Feat. a Group of Characters Most Like Your Friend Group (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 5)

I’m keeping all of these challenge entries within an anime frame of reference for purposes of the blog. Just thought that I’d throw that out there in case I wasn’t explicit about it before. Moving on…

Enter… The SOS Brigade!

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Because this topic (like so many others) deserves a post of its own accord, I shant get too deeply entrenched in its intricacies. However, when deciding which anime grouping best described my friends and I, Haruhi was the only title that came to mind after several days of contemplation. Yet, this lone result of my brain wracking proved to be perfect, and here’s why;

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya captures the dynamic of my high school experience perfectly.

One of the highest compliments that I pay Haruhi is that its depiction of the relationships between a friend group of high school students is spot on, at least in my experience. For all their oddity, the SOS Brigade (Mikuru, Haruhi, Kyon, Koizumi, and Yuki) really do exclude all the sincerity of awkward teenagers trying to figure out their confusing emotions or simply ignoring them altogether. You have psudo-romantic relationships, potential, lust without intention, jealousy without acknowledgement, mild flirtatious self-objectification (innocent or otherwise), and self-enforced impassivity under the guise true uncaring all without ruining friendships that mean a great deal to our cast. All this, and yet the importance of those friendship and affections go unnoted in the grander scheme of both everyday life and extreme circumstance.

These things seem so nefarious when stated verbally, but they are all simply innocent parts of being a teenager and growing into one’s own self.

This was my high school experience. It is so hard to put into words what Haruhi captures so perfectly, but there you have it. Chronic and I (who have, again, been friends since high school) are in accord. The way the characters think, their unspoken motivations and thought processes, their interactions: all of these things were simply too real for this supernatural, science-fiction slice of life. Acknowledging this, Haruhi is one of the best slice-of-life anime titles that I’ve ever seen.

To conclude, I reiterate; my high school friend group interacted as though we were the SOS Brigade. Chronic will attest. Ginger would if she had seen Haruhi, I guarantee.


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