaking, but it IS an insightful pairing. Perhaps not the deepest video you’ll find, but I do enjoy it all the same.

Give me that thing that I love (Turn the lights on)
Put your hands up, make ’em touch, touch (Make it real loud)

-Applause, Lady Gaga

Image result for victor applause meme YOI

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“They’re whispering ‘You’re out of time,’ but still I rise.” — CMV/AMV Saturday (03/31/18)


I hadn’t heard the song Rise by Katy Perry until I stumbled upon this video; I’m not a huge modern pop fan, so this isn’t such a surprise, but I didn’t even realize that Katy Perry was singing until over half way through the video. I then suspected enough to confirm the knowledge.

Moving on, this week’s aforementioned feature is Yuri!!! On Ice inspired from the mind of  MoonlightGodfrey:

I love this video because it exemplifies Victor’s career to a T. Victor has always been a god on the ice, and he’s spent his career racking up awards and accolades; even as he ages and people assume that he will soon retire or lose his ability (“they’re whispering, you’re out of time” and “oh, ye of little faith, don’t doubt it”), he doesn’t take the predicted route, instead going on to coach Yuuri and, as the lyrics indicate, transferring that fire to his protege. ( “Victory is in your veins.”) He knows that he’s lost his spark, and he “won’t just survive,” but will rather “thrive” even if it means giving up everything that he has ever known and throwing away what he has worked for; even as others like Yakov doubt him, he does not waver as he travels to Japan. This ultimate change, this being there for Yuuri and subsequent career move allows him to “rise” in a different fashion, because he is no longer trapped in his cold life; he can rise to new emotional heights with Yuuri beside him. The irony of the final lines is palpable when one considers how very obsessed Victor used to be with surprising the audience, and it speaks well of his return to the ice. “Don’t be surprised; I will still rise.” He has in Yuuri what he needs to compete fulfilled; he will indeed rise to new heights.

When, when the fire’s at my feet again
And the vultures all start circling
They’re whispering, you’re out of time
But still, I rise

-Rise, Katy Perry

Yuri On Ice Victor as Stephane Lambiel gif
by Peggy

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“Keep my glass full until morning light, ’cause I’m just holding on for tonight.”–CMV/AMV Saturday (03/24/18)


Now that is is OFFICIALLY SATURDAY, the second post of my new segment is in the books with this latest installment!

Our (second) feature this week is a Yuri!!! On Ice AMV from MissPeggy:

I was riveted the first time I stumbled across this AMV (on Pinterest, believe it or not). Since then, I’ve viewed it what must have been 50 or 60 times. And yes, I know that it is primarily a (very well) edited compilation of our main three skaters taking to the ice, but the cover of “Chandelier” by Sam Tsui is glorious and fully captures, especially regarding Yuuri and Yuri, their desires to give everything on the ice. Yuuri wants to prove himself to the world that they might see him worthy—both of Victor and his own internationally competitive position. Yuri, still a child without his mother, isn’t concerned with proving his skills to the world; they know he is talented, and Yuri is confident. Rather, he wants to prove himself to Victor that Victor—a man he sees as family—might not abandon him.

I also, however, see this AMV as highly Victor-centric. The strains of the music begin with the most telling of lyrics, and the editing supports this viewing perspective; note the beginning “one. two. three. drink” sequence; it always ends on Victor. Later in the AMV, images are ordered in such a way to support the idea that Yuuri is the reason Victor is now “swinging from the chandelier” and living in the moment rather than living only for the ice. It’s beautiful and incredibly moving when you consider that, before love, his career was all that Victor had…

This video captures the dynamic between the men and the ice, as well as the men with each other. ❤

I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier

-Chandelier, Sia

Image result for yuri on ice victor skate gif

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“You aren’t me, Yuuri.” — Fanfiction Friday (3/9/18)


Fandom(s) featured this week:

“Yuri!!! On Ice”

Once and Future Kings

“Yuri!!! On Ice” — Updating as of March 6, 2018; 13 (out of 18) chapters

  • “Five years after returning to Hasetsu in defeat, Katsuki Yuuri is training in Detroit as the reigning Men’s Figure Skating World Champion. Professionally, all of his dreams have come true. If only achieving his dreams in skating hadn’t ended up costing him the one person he wanted to hold on to… Halfway across the globe, Victor Nikiforov is unwillingly thrust back into the spotlight of international competition. As he prepares to begin his career as head coach for the St. Petersburg Skate Club, Victor must brace himself to see his estranged husband for the first time in over a year. Their friends just want the two lovesick idiots to get their shit together…”
  • I just… I just love this “future fic” so much. It isn’t the traditionally lovey-dovey YOI fic one might come to expect from the fandom, but rather something profoundly *real,* depicting our characters as men with (un)broken dreams, injured self-esteem, lives outside of the ice, and hurtful flaws. However, it also avoids the pitfalls of being a strictly stereotypical “hurt/comfort” fic. After some heartbreaking events in the wake of PyongChang2018 and a few serious injuries, Yuri is left feeling like he has everything to prove, and Victor—who must come to terms with the actions of his past—is left with everything to lose… The writing is fantastic, and the chapter pacing keeps me captivated.

    This fic is ongoing and updates regularly; I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Image result for yuri on ice victor yuri fight
I keep stumbling across YOI art from Gearous, and I love it. Incidentally, the header image is from them, too.
Image result for gearous yuri on ice
I mean, just LOOK AT THAT.
Image result for gearous yuri on ice
I am not crying. You are crying. Everything is fine. It’s just raining.

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“Waffle House: Still Time for One More Bad Decision” — Fanfiction Friday (12/15/17)


Fandom(s) featured this week:

“Yuri!!! On Ice”

American Pie (Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Pancakes)


“Yuri!!! On Ice” — Completed as of April 6, 2017; 1 chapter

  • “Yurio takes his drunk dads to Waffle House and fun times are had by all.”
  • Have you ever seen that Jim Gaffigan skit on Waffle House? No? Well, let me show you before I jump into this review…

Now, if you’ve never been to a Waffle House, you can at least say you’re acquainted with the atmosphere. You’re fully prepared to read the hijinx of a drunken Victor and Yuuri being babysat by Yuri at this… unique… eatery. ❤ ☚(*´∀`☚)

But no, guys, this was so funny, mostly because it made me think back to this skit, and the only time I’ve ever been to a Waffle House it was actually like 2 A.M., I was in college, and there was still time for one more bad decision. 

Seriously, Jim Gaffigan is hilarious and so is this fiction if you picture it.

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