Tipsy Takes — Karnaval, dub

(A/N: Coherent conclusion added in the final segment.) As the title suggests, I've been drinking. Having said that, the pink-haired guy is super hot, just saying. I shouldn't say "saying" twice in the same sentence. And I ove spell check. Love. Not ove. Anyway, I've been watching Karnaval. First off, the names acting in this. … Continue reading Tipsy Takes — Karnaval, dub

It scrapes and breathes.

I'd like to say it rattles, but it's far too firm a grip for that; I'd like to say it pushes me to action, but all too often I find myself isolated and afraid. There's this monster inside of me, you see, and it can strike at any moment; it makes mountains out of mole … Continue reading It scrapes and breathes.

Shoujo Watches “Tokyo Ghoul:” Episodic Reflections (Session 1)

[Tokyo Ghoul is rated TV-MA for frightening/intense scenes, violence and gore, etc. Please be aware before watching the title.] [Title image taken from] The following is an episode-by-episode reflection (in real time!) on my thoughts while watching Tokyo Ghoul. It isn't a show that I'd typically watch, but I'd viewed Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, … Continue reading Shoujo Watches “Tokyo Ghoul:” Episodic Reflections (Session 1)