“A sheen like fire and the presence of smoke” — from English Eerie: The Beast on the Moor

“This isn’t something for you,” he said, his polite façade a mist dissipating from the surface of water. “Ms. Ainsley--” “Ileiana.” “Ileiana, then,” he continued. “We’ve been well-briefed on your constitution and are under strict orders not to let you run about as you please.” “I wasn’t asking for your permission, Daniel,” I announced, testing the waters. When no rebuke came, I continued. “I think you’ll find I’m quite capable of making my own decisions in this regard and of any other."

Mystic Messenger Hell (707’s route—days 6, 7, & 8)

Dear Anime Compatriots, This very tired blog post is full of potential spoilers. Please turn back if you are worried. Okay, so Seven and his twin brother grow up in this super repressed household. Seven’s brother is Mama’s favorite, and Seven is often sent out on errands. Seven is learning about computers in secret so … Continue reading Mystic Messenger Hell (707’s route—days 6, 7, & 8)

What does justice mean to you? — A “Collar x Malice” Review

Collar x Malice: it's an otome game that no one warned me would both break my heart and put it back together while having me laugh and scream in fangirl joy throughout its ride. A plot synopsis reads as follows: Hoshino Ichika is a rookie cop with an honest heart and mild disposition. Looking to … Continue reading What does justice mean to you? — A “Collar x Malice” Review