“The New Threat!/For the Love of a Child” — DBZ Re-Written as Shoujo (Ep 1, Part 1)

The idea of this project is so ridiculous and difficult that I almost didn’t know where to begin. I mean, come on, who else do you know is silly enough to attempt a re-write of the ultimate shounen fighter, Dragon Ball Z, as a shoujo of all things. It’s pretty crazy, all right, but it sounded like so much fun to combine two things I enjoy in this tongue-in-cheek fashion! I just had to make the attempt!

sailor goku
I had way too much fun with these. You’re welcome.

One needs consider all stereotypes and subgenres when deciding which elements to incorporate and where: bishies, magical girls (or ore ;P), idol boys, and all the like all find their place in this strange hodgepodge which lends itself to some tropes over others.

One must also remember that it’s less about what actually happens and more about how the AUDIENCE perceives what happens. ;P

If Goku has to eventually become a Magical Girl Ore or Cute High Earth Defense Club member of sorts when he goes Super Saiyan, you didn’t hear it from me…

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Image from PHLiM2, but I promise I came up with this idea on my own before I Googled for post images. LOL

Some of my anime compatriots knew that this was in the works as a fun project, and now I’d like to share the first installment of what hopes to be many. Without further ado…

Chapter 1, “The New Threat!/For the Love of a Child” (PT 1)


The land is peaceful and serene; lofty cumulus clouds float languidly in the blue sky as, in a small farming town, children run and play without care or pause. Villagers go about their daily lives, smiling together and milling about from one chore to the next. They discuss the weather and their teenage children’s latest passion for that new magical idol band that everyone’s been talking about.

Just outside the village sits a small house on some equally small sum of property; the lodgings are quaint but homey, and from within a young mother is heard calling out to her son that dinner is ready. She is petite and lovely with an MC’s standard dark eyes and hair. Something about her smile is sure to be enchanting and captivate the heart of any hero we encounter…

Speaking of heroes, in the surrounding woods, a young man chops firewood. His lean but muscular body ripples as sweat glistens on his forehead. Dropping his ax, he runs a hand through his long, spiked hair and sighs, removing his orange athletic t-shirt and using it to wipe his brow before smiling up at the sky. “Well, that ‘aught to do it,” he says aloud. He loads up a nearby cart with the logs and pushes it, still shirtless and glistening, toward home.

The MC, his young wife, meets him at the property’s edge with a languid sigh. She blushes red, averting her gaze from his toned physique, before focusing on the loaded cart with a soft smile, “Goku… you think you’ve got enough firewood there?”

Goku’s eyes widen. He turns and begins to redress, blushing a bit at her attention in spite of himself. “Yeah,” he chuckles, pulling the shirt over his head, “this should last us a while, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” the woman agrees, now facing him again. Suddenly, she bites her lip. “You’re going to hurt yourself doing this manual labor one of these days. You push yourself too hard…” He faces her, and her eyes are downcast.

He raises a hand to her soft cheek and caresses her skin. “Look at me,” he commands, and she raises her head. “I’m fine,” he insists. “You worry too much.” His thumb strokes her sensitive skin, and she closes her eyes, leaning into his attention. Goku chuckles. “You sound just like a mother.” He pauses in his ministrations. “Speaking of, where’s Gohan?”

She blinks and steps back. Her brow furrows. “I don’t know,” she explains, and her eyes wander beyond him out into the forest. “But you two are due at Master Roshi’s place soon, aren’t you, to meet with your old school friends? I think you’d better go find him…”

Goku places a hand on her head and smooths her hair. “Don’t worry. I’ll find him.” They smile into each other’s eyes, and her heart races miles per minute. They stay that way for a long moment, basking in each other though neither would admit it. Then, Goku steps away.  “I’ll pick him up, and we’ll head out. See you when we get home, Chichi.”

“You might want to take your motorbike,” Chichi says. Goku nods and walks toward the shed. “Be careful!” she calls after him. Goku chuckles good-naturedly, raising a hand without turning back, and continues.

Chichi sighs in a self-deprecating manner before turning and walking back toward the house. She shakes her head with a small shrug. “I’m going to worry myself to death.”


On a neighboring farm, a middle-aged farmer uses a pitchfork to collect hay. Chickens roam the land around him, gently commingling with a series of soft clucks and coos. He removes his hat, gazing up into the bright blue sky, and uses said headwear as a fan.

He sighs and speaks ruefully to himself over a small smile and cigarette, “This is a bigger job than I thought.” As he continues to look into the wild blue yonder, he notices a speck in the distance slowly growing larger as it seems on a collision course with earth! The cigarette falls from his lips onto the soil as he watches, open-mouthed, a bright asteroid strike the earth quite a reasonable distance from him. “My gosh… It hit!”

The subsequent aftershock sends both the man and his chickens into a panic but, when the dust settles, the nervous man knows what he must do in the interests of human curiosity and the well-being of his farm. He looks into the horizon of wafting smoke. “Well, I guess I better go… c-check it out…”

The truck ride to the impact site is poignant yet brief, each moment contributing to an inner dialogue between the man’s common sense and wondering spirit. When he arrives, he stops suddenly, takes a deep breath, and slowly grabs the shotgun from his passenger seat. Each move is methodical, intentional, and precise. More than likely it proves useless, but something about this situation is deeply unsettling. He breathes deeply as he moves toward the point of impact and looks within the crater.

What he finds is so unlike anything that he could have expected that it takes him a few moments to let the scene sink in. At the heart of the impact lies not a comet or asteroid, but rather… something round, metal, and fairly sinister for all its purple trappings.

It looks for all the world like a… ship.

When one of its metal plates falls open like a drawbridge and a gloved hand reaches out, the farmer instinctively knows that he’s in dire straights. Every nerve in his weather-beaten, work-worn body is alive with cold horror as a devilishly handsome man steps out of the single-occupant, back-lit pod and stands tall, languidly stretching out long limbs with a smirk highlighting his masculine features.

Long dark hair cascades down his back unchecked, creating a backdrop for his tight, revealing bodysuit with the shell-brown crystal at its center and incredibly muscled physique. A thin, black flap of material flutters from his waist and around his pert assets; yellow crystals dangle from his ears.

Why did I do this? The world may never know.

His aura is dangerous—controlled but inwardly feral—and eyes are dark plasma, fluid in their observation of his surroundings as he notices for the first time the farmer standing above him. His face sets in stone, amused.

