Favorite Cast Member (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 7)

I know so little about the personal lives of the actors behind CQL. From what little I do know, I think that the leads Xiao Zhan (playing Wei Wuxian) and Wang Yibo (playing Lan Wanji) both seem very nice and are admittedly very talented. Additionally, I've heard that the actor playing Jiang Cheng is very … Continue reading Favorite Cast Member (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 7)

NOTP (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 4)

It's not technically incest, but it's still so very wrong. *The usual disclaimer applies; I'm pants at "favorites." Please just assume that, sometimes, my "favorites" are simply one of a few (or even several) options that I may like.*Further disclaimer applies: If you don't know what CQL is, please watch this and educate yourself because … Continue reading NOTP (30 Day Fandom [CQL] Challenge, Day 4)

“I’m only human” — CMV/AMV Saturday 1/11/20

Christina Perri's song Human can be applied to few characters as well as it is here applied to Wei Ying/Wei Wuxian of "The Untamed".* I haven't been this excited about an entry for the CMV/AMV Saturday series in such a long time. Wei Ying gives everything he has and IS for those he cares about, … Continue reading “I’m only human” — CMV/AMV Saturday 1/11/20