Nothing Narrative About It–Quietly, Patiently Waiting on Fruits Basket

I’d like to be more creative about this post. I’d like, for example, to present its theme humorously; “here I am, lurking in the shadows of fandom.”

I’d like to present it with levity, because that’s something that I feel I used to be known for. I want to bring people some joy, if I can! Yet, this year–so much of this long year and what it has brought–has proved difficult for many of us. All in all, I’ve been very fortunate, but “fine” is relative, and so…

In the end, regrettably, there’s one thing I want to say with this post, and there’s nothing terribly narrative about it: I continue to quietly, patiently wait on the release of each new episode of the Fruits Basket dub. I do so–like other fans–with no clear indication of when I can expect new episodes. This is fully understandable. I get it. Really.

I still maintain that Fruits Basket is a joy in these troubled times. Each new episode brings a smile to my face, and smiles are something we all desperately need. Whether I’m waiting two weeks for new episodes or two months, nothing really changes. I look forward to listening to the opening, to watching plot unfold and lessons lived on screen. This series has proven so much deeper than the original. As it’s based on the manga more closely, this only makes sense. It isn’t rushed and takes time to present its characters as real people, expanding upon their unique struggles more fully than the original. I love that.

Fruits Basket is one anime heavily featuring high school characters with which I don’t feel out of touch. The age range of the main cast incorporates a spread indicative of just how difficult and tragic their curse is that they struggle when young and eventually learn to manage it, even if their trials become internal. Some of the older zodiac members like Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori (people, I’d like to add, who are my age) have been through so much that they’ve either given up or found new ways to fight. The young are the ones who still have the strongest will to fight for their futures, but the older cast choose to fight softly, to fight smart. It’s not an insult to either category–both methods have merit.

(Shigure has plans, I guarantee it!)

As for my previous lurking comment, it isn’t the truth. I don’t obsess over Fruba or really engage in its specific fandom. I enjoy it so much, but it’s good enough that I enjoy it for what it IS rather than what it COULD BE, if that makes sense? I don’t need to obsess. I don’t need or want fanworks to interfere with how I interact with the media. It has become a quiet, comforting thing for me over the past few months.

Because episode releases are few and far between, I don’t post about it all that often on Twitter or anywhere else. When it’s all over, I will probably review the title, but until then, I just want to enjoy it without the pressure of producing content. It’s something I’m enjoying just for me.

If you’re looking for a little bit of joy, I recommend it to you. The dub is available on Funimation.

Please do what you can to stay safe! Stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, and wash your hands. ❤



Ayame is my favorite. I love how humerous he is, and I adore how hard he’s trying to right the wrongs of his past by being there for Yuki now. He has a big heart and wants to make up for the selfishness of his younger past. He’s trying.


8 thoughts on “Nothing Narrative About It–Quietly, Patiently Waiting on Fruits Basket

  1. It’s great isn’t it? To have something to enjoy and that takes your mind of stuff, especially in a year such as this. I have never watched Fruits Basket myself, but it is on my list of things to watch. I had a similar experience last week while watching Natsume’s Book of Friends. It just filled me with joy, and that’s something precious these days. I loved this post, and hope you will continue to enjoy this series that clearly means so much to you. I wish you the best, and please stay safe yourself as well😊

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    1. Thank you, Raistlin. It /is/ nice to have something like that. When things seem impossible, it’s nice to find something that can take you out of the world for a little while. I will try my best to stay safe, and I hope you do, too!

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  2. I purposely have stayed behind on fruits basket dub im at episode 9 at the moment and up to 17 is out currently because waiting for dub episode is too much. I totally understand where you are coming from wishing to take your time. Im definitely going to catch up in December. I love the dub equally as much!!

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    1. I get the impatience; that’s the only bad part–you never know when we’ll get the next update. It can be hard to wait for weeks without knowing what’s next. When you catch up, you’ll also catch so many feelings, I guarentee! 🙂


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