He floats like a god into the air, rising out of the crater and above the farmer who shakes with terror—just who is this man?—before landing in front of him, eyebrow raised. “So,” he says to himself, “the creatures of this planet are still alive.” The farmer takes three steps back.

“Kakarott has failed us…” the unearthly being continues to mutter, angerly now, barely registering the farmer by this juncture. His hands clench into fists.

“Y-you’re…” the farmer begins, redrawing the strange man’s attention. The latter smirks.


“O-on my property…” the farmer continues. Panicked, he readies his rifle.

The other man flicks his left earring and a green holographic screen appears before a single eye, strange characters flickering across its translucent surface. “Is that so?” he asks, smirking again. He takes two steps forward as the farmer takes four steps back. “Your power level is puny.” The man’s eyes glisten with sadistic pleasure.

“S-stay back! I’ll use this thing!”

One step further sees the farmer fire on his otherworldly foe, eyes closing at the force of reverberated impact. When the farmer opens his eyes, however, he’s taken aback.

Unphased is this stranger. His hand fisted at eye level lowers slowly. Moving with great intention, he uncurls his fingers, palm facing the farmer; the bullet lies sedate in his hand.

The farmer is trembling now as the man raises the bullet toward his eyes, inspecting it at short length before flicking it a lightning speed toward the other. It shatters the gun in his hand, perhaps even shattering bone as the force blows him backward into the hood of his Chevy truck. The truck radiator emits an awesome squeal of steam. The farmer doesn’t move.

The stranger chuckles and casts his hologram-shielded gaze toward the horizon line, lingering for only a moment before floating slowly into the air again. He sneers. “Prepare yourself, Kakarott,” he says. Then, he takes off like a jet toward an undisclosed location.


Back in the quiet forest, a young boy toddles somewhat apprehensively through the underbrush. He rubs his large eyes with small, pudgy hands and mumbles plaintively, “I want my daddy. I wanna go home.” He sniffles.

He raises his head toward the canopy, and tears glisten in his eyes. “Daddy!” He shouts scrunching his small face. “Daddy!” When no response comes, the tears fall unbidden, and the sweet boy’s sobs echo through the forest as he takes off running with no destination in sight.

Eventually, the child slows, having exhausted himself, and stops to ascertain his surroundings. It’s shadowed, but he notices a shimmer in the air before him. It is a rare, magical patholos butterfly; sparkles flicker out of existence in its wake as it gently lands upon a fern. The boy approaches, rubbing his eyes again, only for the insect to take flight and swoop away.

“Wait, Mr. Butterfly!” the child cries, “I won’t hurt you; I just want to look!” With this, he follows briskly behind, nearly catching the shimmer several times only to have it fly from his fingers at every grasp. As he nears it for what seems the dozenth time, the butterfly bursts to produce several of its kind which immediately flutter away.

Related image
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Staring in awe, the boy is taken aback by the sudden rustling of a bush at his flank. It startles him fiercely. “M-Mr. Butterfly?” the boy questions. Suddenly, a large, saber-toothed cat emerges stealthily from the underbrush,* sights fixated on he who has been deemed new prey.

The boy scampers backward, falling on his bottom with a muted thud as the big cat creeps closer and closer, salivating at the thought of a good meal. The child closes his eyes when the orange gem strung on a chain ’round his neck begins to glow…

The cat lets out an anguished howl, and the boy is knocked backward as it pounces. Miraculously, the pressure is suddenly gone, and when he opens his eyes, so is the terrifying cat!

The child gulps, shaking like a leaf on the wind, and he begins once more to cry. “D-Daddy!!” he bawls, rising from the ground unsteadily. Rubbing his eyes and with no regard for direction, he takes off at top speed, hoping only to reunite with his father and escape these blasted woods!

Self-blinded as he is, the child doesn’t notice the short drop before him until it’s too late. He feels his body falling forward for only one nausea-inducing second before he feels the warm grasp of strong arms around him, swinging him up and into a broad chest.

“Gohan!” the voice shouts, and the boy opens his eyes to see–



If you liked that and want me to continue this ridiculous project, I’d appreciate you letting me know in the comment section. 😀 This passage took a long time, and for a long while I lacked motivation, but if you request it, I’ll finish episode one fully and we’ll go from there. 🙂 I feel like it started kind of slow, but it has potential. 🙂

Until next time,

Shoujo ❤

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P.S. I’m pretty sure PHiLM2 got their idea from this meme, lololol

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*I totally can’t take credit from “stealthy from the underbrush” as it came from Cantor’s Shia LaBeouf musical.

What is Love? (On Romanticizing Abuse in “Hana Yori Dango” [anime])

At the heart of this post lies a singular question;

what is love?

what is love.png

Hana Yori Dango (or Boys Over Flowers) is an anime packed with complex, interesting, well fleshed out, DEEPLY FLAWED teenage characters, both of prestigious means and lacking them. This problematic title, while admittedly cringy at times, holds special appeal for its realistic portrayal of teenage thought processes—the good, bad, and ugly—as well as its fascinatingly successful romanticizing of frankly abusive relationships.

(If you thought that Fushi Yugi using rape as a token plot device was problematic or that Wolf Girl and the Black Prince romanticized abuse, just wait until you’ve seen all of Hana Yori Dango.)

The show, however, is one that I truly enjoy from its vaguely terrible 1996 art (which I now view as “distinct” rather than terrible) to its problematic notions, and I think it did something unique in illustrating how imperfect humans can be in abusive relationships with people that they may honestly believe that they love.

Please note that I do NOT encourage people to stay with SOs who are emotionally, sexually, or physically abusive. NOT AT ALL. If you ever find yourself in that situation, you do NOT need to convince yourself that the person loves you and that you should stay for them; this is dangerous, and YOU DESERVE BETTER, regardless of what you may feel. Any love that the other person may believe they hold for you is NOT HEALTHY LOVE if they are habitually treating you with less than the utmost respect.

Do not stay with an abuser.

But examinations like those prompted by this show do beg the question…

What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me; don’t hurt me no more.)

We can go to many sources for this answer. The Bible says that God is Love. It also says that love is patient, kind, humble, and enduring. Some describe love as a human virtue rooted in kindness and compassion, while still others say it is a chemical reaction in the brain revolving around sexual attraction/attachment. And, of course, there are many different kinds of love. For the purposes of this post, we’ll be focused on romantic love.

