Feature a Character that You will Always Love and Remember (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 30)

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Day 30 of the 30 Day Character Challenge has finally arrived after like 2 years of this nonsense. I’m not sorry to see it go, to be honest. I’m just glad to finally finish it. I thought undertaking the challenge would be motivating, and perhaps it was at one time, but then–having forgotten about it–it just became something hanging over my blog. Now that it’s done, perhaps I can move onto other things without regret.

But the topic at hand has asked me to name a character that I’ll always love and remember. I’m fighting an internal battle against saying Harada Sanos–STOP, BRAIN, WE TALKED ABOUT THIS–or Hijikata Toshi–Okay, Brain, to be fair we didn’t talk about this one but STOP IT.

It’s a challenge not to pick them (or Okita Souji, honestly) because, while there are other shows that I truly enjoy and appreciate for a variety of reasons (MDZS and its live drama adaptation, The Untamed–is my current obsession), I know that I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS come back to certain Hakuouki characters even as the haze of more fleeting obsessions (Yuri, Victor, is that you??) begins to fade.

I honestly don’t WANT to pick anyone else. These characters I will love and remember because they grew so much over the course of the series. They sacrificed so much, and without getting into spoilers, their lives spoke to me on such a deep, emotionally evocative level. I laughed, I cried–who am I kidding? I sobbed–and even now, over 3 years later, I remember exactly where I was and how I felt when Souji… well, when *minor spoilers* movie-Souji met his fate.

So yes, okay, Brain, you win. For this entry, I select:

Harada Sanosuke,

Okita Souji,

and Hijikata Toshizo.

What character or characters will you remember forever? Why have they stuck with you? Let me know in the comments below! ❤

Love, Peace, Geese, and Christmas cookies!


Unseasonable Acts of Reason (or, “a longing invocation of the castaway”) –a HaraChi Hakuouki Fiction

harada and chi.jpg

Unseasonable Acts of Reason (or, “a longing invocation of the castaway”)


Sanosuke invokes God quite often in her presence.

Well , he supposes, that’s not exactly accurate , and what god for certain he cannot say, but often enough she has him calling upon some heavenly deity, if not for the reasons one might expect. Today… today is no exception.

The blossoms came early this year. It’s not exactly right to say unseasonably, but early enough, and so, it looks, will she. At least, he thinks she’ll be a she. Chizuru insists otherwise, and yet…

“Yasu!” she exclaims. His eyes smile as he looks at her. “Or Hakaku? Hikaru?” The smallest of joyful hops accompanies this revelation. She’s practically glowing, and he knows the sentiment overused, but he can’t help think it an apt comparison. God… She’s radiant.

They’re walking beneath the sakura. Wind whips around them, freeing a few locks from their well-bound prisons, and though they sweep betwixt them, those petals, he thinks, rain about her like snow come out of season.

She’s laughing now. He holds tight the hand locked in their arms’ embrace, and when it quiets, she rests her extra hand upon her belly and sighs.

“You okay, Chizuru?” he asks. They’ve stopped moving, and everything has gone incredibly still.

“It’s getting cold,” she says, looking out over the treetops. “Do you think it will rain?”

“I can’t say it won’t,” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck and glancing at the passing clouds. “We should probably get you home.” A hand on her head. “The last thing we need is for you to catch cold.” That same hand grazing her face.

She shivers, and whether from the wind of his caresses, he cannot say. Their eyes lock, and in those orbs Sanosuke sees the meaning of everything.


“What?” asks Sanosuke, shaken free of the moment. Her eyes have closed.

“Hitomi,” she says again. “I want to name her Hitomi, Sanosuke-san.” And suddenly, she sways just the slightest bit. Her hands grasp the sleeve of his kimono, and her knuckles are white.

“Oi, Chizuru!”

“I’m okay, Sanosuke-san,” she says, but she still hasn’t looked at him, and that alone is enough to have him bending over her, craning his neck for a better look at her downturned face.

