FanFiction Friday 6/26/20 — “Just now as I’m dying do I find a reason to keep on living.”

Featured Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist– Brotherhood and Manga

Title – Imperfect Affection

Author – Elfpen

Stats – 1 Chapter, Completed 7/29/18

Author’s Synopsis – “Post-Manga/FMAB. As Edward and Alphonse recover from the Promised Day, Hohenheim struggles to convey his love for his sons before it’s too late.”

Shoujo’s Comments – I read this fiction piece on a vague premise, I’ll give you that. I wasn’t disappointed, however. I have a lot of deep feelings about Hohenheim, Trisha, and their boys that I can never bring myself to write about. Even if this short work wasn’t in any way a “fix it,” it does provide some closure, sorrowful as it may be. I was touched, and I encourage you to read.

It was my blood that created the homunculus, all those years ago, and since the fall of Xerxes our lives have been intertwined as one. Now the homunculus has died, and I am living on borrowed time. I may not look it, but as I write, I am just shy of my four hundred and fifty-first birthday. It’s absurd, isn’t it? That I can be so ancient and only just now as I’m dying do I find a reason to keep on living.

Of course it isn’t, but why did it just HIT ME /NOW/? Wow. Mind blown, even though /of course/ it isn’t Edward! Just… Ed and Hohenheim are so alike as characters, and I just really need to write about it. (I took this meme from Kookie.)

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