I attest that love can be, depending on how one defines it, either mature or immature, and I also propose that—as a side effect of our imperfect human condition (what my own religion refers to as “sinful nature”)—even mature love can have its failings.

That said, immature love, if called love, can be very many things. I think immature love can be selfish and lacking without being totally void of care.* And as much as I find it interesting to watch the characters’ progressions throughout Hana Yori Dango, I also see hurdles that the character overcome as evidence of the show’s romanticizing of abuse.

Yeah, you heard me. Boys Over Flowers romanticizes abuse. Now, what do I mean by that?

To romanticize something isn’t to make it romantic in nature, at least not in the manner of, say, a moonlit walk on the beach. Rather, to romanticize is to make something seem better or more appealing than it actually is in real life. A romantic is an idealist—a sentimentalist—and so to romanticize abuse in Hana Yori Dango is to take the abusive or problematic behaviors and ascribe positive, more sentimental characteristics to said actions. It can also mean emphasizing them in such ways that gloss over the troublesome notions entirely in favor of more fantasist notions.

To begin, let’s look at our leads in love, keeping in mind that this post is anime-specific. (Thus, none of the many drama adaptations, etc., are here discussed.) Tsukushi Makino (westernized) is a hard-headed, independent girl of limited means who, through hard work and determination, makes it into Eitoku Academy, a school for rich kids with a reputation sure to take her places. Tsukasa Domyouji (also westernized) is the wealthy heir poor in relationships who—as leader of the school’s “Flower 4” of handsome, rich boys—rules the student body with an iron fist and very little patience for things that don’t go his way. When Tsukushi becomes the only girl (aside from his sister, but that’s a different conversation) to ever stand up to him, Tsukasa finds himself falling for her, if only he could admit it to himself! Instead, he’s just going to make her life as miserable as possible. That sounds smart, yeah?

Many things happen from that starting point, and while the show admittedly has moments that serve to make my heart flutter a bit, it also has moments that make me yell at the characters on screen, “WHY? WHY would you do that??” Some of these instances are highly realistic depictions of teenagers making poor decisions (such as when Tsukushi kisses Rui while on an extended date with Tsukasa), but teenage shortsightedness cannot excuse other instances where abuse is romanticized (sentimentalized) in order to create romantic (here used in the moonlit walk sense) tension and drama.

Our aforementioned leads in love are harsh with each other, and so to pinpoint instances of emotional abuse and examine them to determine if they’re truly abuse or just bickering would take a post all its own, so I’ll skip those for now. These sorts of ambiguites aren’t romanticized, and so they fall outside the scope of our discussion. Please know, however, that the outright bullying Tsusushi experiences at the hands of the F4 cannot be overlooked as simply “picking on the girl you like” (which, again, we could spend a week talking about that notion all on its own, but we won’t).

Tsukasa and Tsukushi aren’t actually dating at the beginning of the anime, much less dating exclusively, yet we observe a large amount of control exercised over her whereabouts and actions taken by Tsukasa. He insists that they are, in fact, dating. When her protests prove unsuccessful, she simply goes along with the student body’s perceptions and is treated better by the classes at large. And even though they both protest the idea of affection for each other (they’re only together in Tsukasa’s mind because SHE likes HIM, you see) and infuriate each other, Tsukushi strongly cares that Tsukasa believe her innocent of any questionable behavior when Sakurako frames her as unfaithful or loose.

There is a lot to unpack in this scene, but we’ll focus on the abuse. Tsukushi is being assaulted by a group of guys for messing around with a man other than Tsukasa. Tsukasa, not knowing what’s going on, sees her in trouble and steps in. Sakurako “explains” and Tsukasa is not only swayed, but he WALKS AWAY AND DOESN’T HELP TSUSKUSHI. Because the guys are “doing it for [him],” to use Sakurako’s words, apparently it’s fine that the tar gets beat out of her.

Even if he doesn’t believe she’s telling the truth, the girl he’s supposed to love is barely standing upright. But hey, if she’s “unfaithful” to a fictional relationship, then she deserves to be drug behind a car, right? Yeah.  She begs him for help. She says, “I don’t care if no one else believes me. Tsukasa, I just need you to believe me, please.” (Both because she’ll be beat up if he doesn’t and because the moment also serves to showcase how much she cares about his good opinion even though she won’t admit any affection for him.) She calls out to him desperately, and he turns his back on her and walks away while a group of boys beats up on her.

One word from him could have stopped them in their tracks and cleared her reputation because his influence is just that strong, but he left her behind. And yes, he comes back in the end to save her, but that’s the point. If he’d stepped in right away, there wouldn’t be as much drama or as great of a “hero moment.” His later action doesn’t excuse the fact that he LET THEM WHALE ON HER and didn’t step in, only to come back LATER and say that he believes her (which should not be a prerequisite for stopping them from almost killing her in the first place!).

The show acts as though he’s in a trance until he snaps out of it in Sakurako’s back yard and realizes what those guys are going to do to Tsukushi. As though he didn’t know! He stepped into the situation in the first place before he knew what she was accused of because he saw she was in trouble! In shock or not, he KNEW!! In this way, he can rush back in and play the hero while also avoiding the blame that he let her get into that situation in the first place. It takes an abusive situation and sentimentalizes it, creating a hero moment. (Is it considered abuse if he left her to be pummeled when he could have stopped it? It’s as good as, in my opinion. It certainly isn’t love.)

Where are the teachers during this mob action??

On another far more straightforward occasion, Tsukasa—frustrated and hurt about the sort-of romantic (again, that’s another post) relationship between Tsukushi and Rui—actually sexually assaults Tsukushi. Now, while I believe that there are differences between the subbed and dubbed version of this scene, they have some consistency between them. He corners her in the empty hall, pins her, and threatens her. Then, suddenly, he stops. He punches the wall. He goes. I watched the dub, but I’ve only found the scene repeated in sub, so, again, differences from what I remember exactly.

Again, so, SO much to unpack here, but I’m sticking with the abuse itself and not the mental reasoning behind it. (Tsukasa, upset that he isn’t being “respected” and unused to not getting what he wants, goes to take it—in this case, her—, then realizes it is wrong and he can’t do it, but I digress.)

