Still Drawing Some Things ™, Getting that Good Internet ™ and Restarting the 31 Day Anime Challenge

As stated on Twitter, I stopped doing the 31 Day Anime Challenge because my back decided it was 2019 instead of 2021; sitting at the desk to type became ill-advised. I’m better than I was, even if I’m not 100%, so I will be resuming the challenge on Sunday the 28th should all the stars align.

Further, as an update, you may recall that I drew some birds in January (as mentioned in this art post) and said that I might keep sketching. I did a few more sketches that I’ll share here. As always, the rules are be quick, be decisive, and don’t erase. (My art teacher would be proud, lol).

This is an angry birb. (I am very into baby birds, apparently.)

This is the basic layout of my living room. I sketched it and took a photo that I could digitally draw over because we’re thinking about doing a little redecorating.

This is Yan Wushi from Thousand Autumns, a donghua I highly recommend you all go watch on YouTube right now. Don’t judge me. I spent like… maybe 2 or 3 minutes on this? Not long.

Anyway, my husband and I live out in the middle of nowhere and until now have been unable to get an internet line run our way. Happily, it’s finally coming to our street (after a lot of time and having to pool with a bunch of neighbors to pay for it ourselves…) and being installed tomorrow. We’ll have the fastest internet you can get basically, because even though we don’t need fiber, that’s all we could get.

And that’s that! So goodbye to wireless internet and hello high speeds. Soon (in theory, by tomorrow night) there will be no more buffering in my anime.

Until next time,

get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands, and do all that good stuff.


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