A Response to “COVID:19 – Guilt and the Breaking Point of Teachers”

Preschool Prattle

As the meme goes, I’m in this photo and I don’t like it.

Mitch Lingo tells it as it is. Teachers are predisposedfrom the very beginning to give everything we have for our students and, what’s more, society. We are taught to ignore our health–both physical and mental–if it means that we won’t be able to give our all to the kids. We are reminded that the school system isn’t going to/cannot step up if we take a step back to breathe. If we dare utter the words, “I need,” we are censured, “You signed up for this,” or “You knew about that going into teaching,” or “It’s for the kids.” Because we did know this and it is for the kids, we cave instead of demanding better. As teachers, we have soft hearts for children, and guilt is a devastating weapon against the kindhearted. For too long, society…

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2 thoughts on “A Response to “COVID:19 – Guilt and the Breaking Point of Teachers”

  1. I used to work as a teacher and had to quit because of stuff like this. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough, and I felt like everyone in the system hated me just because I was trans. I’m sorry the educational system in America is so fucked and you have to deal with this. 😦

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    1. 😦 After all the work one puts in to becoming a teacher in the first place, it’s always so sad when it doesn’t work out or they’re chased out of the profession. 😦 I hope that whatever job you’re in now is a good one that you enjoy! Out of curiosity, what level did you teach? How long?

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