Shoujo Writes Fics __φ(..)

Below you will find my *fandom* works divided by category. I’m hoping to branch out more soon. You can also find me on and AO3! Interested in submitting a prompt? I’m taking Hakuouki drabble requests for “These Games We Play of Blood and War.”

Requests must:

  • be mainline cannon compliant (so, as much as I love them, I’m not writing about HaraChi babies, etc.)

  • be two sentences or less, because keeping it vague allows me to be creative, I think, and

  • I reserve the rights to pick and choose from prompts as well as to mold prompts as I see fit, even if they end up different that the prompt-er intended, because these things do seem to happen, you know…

Examples include such things as “Write about Okita’s first time holding a sword,” “How did Hijikata feel peddling medicine in the country?” or even something as simple as “Hajime is looking out the window at a rainy sky” that lets my imagination run wild! It’s up to you!

If your prompt is selected, I will include your username (or psyudonym) at the top of the work along with your verbatim request! If the intent has morphed into something different in the course of the writing, your original idea will still be posted above.

Requests taken through the submission form below!






Fics By Fandom: