Let’s Talk About “Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kagayaki no Ashita” (SUB)-Recommended

Happy St.Valentines Day٩(♡∀♡ )۶

*post contains a few necessary spoilers for season 1,

Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki,

but I tried to keep it light*


The Angelique franchise is based on a game, and it’s media I’ve honestly been watching out of order. Technically, Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kagayaki no Ashita, or Beloved Angel Angelique: Radiant Tomorrow is season two of the two season TV series that is based in the same universe as the original OVAs (…2…3?) but with a different MC. Let me reiterate that: same 9 Guardians, original MC became queen, new MC is now MC during the TV series. Yes. Good. Okay, moving on.

Neo Angelique Abyss is a newer installment only loosely based on the Beloved Angelique franchise and is not relevant to the discussion today, though we’ll touch on this title another time. I specify all of this because I myself faced much confusion before figuring out how all this media was related.

So, anyway, the creation—and plot—order is thus:

  1. Angelique OVAs (again… 2 of them? 3 of them? Oscar and the soon-to-be queen are in love? IDK? never saw them??)
  2. Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki (1st season of TV series, same guardians, original queen became MC, new heroine becomes Legendary Etoile *aka new MC*)
  3. Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kagayaki no Ashita (2nd season of TV series picking up where 1st season ended)
  4. Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ (two season long spin-off series of the Angelique franchise)

I first watched Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ (season 1 and part of season 2). Before I rewatch and finish that series, I decided to go back and watch the previous installations, but I’d heard that the Queenie-to-be and Oscar (Guardian of Fire) were the series couple…

*spoiler?* Highlight here –> when she gave him up to take over the Queen role??

And I didn’t want to see that unhappy-to-me, less-than-romantic ending, so I skipped it and moved right into the TV series. (And dude, if what I heard was right…

*spoiler again* Highlight here –>  Oscar’s love clearly wasn’t that strong, yo. No residual romantic tension in the TV series whatsoever. Those two moved on fast!!)

Obviously, I’ve never played the game and I’m missing some introduction, but I jumped right into this series with my review of season 1 and so shouldn’t we do the same in this review of season 2? Of course! Let’s begin!


After watching the first season of Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique, I moved right into the second, and I don’t regret my fervor for a moment. That, my friends, was a shoujo ride only improving as episodes went on.



Multiple parallel universes have their order maintained by queens who must give up their personal freedoms for the love and betterment of these worlds. The queen of the show’s developed focal universe lives in that universe’s center, The Holy Land, where one year marks several decades for those outside its borders. Her time is primarily devoted in prayer for universal balance, and she is assisted in alternate tasks by 9 Guardians, each of whom govern a specific sacrea or “force” of universal development.

The current queen of the focal universe, Queen Angelique, is a gentle soul in commune with the queen of one of these parallel universes; this specific parallel universe is young, however, and has not yet reached the point of general humanity’s development, much less the Sacrea Guardians. Thus, this younger queen is left to guide universal development and maintain balance on her own. This proves disastrous; the parallel queen along with her castle staff fall into a deathly sleep, and a savior is needed.

Back in the focal universe, a young woman from the country, Ange, finds herself with the arduous task of becoming the Legendary Etoile; it is her predestined duty to resuscitate and guide the development of this parallel universe, saving its queen in the process. She navigates her tasks with the help of Queen Angelique’s 9 Guardians*.

As Ange completes her duties to her utmost ability and begins unwittingly catching the Guardians’ hearts along the way, she is eventually forced to confront the Spirit of Sacrea, a monster made entirely of universal development forces that came to be in the absence of the young universe’s own set of Guardians. Ange becomes trapped in the alternate universe after the battle concludes, completely cut off from her sacrea-wielding comrades. What’s more, the newly awakened castle staff informs the Ange that their young queen has suddenly vanished coinciding with the Spirit of Sacrea’s disappearance!

Ange, continuing her work as the Legendary Etoile, must begin assembly of this young universe’s own 9 Guardians in effort to best the Spirit and finally save the queen, that the queen and 9 Guardians together might take their places as the rulers and protectors of their universe.

