Atashi no Kuudere *short version*

Kuudere: a character who doesn’t express emotion readily even amongst friends, often identified as cold or uncaring. Characters’ kuudere natures vary; while some kuudere are simply unemotional, others suppress their emotions because they cannot understand or label them, thus having no idea how to proceed but with perceived or true indifference. This type of kuudere … Continue reading Atashi no Kuudere *short version*

What Type of “Dere” Are You? (linked quiz)

Hello, dear readers!!!So, I took one of those silly quizzes today. You know, the ones that ask you a series of arbitrary questions to determine your "dere" type?And, of course, these quizzes are not necessarily accurate, and you can't label a person like they are an anime character and expect every facet to fit...But, I … Continue reading What Type of “Dere” Are You? (linked quiz)