“I second that spit take.” Watch Along- Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 6

This episode is so long in coming because, for a variety of reasons, I can’t sit on my couch. Normally, I watch the episode and type on my laptop at the same time. (Husband asks how I read and comprehend a subtitled anime while simultaneously typing. I tell him that I am magic, but that’s beside the point.) Luckily, I figured out how to split screen on my laptop, so now we’re back in business for episode 6.

split screen.png

Yes, perhaps it was ignorant I didn’t think of this possibility before, but hey, I’m willing to forgive myself if you are. Let’s light this candle!

  • Okay, so  catching up here: Az is planning a demon uprising. Nina dressed Mugaro up like a girl. Bacchus and goose know that Mugaro is Joan of Arc’s son. Joan of Arc is locked up by Chariose, everyone wants Mugaro in their faction, and all of some of these characters’ names are still so hard to spell. Sound about right? Moving on then…
  • Oh! And Rita loves Kaiser. And Kaiser is living his life on the edge over here between Az and Chariose. Yes.
  • So, we’re back in the village again. Bacchus is putting something together over here. And ooooo, Nina is still mad at him for peeping on her and Mugaro when they slept.
  • Is there some sort of festival going on?
  • OOOOOO…. yeah, that “handsome man.” 😉
  • “The heart [that makes you turn into a dragon] is a fickle thing.”
  • They are teasing an Azazel-Nina-Chariose love triangle over here.
  • Cue Screamo OP, stage left.
  • I just think if I showed my mom is OP, she’d be like… “W…why? ??What are you watching??” lolol
  • There’s Chariose the megane again.
  • It’s so cute how much the townspeople love her. Also, look, the pimp is back.
  • She’s like, “Crap! All the pimp’s men are hot!”
  • Az! Hurry up!
  • Oh, wow, never mind. Chariose to the rescue.
  • You know you’re learning just a little bit of Japanese when the MC makes the faintest sound as she contemplates following someone and you immediately know she was hesitating to say  “Wait a minute!” (“ちょっと待って!”) because the sound you heard was part of the “” sound. I feel… so accomplished?? Is that okay??
  • She’s like “HE REMEMBERED MY NAME.”
  • I can already tell how this anime is going to go. She’s going to love him and he’s going to probably grow a fond of her but value his mission more. Easy.
  • Goose butt, whatever
  • “Quiet”
  • Two things: That “Who do you think you’re talking to?” from Az is everything *swoon*, and while the snake strangling/eating the rat probably has some significance, I’m too grossed out to really care at this moment. YUCK. (Why are the snake’s eyes cute, tho??)
  • Dais. So many good names for cats.
  • I have this terrible feeling that things are going to go horribly wrong. Also, I fear that Az is going to somehow harass Nina to make her turn into a dragon.
  • Bacchus is turning into a protective dad?? Or a meddling dad??
  • “She’s got a big chest for her age.” WHAT IS THIS LIFE?
  • “Would you like this tiny banana?” How romantic? lolol I LOVE THEM
  • He looks at her like she hung the moon.
  • And he can shoot. Dang son.
  • Goose: “She might come back all grown up?” Bacchus: *spits wine* Me: I SECOND THAT SPIT TAKE.
  • Oh, my gosh. This is the scene from the AMV where they dance~!
  • Chariose is much hotter without the mullet.
  • The man’s got moves. Why must you do this to me, anime?
  • She can’t even look at him and HE’S SO CUTE. *Squee*
  • “Chris,” sure. “Chris.”
  • She took off running and “Chris” is left standing there like “What the–” and now it’s Azazel.
  • Kaiser Elvis just has too much on his plate, the poor dear.
  • Episode 6, “Anatean Holiday.”

I want so badly to move on to episode 7, but I really need to lay down now, and sadly I have not yet perfected the ability to type, read subtitled anime, and lay in bed all at once. (There are limits to even my magic, Husband!)



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Watch Along- Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 5

Before I get down to this episode, here is a very catchy bongo cat video I saw on Twitter. You’re welcome. 😛


I’ve never heard that song before now, but as both a total history geek, a lover of cats, and an appreciator of memes, this spoke to me. So, now I’m sharing it with you.

“Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s famous love machine?” I just can’t. I laughed so hard over it last night. It’s so good.

Getting back to something (at least temporarily) more coherent, it’s time for episode 5! I’m excited to dive back in and see what’s going to happen next.

(And, yes, Scott, if you’re reading this, I too did not realize how much I would like this show. lol)

  • Ooooo… the time has come?
  • Why is Az the only attractive demon? I mean, demons being attractive makes no sense anyway (unless you’re all about temptation), but if it’s gonna happen, should they not be consistent? Again, it reminds me from the goblins in The Hollow Kingdom.
  • Obnoxious screamo OP? Check.
  • I’d love to see a dub of this.
  • This demon-slave thing is just wrong, and their owner looks like a pimp.
  • Whoa. Mugaro is super powerful. And it looks like those scary demons are going to take their revenge.
  • The special op Black Knights are rocking the Dark Knight charcoal around their eyes. Also, everybody just wants Mugaro for their faction.
  • Husband is sitting on the couch with me and now he’s unwittingly watching subtitled anim—aaaaannnd now he’s covering his eyes with a blanket.
  • Kaiser: “I wanted to keep these feelings to myself.” Me: You love Azazel! Kaiser: “I have to tell you how I really feel!” Me: You love Rita? Kaiser: “I… I am worthy of being a knight, right?” Me: *rolls eyes*
  • I think Rita thought it was a love confession, too.
  • Something about Kaiser redminds me of one of the Jojos…
  • Is Kaiser’s hand fake?
  • Disloyal duck.
  • Ohhh… completely unrelated to what’s going on in this episode, I know why Az is the most attractive demon.
  • Oh, dear. Bacchus knows about Mugaro. I wonder if he can be trusted. He’s not making a big deal out of the fact that he knows.
  • So, apparently, Chariose is only like 21 or something. So that works out much better, anyway, if he’s with Nina who is 16. I mean, he’s still too old for her nowdays, but back then? This is fine. I’m fine with this.
  • Ooooo…. So Chariose was the son of the king and a concubine, and only the rise of Bahamut gave him the opportunity to be king. Interesting.
  • Chariose is acting very short sighted.
  • Chariose acts as if Bahamut is not gone, or might come back. And honestly, if this series goes well, I might have to go back and watch the original just for greater backstory.
  • The room where Kaiser and Chariose have their confrontation (verbal) is really cool. It has to be said. I feel like this location would make more sense if I watched the original. Maybe several of these locations.
  • Oh, jeez, dude. What are you doing? Also, why do you think that you can open his eyes without waking him up?
  • Wow, Mugaro has beautiful eyes. Absolutely stunning. But now Bacchus knows for sure that he’s the boy that angel tasked him with finding.
  • Episode 5, “Those Who Won’t Give Up”

Will Bacchus turn Muargo over to the angel faction? Will Azazel use Nina as a rallying cry without her consent? Is the goose really such a disloyal pet as to forsake his master?? Why am I asking you all these things? Tune in next watch-along to find out!

Image result for rage of bahamut virgin soul episode 5
Beautiful heterochromia.

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Watch Along- Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 4

Is this show everything I hoped it would be? Yes, that and more. On to episode 4 and a resolution to the Chariose v Azazel debacle. I am dying to know Chariose’s motivations in detail, and not understanding what makes Nina transform is all but driving me mad.

