“Fuyu no Hanashi,” from the anime “Given” (English)

Just like a sprinkling of snow left in the shade When spring arrives, these feelings, they will stay What words are there to clear my bed of love? And should I even want to try when everything that blooms grows to look like you? Your life was lost to winter’s edge, and you’ve no more…… Continue reading “Fuyu no Hanashi,” from the anime “Given” (English)

“My favorite things,” –Shipper Edition

https://youtu.be/OC7vS02Y1zY Shipping just girls with boys? Who are you kidding? Boys who love boys are a thing (We stan ZhanYing!) But HaraChi under sakura in spring: it is still one of my favorite things. Cannon romances with chemistry stronger, or love straight created by fan-fiction authors: all kinds of pairings are supported here But still…… Continue reading “My favorite things,” –Shipper Edition