Update Schedule

Tentatively speaking, I’m going to try and update according to the calendar above. The types of posts one might expect include:

  • Anime Commentary
    • These are anime posts, rambling but content driven. These are the “anime” portion of my “journey into life and anime.”
  • CMV/AMV Saturday
    • Sometimes I find really cool fan content online, and this is the time to share it with everyone! While the title may be pretty self-explanatory, but these posts often feature cosplay music videos, or anime music videos.
  • Fan Fiction Friday
    • Again, Sometimes I find really cool fan content online. These posts feature fiction written by fans for fans. (I write my own fanfics, too, but that’s a story for another time.)
  • Just a Shoujo Girl Living in the Real World
    • These are personal posts, almost diary like. They might be updates about my current life or about how an anime/show/song/something has recently impacted me. They are the “life” portion of my “journey into life and anime.”
  • Special Event Posts
    • Just as it sounds, these are posts relating to something special going on, be it a Valentine’s Day special or another foray into Mystic Messenger Hell.
  • Challenge/NominationPosts
    • This is pretty much just what it sounds like. These posts are beginning or continuing challenges like “30 Day Anime” or nominations like “Leibster Award.”