In this case, he ASSAULTS HER HIMSELF and then stops and walk away. The implication that he’s going to “teach her a lesson” is clear, and it doesn’t seem he means with his fists. Rape is not a token plot device, just ask Banana Fish. Sexual assault is not the same as a romantic moment (take note, The World’s Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera). Tsukasa is not a “good guy” because he stopped before he went any farther, but in the case of this romanticizing, we’re expected to focus on a supposition on his mental state—one often misunderstood—rather than the horror of what’s happening on screen. In addition to being completely unacceptable, rape is about power and control (which Tsukasa is quite used to) as opposed to sexual attraction. The moment is so quick and ends so unexplored that the truth behind it might be missed by younger viewers. What’s happening on screen, even if he let her go, is not unrequited love.

I get that there’s a lot going on in Tsukasa’s life and head. This is not a “bash Tsukasa” post, because he is a fabulously crafted, highly-realistic and deeply flawed character just as much as Tsukushi. Rather, it’s a statement on the way that shoujo titles like this often romanticize abuse (think even when they say, “If I do something sexually untoward to you, it’s because you’re just too cute.”) and get away with it. (Irina and I wrote about this.) I’m not saying these scenes referenced weren’t necessary to the story the creators wanted to tell, but at the same time, it’s so important for people to truly understand what they are watching, and I think that a lot of the time girls get caught up in the hero moments created by abusive behavior. And a lot of girls don’t understand why that’s a problem, as seen in the “the cruel one” section of this post questioning why girls like “bad boys.”

As the show progresses, so too do our characters; Tsukasa goes from actually sexually assaulting a girl he can’t have to letting that girl have the freedom to do what she wants, even if what she wants isn’t him. (Surprise, it is.) He risks his life to save her from a blizzard and refuses to compromise his principles sexually with another (very willing) woman even because he doesn’t love her. Seeing the characters mature and learn to truly love another person is a beautiful thing, but it brings us back to our original question; what is love?

It isn’t what we see in a lot of these shoujo titles, that’s for sure.

If we are to qualify it thus, then it is immature. It is selfish. It is uncompromising and controlling. By the end things have improved, but there is that sense in the beginning that our extended cast of characters feel that Tsukasa’s abusive and controlling behavior is okay because he loves Tsukushi so much. That simply isn’t true and sends a very negative message to audiences that is only rectified upon more deeply examining the work as a whole, which is to say that until the end, what they have is not love.

I think Hana Yori Dango is a fantastic anime. I adore it! I’ve watched the series, the movie, the J-Drama, and much of the K-Drama. I think it’s portrayal of its teenage characters as thoroughly flawed individuals is engaging. But I also believe that shows like this might cast shadows of unrealistic expectations which prove to be insidious in the personal lives of girls and women, so they need to be watched with these problematic proclivities in mind.


What do you think about Hana Yori Dango? What do you think about shoujo’s taste for the problematic? Let me know in the comments below!

Until I blog again,


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*Please see my note on staying in an abusive relationship above.

Sci-fi and Sparkles: Shoujo and Scott Design an Anime (pt 1)

Sketch (17)

“In the year 2675, intergalactic exploration has reached new heights. Alien species commingle between solar systems in matters of science, trade, military, and socialization. Higashi Yumi has grown up within this world and is pursuing a degree in interstellar archaeological sciences when the discovery is made: an abandoned solar system on the outskirts of explored space. A series of unfortunate events sees Yumi and two of her closest friends settled aboard the Argo, an exploratory vessel manned by various species all working to uncover the same truth; what exactly happened in this lonesome system? The Argo brings opportunity to meet many new faces, both unendingly kind and standoffish. Can a ragtag group of newcomers handle the pressure of galactic exploration into what is basically uncharted space? And when disaster strikes, can they come together, or will the secrets they seek to uncover tear them apart?”

-Synopsis, Argo 2675

Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews and I have had our fair share of anime discussions (both recorded and unrecorded), but it became clear early on that, while there is a good deal of overlap (FMA/B and BNHA, anyone?), he and I generally have quite different tastes in anime. Having known this since ages before Innominate became a thing (and guys, it’s such a fun thing!) and having overcome my shock that he doesn’t love Fruits Basket (the horror!!), I started wondering if there stood the possibility for a show which would exemplify both of our favorite genres. Okay, that was wordy, so what do I mean?

I’m a sparkly shoujo (hence the alias), and Scott is all about that sci-fi (and the Batman-Superman Adventures, but we align on this as well). We both enjoy shows that fall outside of those genres, too, but can there exist a title that remains stereotypically faithful to our favorite genres yet which BOTH of us could love?

Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because we’re about to create one! That’s right; behold below a Sci-fi and Sparkles collaboration as we take some time to create an anime from the ground up with the potential to be a favorite to us both. 🙂  This is part one!

Shoujo: Okay, so if we’re going to create an anime, it’s probably important to lay some groundwork. Setting might accrue some tension between the genres. I’ve never exactly seen a “shoujo in space.” (Just wait, some reader will know of a reverse harem in space and I’ll suddenly fall in love with science fiction. :P) Where shall we center our characters?

Why does it say you’re “anonymous duck?” That’s hilarious. (Sorry. I’ll get rid of this later lol)

Scott: (I think that is because I’m on my phone at the moment. That is pretty funny though.)

I’ve never seen a shoujo in space, but the Macross franchise is built out of romances in space. Haven’t heard of a space reverse harem before either, but that sounds like a pretty fun idea. I feel like I am going to ask a lot of specific questions, so that might be annoying. (Sorry in advance.) Do you think we should have this centered around the Earth’s solar system or should we just make up planets and stuff?

I can’t say for sure what would be best, but I think I’d feel more able to relate if it involved Earth’s solar system and/or focused on Earth in general. I’ve never seen Macross, but I adored Planetes for its well-developed characters and romance that, while focal, didn’t distract from the show’s other aspects.

(I love Planetes too! Oh man, are the characters great, and I love how everything is close to being scientifically accurate. But anyway…)

I’m probably going to ask a lot of questions too, but that’s okay! We’re gonna have to learn from each other, after all. Speaking of, I’m unsure as to the usual tone of a sci-fi anime. Shoujo can be funny or serious (it feels like I’m talking in 3rd person?? lol), but I think the ones that concentrate on being dramatic with just enough comic releaf… why can’t I spell? RELIEF… are the usually the best. That’s just my opinion, though.  

A science fiction series’ tone can be all over the place as well. Most seem to be pretty hard and dramatic, but there are plenty of strange things that happen in a science fiction which could push everything in the funny and weird direction. Meshing the two together should be a pretty easy idea.