  • Right from the beginning, Azazel is getting pummeled.
  • And there’s the screamo.
  • Whoa. How many times can I say “whoa?”
  • AZ!! NO!!
  • He’s like half dead! Why are you still blushing looking at him, Nina? Don’t other things take precedence!?
  • Was he crying when he said that, or was it sweat?
  • Oh, my gosh, she transforms through the power of hugs. ;P  (If I transformed into a dragon every time Husband hugged me, that would become v problematic.)
  • Nina is such a bad@$$.
  • I assume they’ll explain the green glow from the Onyx Knights eventually.
  • Kaiser is stuck in the middle between these two factions. It’s obvious that he cares for both Chariose and Azazel. I just wonder as to his story.
  • Is Nina… Bahamut’s daughter…? Nah, no way.
  • W-what? The demon who killed Kaizer’s father?
  • Chariose is a smart cookie and human lie detector.
  • Finally, some embarassment about waking up naked.
  • She turns into a dragon WHEN A MAN MAKES HER HEART RACE. Count me in!
  • Nina: Everything was fine. Azazel: Until you met me. Nina: Y-you’re not the only one who made my heart race!! (Gah, why can’t I ship it???)
  • And there’s Rock the hand being all cute again.
  • DA FRICK!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!! “Let me make love to you! That will turn you into the dragon!” WHAAAAAAAAAAT!<!<!<!<!<!<! I you just what?????
  • *takes a deep breath* I’m okay.
  • *replays the clip* I’m not okay.
  • I still think Azazel is hot. It has to be said.
  • Yes, you’re flustered, so run naked through the street, Nina. That’s smart.
  • *gasp* It’s the boy’s mother!
  • Joan of Arc is his mother!?
  • And just like that, we have episode 4, “Firestarter.”

Okay, so I finally got a few answers. I want so badly to watch the next episode, but I think I’ll be headed off to sleep now. Azazel’s destination will remain a mystery for now. I just wonder how much more backstory I would know if I had watched the original series.

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ep 4 (2).png
I was not expecting this historical figure to appear, but I suppose the show will be full of surprises.

Until next time,


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“You get a bad boy and you get a bad boy and you…!” Build-a-Harem Challenge Post, Demon Edition

I wanted so badly to attempt this challenge, but then life happened. And then I forgot about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And now, whilst making my return to blogging with a proficient laptop, I’ve remembered it again! It’s like an (almost) birthday present to me! (Though by the time this post goes out, my birthday will have passed.) Plus, it’s been a while since the fad hit, so maybe everyone needs another dose of ikimen, right? Right. And, luckily, I’ve also since stumbled across all KINDS of new characters for this build-a-harem challenge! Thank you, Hazelyn, for nominating me! Let’s begin!


The ‘Build A Harem’ Tag Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!


Okay, so in no particular order, I’m starting this list off right with an up-and-coming favorite of mine from Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. Please, everybody give it up for…


Image result for azazel rage of bahamut
I do NOT care what this says about my tastes in men; I am all about Azazel, my guys.

Okay, so episode 1 spoilers ahoy, but I can honestly say that from the moment I saw him dressed as who I’ve now dubbed “the pale guy,” I was all about Azazel (or, as I sometimes call him for brevity in my watch alongs, Az). THEN he turned out to be “bandage guy” (or “rag demon,” whatever), and that just took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of “damn, son.” (Pardon my French.) And the worse part is that I KNOW what this says about my taste in men. I didn’t want to find him attractive, but how could I NOT?? And I’m not about to sorting these guys because I like who I like in my reverse-harem regardless of trope, but good night, he screams tsundere if anything. I am all agog.

Image result for azazel rage of bahamut
You’re not getting out of here that easily, Az.

Az is that emo/goth guy who’s dark, broody, dangerous, and a bit misunderstood. He’s the “bad boy” without trying who still takes himself just the right amount of serious. He’s driven, determined, and—lets be honest—sexy, omgosh. But Ginger would make fun of me so hard for this, guys, because he’s so my type, and I don’t even WANT him to be my type, you know? He’s gonna take care of you, AND he’s gonna take care of anyone who’d ever try to hurt you. His relationship with Mugaro somehow so tender and sweet, like they’re brothers and Az has to look out for Mugaro, with Mugaro sometimes stepping in to save Az from himself as well.

Phew. This is all just too much for me. Moving on before I really start to fangirl…


Speaking of types, I took one of those silly Facebook quizzes today that espouses it can tell you “type” in men based on your food preferences. “Haha,” I thought, “I’ve just finished bemoaning that I can never escape ‘my type,’ so why don’t I take this silly quiz and watch it get everything wrong.” Then, this happened:



Yeah, I like none of those extreme sport things, but I do like misunderstood bad boys. And so they might have missed the demon/vampire/emo portion, but hey, pretty close, yeah? How they got as much as they did from the fact that I like to eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I’ll never guess. Speaking of, we all knew that I wouldn’t get through this without including someone from Hakuouki, because if I were to try and do so it would feel like I’d betrayed my own constitution, and that’s just not right, folks! So, even though you’ve heard me rant about this title in the past, for this go-around, I’m going to pick another demon who caught my eye…


Related image
Let’s all be honest when we say that, for the most part, Shiranui doesn’t give a duck’s butt.

