Feature a Character that You will Always Love and Remember (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 30)

I don’t know what I’ve done to my blog. Do I like this layout? Can I abide this? I was playing around (I wanted it to snow on my site!!) and accidentally lost my original theme. I was pretty distraught, but hey, things are what they are, yeah? Yeah.

I think I’d be rather fond of it, if not for the fact that the blogroll page lays out entire posts instead of excerpts. But moving on…

Day 30 of the 30 Day Character Challenge has finally arrived after like 2 years of this nonsense. I’m not sorry to see it go, to be honest. I’m just glad to finally finish it. I thought undertaking the challenge would be motivating, and perhaps it was at one time, but then–having forgotten about it–it just became something hanging over my blog. Now that it’s done, perhaps I can move onto other things without regret.

But the topic at hand has asked me to name a character that I’ll always love and remember. I’m fighting an internal battle against saying Harada Sanos–STOP, BRAIN, WE TALKED ABOUT THIS–or Hijikata Toshi–Okay, Brain, to be fair we didn’t talk about this one but STOP IT.

It’s a challenge not to pick them (or Okita Souji, honestly) because, while there are other shows that I truly enjoy and appreciate for a variety of reasons (MDZS and its live drama adaptation, The Untamed–is my current obsession), I know that I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS come back to certain Hakuouki characters even as the haze of more fleeting obsessions (Yuri, Victor, is that you??) begins to fade.

I honestly don’t WANT to pick anyone else. These characters I will love and remember because they grew so much over the course of the series. They sacrificed so much, and without getting into spoilers, their lives spoke to me on such a deep, emotionally evocative level. I laughed, I cried–who am I kidding? I sobbed–and even now, over 3 years later, I remember exactly where I was and how I felt when Souji… well, when *minor spoilers* movie-Souji met his fate.

So yes, okay, Brain, you win. For this entry, I select:

Harada Sanosuke,

Okita Souji,

and Hijikata Toshizo.

What character or characters will you remember forever? Why have they stuck with you? Let me know in the comments below! ❤

Love, Peace, Geese, and Christmas cookies!


From the Heart of a Dying Man (or, “In Sickness and in Health”) — Souji’s Journal

sick souji

From the Heart of a Dying Man (or, “In Sickness and in Health”) — Souji’s Journal, Preface


There are times in a man’s life when… No, that sounds stupid.

That sounds like something Hijikata-san would write in some harrowing story of his life;

God knows the last thing I’d ever wanna do is sound like that bastard. Let’s try again.




If you thi


I didn’t expe


Damn i


God damn it. I didn’t think this would be so difficult. How do you even start something like this?

Yeah, yeah, she insisted. Who would have thought I’d get bored enough to actually do it?

Still, I can’t see how it’s gonna help me. I mean…


Okay, fine. You want honesty?  I really, really enjoy the feel of pulling my sword from a man’s gut,

and now I’ll never do it again. There now, that’s better, yeah? Satisfied?


I’ll do you one up. The pleasure and power of a blade, slicing through sinew,

opening muscle, organs, skin, blood pooling toward the hilt as it catches under streetlamps…


Knowing that I have the power to take, do destroy, to protect


Don’t ask me to write about things. I can’t do this! Why am I still laying here? I should be there,

fighting alongside Kondou-san! I should be