OH! I know where we can start! What if we both make a short list of potential sci-fi/shoujo must-haves? Then we can go through the lists and kind of mold our anime to their specifications before we get into the details? (O.O)

(Oh, my gosh, Scott. Now you’re anonymous–I can’t spell–JACKAL)


That sounds like a great idea. Definitely a good starting of point.

You wanna kick this off, or shall I?

Would going back and forth be ok, or would that make this a little too jumbled? Maybe that’s a bad idea. How about you go first?

I’m good however you want to do it. Okay, I have something.

WAIT. OKAY, so we might end up having to edit this for clarity, but WHAT IF we just ask each other genre-specific questions. Like Scott, my first question for you is this: most shoujo either features deep friendships between boys OR is a romance/reverse harem, but not both. What would you rather our anime have?

Personally, I am leaning towards the romance/reverse harem route myself because it feels like there are more elements to play with when it comes to this. Fun space backgrounds for members of the supposed reverse harem and other sorts of things would make it interesting.

Ok, my question for you is about different alien races. Some science fiction are just standard human only, others have alien races that are just generally human with different colored skin tone like blue and green, while some others have that weird alien forehead thing. Is there one that you would prefer?

Truth time, aliens terrify me. 😛 I wouldn’t mind some very… VERY humanoid aliens, though. Even better if the…oh, wait. Okay. First we should decide on this: if we go the reverse harem route, it can be mostly rom-com OR a romantic drama with comedic dashes. Also, do we want the anime to have a “true route” wherein the main timeline leaves room for viewers to have their favorites, but ultimately the obligatory female MC ends up with the true-pairing? I propose the latter of both between a human and an alien, maybe? Of course, I’m down for other options, too!

(I’m dying. This has the potential for SO MUCH ANGST GJHSPOUHD:GOIS)

(Sorry, better now.)

OOOOOOOOOH. I had no idea. Ok, definitely leaning heavily towards very human aliens with just different skin colors then.

Ok, maybe we can lean towards a romantic drama with comedy stuff? Also, I feel like we should do something cool like having our romantic heroine be an awesome ace pilot when it comes to a space fighter and then give the reverse harem different roles on a ship or something. Might lean towards one true route with other routes open. I think I might be pushing too far with that. What kind of role do you think our heroine could be; like an engineer, captain, nurse, pilot, or something else I am not thinking of?

I love love LOVE the idea of them all having different roles on a ship!! It creates so much possible interaction!! And I’m down with her having almost any position on the crew, but I think we should keep her kind of Cardia-eqsue (Code Realize) wherein she’s capable and fully fleshed out, but also has weaknesses that she has to face with the help of her love interests. (Like, she can save them too, but I’m a sucker for the prince on a white horse thing. So many heart-tingles.) Snow White with the Red Hair struck a nice balance, too, yeah? But it was a little light on the heart tingles. Hiiro no Kakera was too, but I digress. Anyway, what should their bishounen-level be? If we’re sticking to comedy as a very important aside, then I’d image we’d use level 3 and up? Usually anything below that falls into “so bad it’s good” territory.

Also, if I’m trying to shoujo-fy this too much, just let me know! We should make something we both would love, after all! (^^)b

(This is a bishounen level.)

Oh no, that isn’t shoujo-fying this too much for me at all. From what I read from your link, I think bishonen level three and up would be what we should aim for. And here is my crazy idea for all of this that just came into my head based on the Snow White with the Red Hair idea. Maybe this ship could be a treasure hunting ship, and we could have our heroine be the one of a few archaeologists on its voyage, and the plot could be that they get into more and more trouble with space pirates or something as our ship goes into heavier territory that adds some drama going on. I don’t know, that just jumped into my head.


I am about to totally ruin this because I have no self-control. I keep typing things and then deleting them! Okay, so I love that idea. Okay, okay. Okay.

No, no you are not Shoujo. I think this is turning out pretty good!

This reminds me of Firefly. So, our heroine (Age what? Can they be young adults, please?) is an archaeologist aboard an expeditionary ship searching for ___________ on various planets. Oh! What if they’re exploring a small adjacent-to-the-“true route” love interest’s solar system that archaeological finds indicate was once fully inhabited but has since gone dead? They’re looking for clues as to what went on and why no one lives on these planets anymore! What could cause a mass-exodus or extinction like that? That’s what they try to discover! Then, as they move further away from society, they begin to have encounters with mysterious “pirate” ships seemingly bent on thwarting their harmless plans! As this goes on, the MC (human?) struggles with the help of the crew (mostly men, but with a close girl side character, too!) to figure out what’s behind all this and if the mysterious figures have anything to do with the empty system, deals with homesickness, and comes to terms with growing feelings? DRAMA-MYSTERY-SCIFI-SUSPENSE-ROMANCE?

Yes, I definitely would like these characters to be young adults? Maybe around 21 or something so they are legally able to drink? That could also provide some more interesting interactions as well.

Yes, the obligatory drinking episode is a must.

I love your plot. Are these ruins that are attached to the true route’s story in some way like he could be secretly from this location somehow or his parents were from it and he secretly has clues on what went down? And also yeah, maybe he knows about these pirates in some way. Oh, this could definitely be a mixed alien race sort of archaeological journey, but we could definitely have our heroine be a human. Maybe she is part of a journey that women rarely take part in, but she and one of her classmates from college and a couple others from who knows where made it onto the ship and formed some kind of bond. This is getting good, Shoujo!

I WOULD WATCH THIS! Okay, so our true-route main love interest! Can he be a deep-voiced, mysterious, bi-species (think Spock, but of course not Spock), tsundere angst ball conflicted because he knows more than he lets on but who would do ANYTHING for our heroine even if she doesn’t know it and is all around terrible at communicating (his feelings and otherwise)? 😀 I’m a sucker for a good kuudere/tsun-tsun! Plus, this can feed into the whole “he secretly has clues as to what went down” rational. Like, maybe he’s half human/some other alien species and half-pirate species or whatever type of alien that lived in the now abandoned system. Also, the college idea is brilliant because it allows for a functionally large crew but a small character focus for the anime (as our main cast would all be these college kids, except maybe main love interest because he knows too much for that). I truly wish I could watch this!