“Chizuru,” he says again, and, this time, her eyes slowly open. She smiles again and straightens her spine, leaning against him all the while as she takes the hand he’s grasped around her upper arm and gently places it on her protruding belly. It takes a moment to break through the haze of his concern, but he can feel it, the movement there.

“She’s excited today. It must be because of the cherry blossoms.”

He smiles, despite himself. Chizuru has been nothing if not an enthusiastic mother, but she is small, and small women often have difficulty in childbirth. This time Chizuru spent carrying has proved the highlight of his life, but it often feels too harrowing nonetheless. She quickly grows light-headed, grows weary. “Still, let’s get you home,” he says. “I’ll draw a bath for you.”

“Of course, Sanosuke-san,” she agrees, and he can see it in her eyes that she is tired. Blissfully happy, yes… but tired.

harada hug

“If I can’t, in service unto you…trade in my life just to end your suffering.” (Or, In Honor of Hakuouki: EB, This is Yoshioka Aika’s “Izayoi Namida,” English Lyrics)

It’s time, Anime Compatriots, for the otome localization that so many of those fangirls among us have been waiting for; that’s right! Hakuouki: Edo Blossoms came out today, March 14th!** I am so amazingly excited for the release, and I’m obviously not the only one! Hazelyn (you know her over at Archi-Anime) has been deep into Kyoto Winds play in preparation and sharing some of her lovely Chizuru-centric fangirling work with me! I don’t feel ready to write any more of my own Hakuouki drabbles at the moment (though I’m sure that will change once I have EB in my hands and I’m still taking prompts, guys!), but something in me just screamed that this needed to be done.

I’ve interpreted Hakuouki’s iconic OP into English. 

The offical lyrics present in the Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan OP are as follows:

amatsukaze yo toki no ha sae
kono omoi wa izayoi ni…

rin to shita anata to onaji
taorarenu hana iro wa nioedo
kotonoha mo todokanai mama
ureu eda kara kieta

anata no sora o tobu, chou ni narenu no nara
sono kanashimi kurushimi o kuraitsukusu oni demo kamawanai

Literally, that translates to this:

Oh heavenly wind, blow the leaves of time
Send these feelings to the sixteen-night moon…

Gracefully, just like you
The aroma of uncut flowers remains
When words could not reach you
They disappeared from the branches

If I can’t be like a butterfly in the sky
I don’t care if I become a demon of sadness and suffering

Oh heavenly wind, blow the leaves of time, scatter my feelings
Dreams are fleeting; my heart is a pupa in its final cycle of reincarnation
The tears of the sixteen-night moon are in the misty sky

And, lyrically, I’ve interpreted the meaning and feeling of that into this:

On heavenly winds herald stirrings of time

These leaves dancing for the sixteen-night moon…

And now gracefully

In a manner just like you

Flowers of the spring

Disappear before my eyes

Words left echoing

Fragmented by the times

Their majesty unrivaled

If I can’t, in service unto you,

Be at once both beckoned hope and life

I care not how

Bleak the future seems

I’ll trade in my life just to end your suffering

On heavenly wind, leaves dancing in time

Dreams fleetingly cast to truth’s final stage

I have not heard the sound

Of a fleeting’s hearts pain

Louder than your old soul’s now morose embrace

More-so than tears of the sixteen-night moon

I know the vocals on this cover are lacking, but I recorded it just after writing this piece TONIGHT. I couldn’t wait and re-record, because I wanted to get the lyrics out as soon as possible! I just care so much about this franchise!

I’ve seen the anime enough that I memorized the Japanese version of this song without even trying; I’m not kidding; I almost think singing that would have been easier since I’ve belted it in the car/office/shower/on the couch so many times..! (・ω<)☆

Until I re-emerge from Hakuouki: EB to promote Innominate Anime Podcast!


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**Zel has just informed me that Edo Blossoms came out today. Amazon lied to me when I preordered. I’m not getting my copy ’til tomorrow; I feel so betrayed! *dies theatrically*