Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation

English translation by Shoujo Echoes a lonesome sound--flute in an endless night.Dreaming amongst the clouds,wake in fog--determine wrong from right Who can own the praises of the world, its scorn--who can stand to call them just? Hot blooded men, outspoken steel,a zither playing, searching for it must Mourning a life lived on in memory … Continue reading Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation

In English or Japanese? (Shoujo sings Zoetrope?)

✿✿✿✿✿✿Hello, anime compatriots!✿✿✿✿✿✿ I've been playing around with Audacity again, and while I'm still debating various songs to practice and cover (including Sakura Kiss and You Raise me Up), I decided to throw another title into the ring. I didn't bother putting a backtrack with this sample, because I recorded it in a hurry (literally … Continue reading In English or Japanese? (Shoujo sings Zoetrope?)