I did say “most part,” right?

Kyo is a demon who doesn’t despise humanity, necessarily, mostly due to the influence of a dude named (and I’m going to spell this wrong) Takasugi. Minor spoilers, of course, but when Takasugi died, Kyo decided to carry on in his stead and work toward the future that Takasugi wanted, even if it wasn’t becoming of him as a demon (not that the outlier has ever cared much about that, mind). While this is going on, he meets Harada, and the two strike up an unlikely… while I wouldn’t call it friendship, perhaps “mutual respect” would phrase it nicely. He even says at one point that Harada reminds him of Takasugi, implying just how must respect he has for the Shinsengumi warrior. Their relationship is full of banter, and I do feel like they would have been friends outright in another life. So, in the life of this harem, I’m making that a possibility.

Image result for hakuouki shiranui kyo gif
I don’t even ship it but… Still a better romance than Twilight.

Shiranui Kyo is going to do what he thinks is right, and he’s going to raise a middle finger to authority doing so. I’d call him a “bad boy,” but I honestly don’t think he cares enough to be one. He’s just… him. And he’d be the guy to tease you mercilessly expecting to get back just a good as he gave. (And you can ask Husband, I’m a sucker for that.) I think he’d make an excellent addition to this harem.

Oh, who am I kidding? If I keep picking men with these personalities, they’re liable to kill each other…


As much as I wanted to keep this harem build entirely comprised of demons, it just wasn’t realistic not to include a certain someone from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood who appeals to me on many levels. Every harem needs a childhood friend, or so I’ve been told. Maybe. Point is, if there’s gotta be one, I guess it’s gonna be…


Image result for roy mustang gifs
There is no need to pull a “Welcome to the Madness,” Roy. You’re hot. We get it.

I’ve written extensively about the appeal of Roy Mustang. He’s totally a bad boy in that “working from within the system to circumvent authority for the greater good” kind of way.

FMA made Roy into a much less attractive (though no less impactful) character, in my opinion, so the Roy named today is that of FMAB notoriety. And I’ll admit it; aside from his nobility, determination, and loyalty, he’s also plain sexy. But why? Well, his Xingese features, attractive build, and smirk do him all kinds of favors physically, but he’s also smart, loyal, so very determined, and powerful. He’s so very capable. And his utter commitment to Riza?? THE ULTIMATE SHIPPPPPPPhgbn;souigbhaes'[roa’hoidfv’ho;ihg;aiugdhvb’ds;vish

Phew. I’m okay now. So, in short:2etspt.jpg


Oh, look, another demon. I promise I’m not targeting them specifically. (I gave that up with Mustang!) This member of the harem comes from a show I highly recommend called The Betrayal Knows My Name. Frankly, it doesn’t get nearly enough attention. If you like reincarnated lovers, angst, angels and demons, complicated relationships and/or misunderstood emo men, it is definitely for you.


Image result for luka crosszeria gif
He’s killing me. It’s just too much.

The Uraboku anime leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to explaining Luka’s backstory, and without spoiling the manga, I can’t say too much else. I can mention he’s a powerful demon wholly dedicated to the soul of a woman with a sort of love that transcends even romance. You’d be hard pressed to find a more loyal character than Luka.

He’s tortured by what was even as he sacrifices everything to protect what IS, and he does so all for love. Aside from this, his whole demon aesthetic is just too much for my heart to handle.

Image result for luka crosszeria gif
I mean, what kind of man as cool, unphased, and “above it” as Luka takes time everyday to dress this bad@$$? It makes no logical sense and I love it.
Image result for luka crosszeria gif
bonus gif because it’s so cool

I just want to hug him.


