“A sheen like fire and the presence of smoke” — from English Eerie: The Beast on the Moor

“This isn’t something for you,” he said, his polite façade a mist dissipating from the surface of water. “Ms. Ainsley--” “Ileiana.” “Ileiana, then,” he continued. “We’ve been well-briefed on your constitution and are under strict orders not to let you run about as you please.” “I wasn’t asking for your permission, Daniel,” I announced, testing the waters. When no rebuke came, I continued. “I think you’ll find I’m quite capable of making my own decisions in this regard and of any other."

The Best Retort is Rising to a Challenge — an excerpt of “1863, December”

(full story here) 1864, July -- The Kinmon Rebellion, Aftermath “How cruel, calling all of you that…” “Well, this is how others treat us. Don’t you worry yourself.” “But, it--” Chizuru is angry, and she doesn’t know what to do with it.  By all accounts, the Shinsengumi’s reputation shouldn’t really be her business. She is … Continue reading The Best Retort is Rising to a Challenge — an excerpt of “1863, December”

Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 2 Watch Along

Sometimes, the novel in which Shen Yuan (now Shen Qingqiu or SQQ) finds himself acts more like a video game. This episode showcases more of the interface that alerts SQQ about the status of his out-of-character (OCC) deductions and plot alterations. (If SQQ acts too OOC or does specific other actions, he will automatically die!) … Continue reading Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 2 Watch Along

Favorite Season Finale (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 8)

Because I am ridiculous and decided to do this entire challenge only using CQL, I don't have much to say today. There is only one season finale, and it's great, and if WangXian had shared a kiss, that would not have gone amiss. Alas, no kiss. Still, a great finale. The disjointed ending kinda lets … Continue reading Favorite Season Finale (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 8)

Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 1 Watch Along

"In Scumbag System, an angry millennial reader gets sucked into the world of a Xianxia harem webnovel he maligned and finds himself in the body of one of the hero's biggest antagonists. Now, armed only with his novel knowledge, he has to change the story (without being too OOC--out of character) or face his character's brutal death at the hero's hands." #SVSSS #ScumbagSystem #Reviews #Watchalong