“May all the gay couples around the world find happiness.” — Real Time Reactions to “The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi”

[Please note that, while this anime is rated PG-13, it probably should be rated M because of some of the jokes, and this review is intended for mature audiences.]

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi (Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu) centers around a high school boy, Sakaguchi Ryou, who is totally OBSESSED with BL, but also totally straight. His best friend, Nakamura Toshiaki, gets dragged along for the ride. Sakaguchi just wants to get more friends in the BL-loving community, but it’s hard when you’re a dude trying to make a place for yourself in a fandom comprised mostly of women without other boys thinking that you’re weird (or gay*, but that’s not gonna help him get a girlfriend…). What’s so wrong with loving BL as a straight man, Sakaguchi wants to know! It’s time for this fudanshi to make some new friends! And what a cast of characters they turn out to be…

I was going to review this title like a normal person, but even 15 seconds in, I couldn’t stop laughing. I knew that there was no way I was putting together something polished and coherent. Instead, I went with a classic format; here are my real time reactions!

(Mentioned) Character Key:
Straight lover of BL, Sakaguchi Ryou--- aka "MC"
Sakaguchi's best friend, Nakamura Toshiaki-- aka "Purple-hair"
Flamboyant, crossdressing boy, Shiratori Yuujirou-- aka "Blondie"
Shiratori's lap dog, Ueda Akira-- aka "not his b*tch"
Fujoshi and Sakaguchi's new friend, Nishihara Rumi-- aka "MC's lady friend"
Boy in a BL relationship without his own knowledge, Miyazaki Keiichi-- aka "new guy"

Real Time Reactions:

The premise of this show ALONE has me cracking up. I’m cackling. I can’t.

It hasn’t even been 30 seconds, and I can’t stop. He just wants to read his BL manga. He’s so salty about it being labeled “for girls.” I love this. Okay, okay, I’ll be back when I’ve actually watched it. Phew.

“It’s 100 times easier to buy porn!” SOMEONE SLAP ME


That was a lie. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. “I am definitely normal.” Further, I don’t know who the purple haired guy is, but he’s got very nice hair and I ship him with the MC; DON’T JUDGE ME.

The “Boy Meets Boy” song is SENDING ME.

“I’m not his bitch! I’m in love with him!” BOY YOU BETTER RUN.

“The fujoshi and I are like old war friends.” How am I still conscious?? Can you laugh yourself into unconsciousness???

May I just say, my reaction is the same as purple-haired guy.

When MC and the BL fangirl start freaking out together I STARTED CLAPPING. I COULDN’T HELP IT


MC’s lady friend is out here confusing her classmates about the nature of her relationship with the MC LEFT AND RIGHT AND YES I AM HERE FOR IT. (But now I kiiiiiiiiiinda ship them? Who do I ship? What year is it?)

When she takes him to the shojo manga corner I just—

Blondie: Apparently, new guy joined the cooking club so he could take care of his need childhood friend~!
New Guy: That's not--- 
MC: Is your childhood friend a boy!?!?
New guy: What's wrong with you???

Oh, look, a new reaction still:

“There’s no way a non-otaku with absolutely no hope could withstand standing outside in the blazing sun for four to five hours.” Anime Expo 2017, is that you??

“Do BL authors actually exist? Are they alive???” ROFL

“We finally got in!” “I’m already so tired!” <— It really is Anime Expo!!

OH MY GOSH! MC just found out that some kid from the classroom next door to him has been drawing and selling BL manga based on purple-hair and blondie!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS LIFE!?!?!?!?!


MC has to bring uke and seme talk into the descriptors he uses for his girl crush and purple-hair is just like, “really? we’re doing this now?

Oh, no OH NO no spoilers but I KNEW IT. I knew it!!!!! Okay, spoilers but ******she’s a he!*******

Also, monthly cross dressing day? What?

Blondie is going to run with this and take it way too far and we’re all just holding our breath (only to expel it in laughter, I’m sure).

Is this a manga? Who came up with this?

I get such Kiss Him Not Me vibes from this. Also, MC and his lady friend have their own mind theatre lol

This, however, isn’t part of the mind theatre:

Even the poor pumpkin carving scene. Nothing is allowed to be innocent anymore. I was like, “Did my mind turn dirty??” but no, it was VERY intentional (and poorly done?) innuendo.

Purple-hair: What did you wish for?

MC’s obsession with gay couples is going to cost purple-hair his happiness and I am NOT here for it. Also his odd… paranoia? is rubbing off on purple-hair because now they’re both thinking that any girl could be a cross-dressing boy BUT ANYWAY

Purple hair knows MC well enough that this is a perfectly valid question:

This girl talking about sharing manga with her mom and older sister. I cannot imagine sharing BL manga with my mom. I cannot imagine sharing any manga with my mom. But then again, that’s not her thing at all, so…

Well, that’s that. I don’t know what just happened. I laughed a lot and perhaps my consciousness left my body for the duration of this title, but I mean, here we are on the other side, whole and generally unscarred. I’m sure there’s a lot to comment on, like whether or not aspects of this are offensive, but that’s for a serious review, and I don’t see one of those lying around, do you? (But, in all honesty, I could write one. It’s not like this doesn’t provide enough controversial material.) If you want to watch The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi, it’s available for free on Crunchyroll!

Until next time… stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t, wash your hands, and stay safe!


*I’m not equating the two, mind you.


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