“Fuyu no Hanashi,” from the anime “Given” (English)

Just like a sprinkling of snow left in the shade When spring arrives, these feelings, they will stay What words are there to clear my bed of love? And should I even want to try when everything that blooms grows to look like you? Your life was lost to winter’s edge, and you’ve no more … Continue reading “Fuyu no Hanashi,” from the anime “Given” (English)

“My favorite things,” –Shipper Edition

https://youtu.be/OC7vS02Y1zY Shipping just girls with boys? Who are you kidding? Boys who love boys are a thing (We stan ZhanYing!) But HaraChi under sakura in spring: it is still one of my favorite things. Cannon romances with chemistry stronger, or love straight created by fan-fiction authors: all kinds of pairings are supported here But still … Continue reading “My favorite things,” –Shipper Edition