“Freedom,” (OP 2) from the anime “Banana Fish” (English)

I’ve been ignoring everyone I’ve been wandering around I’ve been deceived everything at that time Then you appeared in front of me You ignited my pale heart We’ve been looking for each other from now on Save you! Sacrificing everything for Blurry fates we cannot see I won’t let our pain be wasted So I’ll … Continue reading “Freedom,” (OP 2) from the anime “Banana Fish” (English)

Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation

English translation by Shoujo https://youtu.be/L4zWGOhbFdc Echoes a lonesome sound--flute in an endless night.Dreaming amongst the clouds,wake in fog--determine wrong from right Who can own the praises of the world, its scorn--who can stand to call them just? Hot blooded men, outspoken steel,a zither playing, searching for it must Mourning a life lived on in memory … Continue reading Wang Xian-Unrestrained (忘羡 – 无羁), English Translation