I would watch it too, and I like how everything is connecting so well. Especially with the main love interest being who he is because that makes complete sense to me. Plus the sense of ship life is solid as well. This is all fantastic stuff that we should get paid for for coming up with. What do you think the other routes should be? I can picture one of the routes of the more dramatic kind being one of the fighter pilots, because a ship going out on its own would need some security if it’s getting more heavily involved in the conflict of fighting the pirates. That’s pretty classic. Not much else is clicking together in my head at this moment. What are some others that you can think of?

OOOH!! I got it!! What about this for our reverse-harem cast:

  • fighter pilot– energetic, loud, boyish and enthusiastic with a good heart who tends to be a little short sighted, messy hair, alien
  • ship security guard– dandere, shy, built like a wall, hard eyes that grow soft when he looks at the herione, wears a lot of tank tops and cargo pant/boot combos, human
  • ship electrical mechanic– dirty coveralls! the med bay kuudere looks down on him because he’s had less formal education, but he’s super smart and capable! nondescript looks, but still handsome, likes basketball, bi-species
  • med bay nurse– female alien whose species LITERALLY sparkles. A comedic character for the most part who still pulls her plot weight! Her skin is probably pink and she’s the MC’s best friend. short curly hair and big eyes! When the non-main cast male ship crew hit on her, she knocks them out because she’s super strong!
  • med bay doctor– kuudere, megane, loves to collect and apply information, doesn’t always get along with everyone else, but fighter pilot tends to play peacekeeper and for some reason really likes him, human
  • Mechanical engineer– MAIN LOVE INTEREST (I like this because he can disappear from the rest of our main cast for periods of time under the guise of working on various mechanical portions of the ship.)
  • military police officer with the nearest inhabited galaxy– constantly throwing a wrench into the group’s plans; the outlier love interest for those viewers who like things unexpected, alien

I feel like I just created children?? Did Wataru (Cheer Boys) just get siblings? Maybe!

That’s going to be all for part 1! Please take a look at Scott’s blog for part 2 and more world creation! Please let us know what you think of our new anime!

Love, Peace, Geese,


(Glorious image saved by leila.ismail on Pinterest, but I didn’t see artist credit. I’ll keep looking.)idk2

Feature the Best Singer (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 22)

My heart! I finally have a chance to bring up this human and his (literally) magical music again!

Image result for magic kyun renaissance teika

Teika (Magic-Kyun Renaissance!) is too much for me, guys. He can’t be a husbando because he’s a minor, but if you gave his voice to one of his older brothers? Totally husbando material. I mean, look at those older versions of Teika. All man. Now they just need his voice. (CV: 一条寺 帝歌)

Image result for teika ichijouji brothers
Keep your husbandos firmly 18 plus, fellow adult fam.

Give Teika a listen, guys.

“I don’t need any kindness; I won’t stop in any old place, ’cause my wish carries on forever and ever. I won’t fear anything…”

His voice is so emotional that its beauty gets me every time, and that’s why even with all the idol shows out there, I didn’t need to think twice.

If you haven’t seen Magic-Kyun Renaissance! but love LITERAL SHOUJO SPARKLES, I highly recommend you give it a try! If you have seen it, what do you think? Who jumps out at you as an anime character who sings really well?

Welcome to the Madness,


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May is Hard. (This was supposed to be a blog update, but now I don’t know what it is?)

Warning: I don’t even know what this is. Is it even coherent? Maybe not.

I will admit that I am not currently my best self.

It is with much self-depreciation (and as vaguely emo music plays through my headphones) that I morosely admit as much, but I feel that makes the statement no less true.

I’m trying, really. Honestly, I am. But in spite of my effort, May is… hard. Very hard. Occupationally, life stuff, the anxiety making me soincredibly self-conscious/self-aware… (Just gotta survive a few more weeks until I can stop playing phone tag with potential counseling due to opposing schedules… I really did try, though.) I’m trying to stay cheerful!

In any case, this relates to the blog in that my stats have stagnated to levels unseen since over a year ago, and… I mean, I only published 3 posts this month so far, so that’s fully understandable. (I sadly haven’t even had time or ?fortitude?—is that the right word?—to READ blogs, much less write my own content…)

But even knowing this, I’m feeling a bit down, because there are bloggers who have been at this for perhaps as long as I have with greater successes, and while I am ENORMOUSLY grateful for the traffic I receive… Sometimes I hear the stats of blogger friends, and numbers that I normally feel soproud of and humbled by… make me feel like I’m not good enough or something… It’s hard to explain without sounding ungrateful, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Um… let me try again.

I try to enjoy myself when I write, and perhaps I’m not the edgiest blogger or anything… but…. maybe my content is lacking somehow. Maybe the things that I write are not what most people want to read? I’m okay with that, with just being ME, but everyone wants to grow, right? I just wanna make sure that my blog is on a healthy overall trajectory. Most of the time, I feel pretty good and even optimistic about this, but lately…

I dunno.

This has nothing to do with you wonderful readers and everything to do with me potentially being a sub-par blogger. I dunno…

I just… I dunno. ( ; ; )

But I’m so happy with my little blog’s support!! We are not explicitly multitudinous in number by some estimates,  but you are all kind, supportive anime compatriots, and I am thankful for every last one of you! ❤ We are smol but mighty!! I hear horror stories about people who are unkind within AniTwitter and the Blog-o-sphere, but I have been so blessed to receive nothing but support!! ❤ I love knowing that you care about my rambles! I love interacting with you! You guys rock!

I’m just… feeling insecure. About my work, about who I am as a person, and about LIFE. About everything. The blog is just one of those many things, and the area most relevant to the platform.

But the other day, it got so bad that it was truly a struggle just holding it together at my workplace. My hands were actually shaking and my thoughts spinning and I was stuck. It was the worst it’s been at work, because usually I’m able to at least put aside the worst of it while I’m responsible for something so important, but now I just can’t. It never goes away. I don’t get a break any more, and it’s evolved into something bigger and more multifaceted than it has ever been or I ever expected.

I… I just need a vacation. So I can stop playing phone tag with the counselor. And maybe I can sleep peacefully again.

And I thought I’d make the poor decision to blog about it! WOO!

On that vein, I *think* I’ll be doing something to jump start my motivation come July when I *should??* have more free time?? (BUT ALSO I’LL BE IN COLLEGE AGAIN, GOD WILLING. *sobs*)

But I can’t let these thoughts get me down! I rally myself every night and in the morning. I try to sleep. I try to keep going and smiling and laughing as I always have. “Just X more days,” I tell myself. Then I can breathe. Then I can get better. Then I can rest and sleep as much as I want and be lazy and I dunno…

My life could be MUCH harder. I’m SO lucky, SO blessed. My life is easy compared to so~ many people who are sick or hurt or don’t know how they’ll pay their bills. I know it’s the anxiety doing this to me. I know it is.

