Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 3 Watch Along

This episode wasn't my favorite. In fact, I'd wager it was my least favorite of the lot. The disciples and SQQ are in Shuanghu Town, where someone or something has been brutally murdering beautiful women and desecrating their bodies! Ning Ying Ying has been abducted, and SQQ (along with LBH) are on the case. The … Continue reading Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 3 Watch Along

Scumbag System (SVSS) Ep 1 Watch Along

"In Scumbag System, an angry millennial reader gets sucked into the world of a Xianxia harem webnovel he maligned and finds himself in the body of one of the hero's biggest antagonists. Now, armed only with his novel knowledge, he has to change the story (without being too OOC--out of character) or face his character's brutal death at the hero's hands." #SVSSS #ScumbagSystem #Reviews #Watchalong