*Spoiler for OVAs, highlight here –> The Guardian of Fire, Oscar, was a lover Angelique had to abandon that she might fulfill her queenly duties.


Season two of Beloved Angelique definitely surpassed the show’s first season, and though it clearly followed shoujo tropes, it executed itself beautifully and portrayed our heroine as a developing soul. The increased maturity of her reactions and emotions is a welcome change of pace, and the romantic progression lovely in that it illustrates this:

We can’t always help how we feel; we can’t always choose who we love. Other individuals have emotions and romantic intentions that are just as valid as our own, and in no way do unrequited feelings make a person pitiable or somehow “less.” Relationships can thrive, stagnate, or even heal. Most importantly, unrequited romantic feelings, even acknowledged by both parties, needn’t damage a friendship.

Season one touched briefly upon the darkest side of being a Guardian. The Guardian of Darkness, Clavis, was spoiler* Highlight here –> forcibly abducted from his mother at a very young age when his powers became manifest or evident. His mother, racing on foot after the Holy Land carriage as it sped her only son away from her, knew the truth: by the time her son returned, she would be long dead. As stated, time runs differently in the Holy Land. Guardians are not given a choice regarding their acceptance of the role, and by the time their powers exhaust themselves, they return alone to lands unlike those they once knew, devoid of their loved ones. This heartbreaking event, however, was only briefly explored. In season 2, Ange is the one responsible for gathering the Guardians. She knows that their duty is critical, and that truly there is no other choice if the universe is to thrive, but she’s understandably sympathetic to their plight. The darkness of their fate is a side to destiny she’d never wish on anyone, and watching these new Guardians-to-be struggle with themselves and their decisions adds a new element to Beloved Angelique.

The new characters are beautiful both inside and out; all are multifaceted and thoroughly explored. Their designs and personalities one-up season 1’s original Guardians in that they are more unexpected, more deeply examined (though, to be fair, this might be because I was expected to have gotten to know the original guardians in the Angelique OVAs), and remind me less of Greek gods as a whole. Several characters return from the Angelique OVAs and take one new roles as they aid our heroine on her quest. Even with this being my first introduction to them, things didn’t feel out of place; I didn’t feel like I was missing critical information when it came to understanding these new faces.


Usual Art Style.

The art subtly improves between season 1 and season 2. (Check out the back of Ange’s hair sometime if you don’t believe me.) In addition, there is a MARKED change in the art style for the duration of episode 4, “The Street Under the Hazy Moon,” which immediately reverts following this portion.

Episode 4 Art Style

Truly, the change is gorgeous, completely fitting with the setting and tone of the tale. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t detract from the series flow and oblivious enough to create impact.

I LOVE IT. ———->

In nearly all ways, season 2 corrected the series, distancing itself from the follies of season 1. In Kagayaki no Ashita, other characters’ feelings matter. In Kagayaki no Ashita, our heroine has grown up. In Kagayaki no Ashita, the lives of the Guardians are explored.

The only downfall of the season was the ambiguity of the ending. It operates under a common shojo-based-on-an-otome pitfall in that, while the action itself is resolved, the relationships between characters are a bit up in the air. Sure, the show gives directional hints, and you can just about bet where things will end up between our protagonists, but man I would have loved to see them get there, and I was disappointed when I did not have the chance.


What Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique really needed was a season 3.

Have you seen Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique? What did you think?

(Also, where does one even buy the OVAs if one does decide to watch them?? Where does one buy older anime in general!? Is there some Japanese website??)


Until next time, stay weeb-ish, (Seriously, is that an insult?)

Shoujothoughts ❤

Note: All images included are from season 2 this time. (^_−)−☆





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  1. But there is a season 3 by now, at least I think so. Got to YouTube and on the Account of Luxuryanime in the Video “Beloved Angel Angelique 〜 Radiant Tomorrow 〜 Episode 12” on the las few seconds is a teeser shown for the next episode called “when love awakens”. Please tell me what you thik about it and where I might find the next episodes.


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