“I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary

I have the plague. I don't know when it happened---if it was slow in coming or began all at once---but I have it, and I'm looking for a cure. An amazing someone tried their best to cure me, and their medical expertise was unparalleled in its individuality (the usage of ducks was very inventive, for … Continue reading “I Have the Plague.” –Anime STL 2019 cosplay & commentary

“Yuri!!! On Ice” cosplay compilation from AX2017

I've finally broken down and started going through all of my cosplay pictures; joyfully, I present to you the first small compilation of "Yuri!!! On Ice" cosplay, as well as information presented at the YOI Creator's Panel. https://1drv.ms/p/s!AjgXpnlNi3jlbeFCaSmKPSeOQu8 Love,