Having said that, here’s a music video to change the tone of the post. I think it’s pretty necessary. Hold on…

Okay, that’s feeling better. I needed that.

Like it says, “When the sharpest words wanna cut me down, I’m gonna send a flood—gonna drown ’em out.” Even when those impaling words come from my brain, I gotta hold on to that sentiment. And when anxiety makes me wanna cry, well, then, “another round of bullets hits my skin; well, fire away, ’cause today I won’t let the shame sink in.”

No. “I won’t let them break me down to dust…” Anxiety is the them, right? And when it makes me awkward and makes me feel lacking, “I’m NOT scared to be seen! I make no apologies! This is ME!”

But maybe I don’t like who I am? I used to like who I am? I do like who I am? I… just don’t know. How many times can I say that?

eugha;eiogba;ideghe;w What am I even doing anymore. This is basically stream of conscious word vomit.

Gosh this is so hard.

I’m sorry I’m doing this to you guys. You shouldn’t have to read this, but here you are, probably reading this.

I intended to give a blog update, and now I’m doing this ill-advised thing, whatever it is. But at least I’m around, right? I’ve actually got several posts in the works, but none of them are quite ready yet, those being: romanticizing abuse in Hana Yori Dango (anime), DBZ re-written as a Shoujo, a review of Ancient Magus’ Bride, and—potentially—THIS in July?!

Image result for 30 day shoujo challenge
from @ShoujoManga on Twitter

I also think I’ll do a giveaway (I have lots of stuff assembled!) when I reach 200 followers! 😀

And so it is with much love that I end this post. Take care of yourselves, guys. You deserve happiness and to strive for the happiness of others. Breathe deeply, acknowledge how fortunate you are, and I’ll be here trying to do the exact same thing.

“This is brave.” You are brave.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



“An Overarching Motive to this Pseudo-Slice of Life” (Or, Brief Initial Impressions of Kakuriyo—Bed & Breakfast for Spirits)

When you can spontaneously identify J. Michael Tatum in a piece, I suppose that should be indicative that a Shoujo like me will at least take passing interest.

Welcome to the party, J. Michael.

Truthfully, however, I’ve fallen rapidly for Kakuriyo, and I don’t care who knows it!

How could I not be interested in a title sporting such a particular (abet superficial and summarical only) moral? I guess that none of us should simply assume that our grandparents won’t offer us up as collateral to settle their debt…

Well, at least you shouldn’t if your name is Aoi Tsubaki.

Adding to that qualification, you’d best beware if you’re voiced by the woman who played Tamaki in Hiiro no Kakera (Emily Neves), and your trapped along side Christopher Wehkamp, aka Urasawa from Noragami.

That chemistry, tho.

We’re just gonna have to pretend I’m not in love with supernatural fantasy romances for the sake of objectivity, okay? And I’m obviously watching SimulDub, in case you couldn’t tell. ^_−☆

To begin, I offer a more fitting synopsis curtesy of Crunchyroll:

After losing her grandfather, Aoi—a girl who can see spirits known as ayakashi—is suddenly approached by an ogre. Demanding she pay her grandfather’s debt, he makes a huge request: her hand in marriage! Refusing this absurd offer, Aoi decides to work at the Tenjin-ya bed and breakfast for the ayakashi to pay back what her family owes.

Only three episodes in, I readily admit I was hooked after my first viewing. One of the few seasonal pieces that sparked my immediate interest, I wasn’t disappointed in the animation (lovely, modern bishie/bishojo style in saturated colors), scripting, interesting characters, MC (who has spunk and determination!), or voice acting (see notes above). While it’s hard to create a comprehensive review from such a small snippet of content, I predict great things from Kakuriyo, admitting however that I fear it may become a tad predictable. As *very~ minor spoiler* three episodes is all it took for me to realize that there is a larger overarching motive to this seeming pseudo-“slice of life.” I mean, I already know the identify of the mysterious spirit (??iakashi?? how spell??) who shared their food with Aoi as a child…

I look forward to seeing where the season takes us and plan on reviewing when the title completes its initial run! ❤

And now on to Anime STL!

Until next time, I wish you love, peace, and geese,


Memories of a Past Life and Love: Musings on “The Betrayal Knows My Name”

There is much to be said for shadows, heartbreak, and betrayal.

The Betrayal Knows My Name, alternately known as Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (or Uraboku for short) centers around an orphaned teenage boy named Yuki who is about to graduate high school and move on to his unsure yet promising future. His chances are far from clear, however, as he struggles with empathetic powers of unknown origin and begins receiving anonymous threatening notes that prey on his deepest insecurities. He approaches even this difficulty with love and kindness, but something deep within him is calling out to be heard. One day, new faces appear in his life. Who are these strangers who know his name? A dark, beautiful man named Zess might just hold the answer that he needs, if he can find the strength to remember a past life and love…

Or, to take it directly from MAL:

“Growing up as an orphan, Yuki Sakurai questions his reason for living and ability to see a person’s painful memory by simply touching them. After receiving anonymous notes telling him to die, Yuki is unable to shake off the nagging feeling forming inside of him. Unbeknownst to him, he is being watched, both by people who want to harm him and those who want to protect him.

One foggy night, Yuki’s life is saved by a beautiful man with silver eyes and jet black hair—a man he has never met before yet seems familiar. With the arrival of this mysterious stranger, Yuki’s forgotten past has been awakened and the purpose of his existence has appeared before him.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru tells the story of a teenage boy as he discovers who he is and where he comes from—all while making friends, experiencing betrayal, and slowly piecing together the puzzle of his past.”

As a First Shounen-ai:

It’s worth noting that this series was my first fore into the boy love genre. For the longest time, I told myself that boy love is gay relationship exploited for straight gratification—this because focuses on the romantic relationships between men as a means of drawing in straight, female viewers. As Mayaya asks in the josei title Princess Jellyfish when a gay couple apply to live in their female-only building, “do they think that we will fall all over ourselves at the feet of their amazing gay love just because we are women?” Well, Mayaya, apparently they do, and it has been working; the audience is there.

