Feature an Overrated Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 27)

There are a lot of overrated characters, in my opinion. For me, a lot of them are shonen protagonists, but who am I to judge a character as overrated when someone else might sincerely like them? If I am to, can I list a show instead? If so, “Inuyasha: Feudal Fairy Tale” is overrated because I can’t make it through the first two episodes. And, on top of that, the romance between him and Kagome is insanely sub-par compared to most of the (admittedly, romance) shows that I watch, so…

Yeah. I feel bad saying it since I don’t know the whole show, but I guess Inuyasha by default. I’m sorry, guys. It’s not for me. But if the MC is cool, more power to him. I’m just bad at this prompt, and that’s all there is too it. But if you like it…

This is so short, but I just don’t like calling things that people like overrated.

Feature an Underrated Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 26)

I have self-control, dear readers. I have some. I do.

Because, you see, I could use this whole post as an excuse to bemoan the fact that I personally feel like Harada Sanosuke from Hakuouki doesn’t get nearly enough credit in the otome fandom, but I won’t. See? Self-control right there.

Because, I mean… I could.

But I won’t.

You’re welcome. 😛

No, but anyway, an underrated character, huh? There are so many niche pieces of media I like that I feel like I could easily list a whole army of them. But if I’m to pick one from a well-known and properly appreciated series, I guess I will go with…

It’s so silly, but every time I’m about to land on a choice, my heart is just like, “But I appreciate them! If I do, other people must also, right??” Gosh. This is difficult.


It’s the dango. Plural. From Clannad.

I pick them, because I love them, but I don’t think the dango family gets enough consideration for their overwhelming cuteness, and it’s a shame. So I pick them.

They’re so cute. I almost themed my whole blog around them for that reason alone. So cute. So wholesome. Just…. gah!

“My favorite things,” –Shipper Edition

Shipping just girls with boys? Who are you kidding?

Boys who love boys are a thing (We stan ZhanYing!)

But HaraChi under sakura in spring:

it is still one of my favorite things.

Cannon romances with chemistry stronger,

or love straight created by fan-fiction authors:

all kinds of pairings are supported here

But still no SebCiel; he’s just a teen!

AMVs featuring good looking protagonists

wrapped in the arms of certified badasses

holding in feelings of love because ANGST

Oh how I feel the ship’s second-hand sting!

When the man dies,

when the girl cries,

when I’m feeling sad,

I simply find fix-it fics on Ao3,

and my shipping heart grows glad.

Or, you know, I find even more angsty fics because I’m a glutton for hurt/comfort.

I’m finally back, and even I don’t know what this is, guys. I could have been writing about Terror in Resonance, but hey, this is good, too, right? If you like this, check out “To Ship or Not to Ship.” Also, from one shipper to another, if you hunt out any good Hakuouki/FMAB/MDSZ/BNHA/No.6 fics, do share, won’t you? 🙂

Love, peace, geese:

Shoujo ❤

“It’s about carrying on when all you want to do is quit.”

To preface this in case I have new readers, I’ve struggled with anxiety and OCD all of my life. I’m also a Christian, and there is this stigma about mental health in some Christian circles that I feel can be pretty powerful.

Last night, par the course for my demons, I was /convinced/ that I would be fired from my job. Highly irrational, almost certainly, but there it stood. A single request from my admin had me worried senselessly. But even so, in that period, I couldn’t shake what was rapidly becoming absolute dread in spite of my best efforts.

As the anxiety worsened through the afternoon into the evening, I lay in bed agonizing at the whims of alternating mindsets: an adamant, “well if they fire me, to heck with it! I’ve worked so hard for them!” and a far more realistic, “what will I do about insurance and also about my calling in life?? What else would I ever want to do??” It was a lot, and it continued to be a lot until words from Casting Crown’s song, “Praise You in this Storm” popped into my head. They’ve done that before, honestly. And they comforted me like nothing else could have at that moment, I think.

There is a portion of the lyrics which read, “And as Your mercy falls, I raise my hands, and praise the God who gives and takes away.” Even though I couldn’t shake my irrational dread (what’s new?), I also realized that God does give—He gave me a vocation—and if He takes away, He only has more planned that I can’t yet see. Somehow, miraculously, I accepted that it /could/ be taken away, but…you know, God would be in that, too.

And I was okay.

If you have OCD, you know how difficult the acceptance that bad things can and will happen to you really is. It’s like end-game Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, right there.

