“How You’ve Turned My World:” Growing Up in the Labyrinth –“Labyrinth” (1986) film analysis

In typical fantasy style, Labyrinth brings audiences to a world unknown to all but its inhabitants, the world of the Underground. Within the Underground exists the Goblin Kingdom, and of course, what kingdom is complete without a king? Jareth, the fae ruler of the goblins, would do anything for Sarah, beginning with an offer that he won’t let her refuse…

Dance with Devils: Fortuna (movie)

Announced in January 2017 and slated for a Fall 2017 release in Japan... ...it's time once more to Dance with Devils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVYOXl506Sk&t=15s [For the general plot of the Dance with Devils 2015 anime, please click here.] In what, according to a rough translation of the movie's website, is a re-imagining of the original anime complete … Continue reading Dance with Devils: Fortuna (movie)