Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 3 Watch Along

This episode wasn’t my favorite. In fact, I’d wager it was my least favorite of the lot.

The disciples and SQQ are in Shuanghu Town, where someone or something has been brutally murdering beautiful women and desecrating their bodies! Ning Ying Ying has been abducted, and SQQ (along with LBH) are on the case.

The demon stealing skins from the ladies and wearing them is… I mean, it’s not pleasant, but the depiction leaves a lot of tension to be desired. I wasn’t worried about the consequences of the encounter, nor was I wow-ed by the drama. (Though, SQQ’s habitual talking to “himself” aka the mission interface is STILL HILARIOUS.)

LBH’s crush on SQQ is also becoming more evident, but SQQ is still trying to stay in character. In addition, SQQ’s a grown man, but LBH is still just a teen, so he’s not remotely looking at LBH that way.

At one point, SQQ uses his “the main character–LBH–is invincible” knowledge to their (SQQ, LHB, and Ning YingYing’s) advantage when trapped. The demon is going to tear into him, but in true original-SQQ fashion, he turns her on LBH. LBH’s “MC can’t die!” novel protagonist powers end up getting the demon crushed by a beam…

I couldn’t help but cringe at that part because poor LBH!! I was waiting for the misunderstanding that would surely arise! SQQ only turns the demon on LBH knowing he wouldn’t be in any danger, but LBH didn’t know that!

Oddly enough, it only takes a few reassuring words from SQQ (basically, “You’ll never come to harm as long as I’m around.”) for LBH to feel totally comfortable with the whole thing.

I think someone doth not protest ENOUGH! LBH, for real, kid. Get with it. You are worth more than how the pre-soul-swap SQQ treated you!

Anyway, it took me a while to sum up my thoughts on this episode because I just didn’t really like it compared to the few I’d viewed before. It wasn’t BAD by any means, but the others in the season are so much better! What comes after…

Well, it’s going to be exciting!!

The episode leaves off with SQQ asking permission from YQY to meditate/train in solitude. He’ll be gone for a number of years, providing the perfect opportunity for a time skip re: the disciples on the mountain, giving them the chance to age a bit without dragging on the narrative. When SQQ enters isolation, however…


You can legally (and freely!) watch Episode 3 here:

Stay home if you can, wear a mask when you can’t, and wash your hands! ❤


3 thoughts on “Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 3 Watch Along

  1. I like this format! By the way, did you finish the series? I finished it recently and aa I need season two now. ;__;

    I started Heaven Official’s Blessing yesterday (it’s by the same creator) and it’s awesome so far. I recommend it!

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    1. I did finish it, and I FEEL THE SAME! Season 2! (If it’s anything like MDZS, though, we’ll be waiting a while for continuation…) I hear very good things about Heaven Official’s Blessing. I’m going to have to watch it!

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