I’m not always able to do that. I try to trust and breathe through the fear and have faith, but mental illness is something that no amount of faith in my Lord can just… you know… cure. Because it’s an illness. So unless a miracle is worked, it’s just how my brain IS. I’m so worried so much of the time. It doesn’t take much to set me spinning, and when I’m not fretting over something, my brain ACTIVELY searches for the next big concern without restraint. I often have to mentally repeat over and over “Stop it. You’re fine. Stop it. Stop it.” in effort to take up enough brain space that I can rest from the constant nagging and go to sleep.

But in that moment, over this issue, I truly gave it to God. I realized that He’s seen me through so much in this journey, and He’s been beside me all this time, and I know that His plans are beyond me. And it’s going to be His will. The will of a Father who loves me even when and if things don’t make sense.

As a Christian person, there is sometimes this expectation that if you truly trust God, you can let go of fear and anxiety and just be. But it doesn’t work like that when your brain is actually not *right,* you know? I mean, that’s not an easy task for anyone, much less when your brain seeks dread like a dehydrated frog seeks water. (Oh, wow, that was a sad image. Poor frog.) The same can be said about depression, because if the Lord is your joy, why should you ever feel despondent to the point you can’t escape with the help of God? (Sigh. See what I mean?) It makes mental health in the Christian community kind of a taboo subject, sad as it is.

The point is, my brain doesn’t always like me, but even anxiety-brain can’t shake those lyrics that so long ago touched my heart and refused to leave me. I’m not into tattoos on myself, but as far back as college, I had contemplated getting lyrics from the song tattooed on my body as a constant reminder.

I fear /so/ much. I worry /so/ much over things that are big and real, but also things that are little yet smash through the walls of my mental composure like giants swinging clubs.

But even in that, God is there, and these words to live by help me deal with all of that, if only just a little when they hit me out of the blue. Because they reference what it’s like to say “amen”—Lord, please help me. Please, please make /it/ go away. Amen.—but then the illness, the dread is still there, laughing at me, filling me with fear.

Songs mean different things for different people, and for me, this song is about acceptance. It’s about knowing that God is there through the struggles both real and those that seem much larger in my head (that in itself a major life struggle). It’s about crying out to God asking HOW CAN I CARRY ON?? when I don’t see a way out—when there ISN’T a way out—and getting simply in answer, “I am with you.” It’s about holding to that answer even when “my heart is torn,” and knowing that it is enough. Even when it isn’t easy. Even when it hurts.

I don’t expect God to miraculously cure me, though it is within His power, but I know He’s going to walk with me. And I don’t expect that I’ll always understand the things that happen in my life both real and in my mind, but I know He’s going to be there.

And sometimes, that’s enough to bring quiet when anxiety is screaming.

Image from God Girl Life

Feature the Character that Makes You Cry When /They/ Cry (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 25)

It’s this guy. It’s Tomoya.

I’ve written about the way that Ushio’s death makes me feel in a fair amount of detail, but Tomoya’s cries in her death scene just break my heart. His face, the horror, how strong he tried to be for her and how deeply he felt that loss…

And maybe it’s what his losses mean more so than his tears themselves, but I feel like Tomoya’s traveled such a hard road. He’s lost so much. When he cries, so do I.

His desperation is so incredibly profound, and yet things like his happen every single day. When he mourns Nagisa, his regrets are oceanic. And his feelings about wishing that he’d never entered her life are honest and realistic. He doesn’t know how to go on without her, doesn’t want this life, this unknown future without her…

And now that I’ve saddened you all for one day, I’ll take my leave. Maybe we all should go re-watch this moving, deeply poignant story.


Feature the Best Character with the Best Laugh (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 24)

I Youtube-d “anime characters laughing.” Not gonna lie. Then I found this and remembered that I love it, so it all worked out.

Winner of the best laugh goes to Haru, both because it’s super adorable, but also because it is super out of character, and everybody knows it.

My sons.

That’s honestly all I have to say about that. Lol

~Shoujo ❤

Feature the Best Dancer (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 23)

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.



Oh. Wow. Okay, here we are.

I am bound and determined to get this challenge—one which I started in OCTOBER 2017—finished before the end of this year. To do otherwise would simply be shameful. (Who am I kidding? It’s already pretty shameful.) However, this topic proves difficult if I am to pick a favorite. Instead, I’ll select someone who dances well, but perhaps is not one I’d call my favorite simply because there are so many to pick from. THE CHOICES ARE TOO MANY!

And even having said that, I’m going to pick a group instead of an individual.

Gotta go with the classic. It just makes me so happy.

In fact, Starish in general just makes me so happy. This post will attest.

So, tell me: who do you think is the best dancer in anime? Lemme know in the comments below!

Peace and geese!