This experience, however, has been one unlike I assumed; this title was admittedly sort of… um… fujioshi bait… at times, but the fact of the matter was that you could have replaced the main character, Yuki, with a girl and it still would have felt, at least romantically speaking, exactly the same (though the fact that Yuki is a boy is significant to the title for other reasons.) And I liked that; I liked that it wasn’t all about the fact that they’re gay, which is something that I had assumed about the genre rather than experienced.

I liked that it was about two people and their (admittedly confusing) relationship rather than about two GAY MENS OMGOSH LOOK AT THE GAY LOVE FETISH IT. I’m sure that problematic titles exist, especially in yaoi (as opposed to boy love as a genre because they are DIFFERENT; FIGHT ME), but as far as experiences go, I enjoyed this one, and while I don’t think that I’ll seek out boy love for its selfsame sake, it it refreshing to know that not all boy love is what I assumed it to be (though some question, upon further research, how much of a boy love title UraBoku actually is).

I have new information.

Art & Animation:

The studio behind UraBoku, J. C. Staff, is also responsible for Toradora!, Maid-Sama!, and the oft-praised (though I’ve never seen it) Golden Time. Additional works include those such as Honey and Clover (haven’t seen it) and  Nodame Cantabile (fantastic). I couldn’t help but draw comparison between the art style of UraBoku and Vampire Knight; while it does play a role, not just because of the color pallet and tonal (both thematically and coloration) significance shared between the two. 

Please consider the following four images from Vampire Knight:

Please now consider the following four images from UraBoku:

When you combine these images, their art translates between titles well if not seamlessly:

While some don’t favor this sort of “stylized bishie-ism” employed by certain titles, I am one who does; I find it quite distinct, if unrealistic. I appreciate UraBoku’s contrast between light and darkness, as well as the emphasis placed on sharp lines. I actually think I prefer the style present in UraBoku over Vampire Knight because of the additional sharpness and depth of the characters’ eyes amongst other features.

Shows which differ in tone but share a particularly stylized artistry (though not this same “bishie-ism” that I enjoy) include Paradise Kiss and The Wallflower.

The animation itself and as considered apart from the art style is seamless and fluid. I always appreciate good wind effects. A quality title never skimps on animation in favor of its still art; neither does UraBoku. ❤

I found the elements of setting, mise-en-scene, and color scheme blended well with the art style to create something both dark and hopeful, something entirely beautiful to look at.


As I watch, I wait for Yuki to take action; that’s not to say that he is completely without initiative, but rather that, in the way of so many reverse harem protagonists, he is left under-powered to enhance the perceived ability of our attractive male leads. Yuki is, after all, at the center of the drama—a princess of sorts to be protected, and I do mean princess, despite the fact that Yuki is a boy.

Because, you see, Yuki was a girl, once upon a time.

I found a great deal of the plot potential and execution fascinating, however, it did have common—as mentioned above—shoujo-related pitfalls similar to those you’d find in any typical reverse harem supernatural series. Also, the show suffered greatly from a “drop them into the plot without preface and let them figure it out as they go” syndrome; for me, this isn’t as big of an issue—because I’m that girl who willingly opens a book to the middle, reads to the end, and then goes back and reads the beginning (apparently this is strange)—but it is objectively a major drawback to the series, especially regarding those plot points and reasonings that were never fully explained. These were frustratingly numerous.

Much like the cinematic Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, if the show was intended for audiences who were already familiar with the source material, then perhaps the information given would be enough. However, it is also the case that much of anime is made to drive its viewership toward the associated manga. This is done by:

  • (A) hooking the audience on the title through a well explained anime with an incomplete/alternate ending OR
  • (B) dangling just enough background information in front of the audience to keep them enraptured abet confused. When conclusion is not reached, they will demand further clarification about a title if it is one they otherwise greatly enjoyed.

If the latter was the anime’s intent, it has done its job. 

Moving away from pitfalls, an idea that really stood out to me was that Yuki’s soul, his/her essence, defied and transcended gender. And it didn’t matter to Luka whether Yuki was a boy or a girl (though he obviously missed the female Yuki from his previous life), because as he says in episode five, their soul is the same. The title makes no secret of Luka’s lingering attachment to Yuki, but whether or not the two end up romantically involved is unclear; the issue of their sexual attraction is left untouched, but I think that as much supports the greater point: sexual attraction doesn’t matter to this complicated (yet incredibly straightforward?) relationship that nearly transcends romance. I personally don’t think that Luka likes men, but Luka deeply loves and is dedicated to Yuki’s soul, and that’s enough.

The religious imagery and context was also well utilized, if not always deeply meaningful.

I’m watching this; why do I want to cry now? </3 (I should feature this on an AMV/CMV Sat.)

The genre of this title is clearly a romantic drama, but true comedy does enter at the advent of the Twilight Manson, so all in all, I find it from this point to be submersive and well balanced.


This title didn’t “type” it’s characters into obvious molds, and I appreciate that; I could type them if I so desired, but I do not and so I won’t. I thought the main characters, Luka and Yuki, were well fleshed out, even if the anime only dropped hints as to Luka’s origins; they felt complete in and of themselves, as if they were believable people with unique hopes and desires. On top of this, many among the host of side characters felt complete enough to be considered main characters of a sort, if only considering their own ongoing struggles and developing relationships.

Related image
Siblings Toko and Tsukumo rely on each other as partner Zweilt Guardians.

Image result for hotsuma and shusei
Partners Shusei and Hotsuma are bound my more than their guardianship duties.

Image result for uraboku kuroto senshiro
Partners Kuroto and Senshiro share a common enemy, but Senshiro looks at Kuroto on level deeper than brotherhood as he mourns with him down his path of revenge…

I felt for each character as they struggled though their unique situations, and I felt as though they were comprised of enough depth to be believable even if one didn’t know their specific backgrounds.

The Future:

UraBoku was seemingly intended to continue into a second season, but no second season has been made or announced for this 2010,  twenty-four episode title. The manga is still ongoing, so some slim hope exists, but…

I mean, even Attack on Titan didn’t leave people waiting for eight years.

The manga is, however, available in English, and I plan to head there next. What I also have hope for is that Funimation may yet dub this title that it has rights to. While I don’t think the chance significant by any means, I’m not willing to discount the possibility entirely while Funi still holds distribution rights.

What do you think about UraBoku? Have you seen it? Does this discussion make you plan to? Let me know in the comments below!

~Shoujo ❤

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