If I include too many demons, are you all going to start looking at me funny? I guess it’s too late to be helped now.  Let’s just surround Roy by demons because I can’t get out of my head how amazing, weird, and oddly specific this reverse-harem is going to be.


Image result for sebastian michaelis gif
I have to use this gif of Sebastian because it might be the best one in existence. I mean, he’s vulnerable for once. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m going to quote a former post of mine, because I really do believe that I can sum up the appeal of Sebastian no better way:

To my current knowledge of both the anime and manga, Sebastian is thoroughly evil incarnate, but he retains a likable, appealing character; he is suave, handsome, charming, and oh so powerful; he’s obedient, until we’re suddenly reminded that he is NOT, in fact, what his human exterior would have us believe.

At the same time, he’s dedicated, loyal, and never tells an outright lie. He gives his all for his aesthetic, and he never offers any delusions regarding the true nature of what he is.

I think that’s the point of it all, really. Yana Toboso achieves in creating Sebastian what I hope was her ending message all along; evil is misleading, tempting, seductive.

Evil is hard to resist.

The creator was so smart in designing a character like Sebby-chan.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif
Misleadingly tender, that.

I just just IMAGINE this aesthetic. Shiranui makes wisecracking quips as Azazel looses his temper over something Sebastian smirkingly said. Luka stands just off to the side looking into the distance, entirely unmoved, as Roy fustratedly tries and fails to bring the assemblage to some sort of order.

I love it.

Before I sign off for today, it’s bonus time! So, the thing about husbandos is that none of them take the place of IRL Husband. ❤ In that spirit, I’ve got a surprise to share! I couldn’t get Husband to opt into the idea of creating a harem of his own (darn!), but I am going to share his waifu… Are you ready!?

Bum bum bum!!!!

Image result for overwatch widowmaker
Audience, meet Widowmaker from Overwatch.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time, keep on keeping on.


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Watch Along– Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (sub) EP. 2

I wasn’t going to watch-along this next episode of Virgin Soul, but it only took a few seconds to beak that resolve, so let’s knock this one out of the park, yeah? This seems like one of those shows that’s impossible not to gush about as I view.

  • So, the little boy’s a girl…
  • And she’s working with the help of a disembodied Frankenstein hand in it’s own lab apron. I mean, ya know, that seems pretty standard…
  • The hand’s name is Rocky. The girl’s name is Rita. And, apparently, she’s super old despite her appearance.
  • Aaaaand, she’s a Zombie.
  • I like how Nina’s all “Oops, I did it again.” :p
  • Azazel. Phew. I’m more than okay with this.
  • ooooooo, Wait. The boy and the Zombie girl, Rita, are different characters. At least I’m not crazy.
  • Finally we get some form of OP. You know, if this OP was my first introduction to the series, it probably would not peak my interest at all, but I feel like it would REALLY interest someone else, you know?
  • Did the people behind Devilman: Crybaby also animate this? To the Internet!
  • Nope, totally different studios. Oh, well, moving on then.
  • The old guy is Bacchus?? Huh. Does that explain the talking goose?
  • Haha! She’s boy-deprived!
  • Can we talk about how Azazel is so attractive that I just can’t even?
  • Azazel is such a grumpy Gus.
  • Azazel: “The humans stripped him of his wings…” Me: Oh, that’s so sa– Azazel: “…and crushed his windpipe.” Me: …
  • He really shouldn’t lay hands on her, even if he’s desperate. And Rita is going to make sure of that. *Arm goes flying*
  • They make demons fight in the gladiator arena just like the Romans made Christians face lions.
  • I wonder why Azazel works for the crown if he can’t stand them.
  • Azazel is killing people now without mercy and it’s pretty horrifying, I’m not gonna lie.
  • Why is Elvis worried for Azazel? Is he a demon, too??
  • Oh, gosh. Oh, ew. Now I see why Azazel murdered those men. Not that murder is ever right, but he was trying to save kid’s lives.
  • Uh oh, the Onyx Knight was watching from the window. Elvis is gonna be in troubbbleee…
  • Nina! Come save Azazel!! Oh, no!!
  • Oh, wow. That boy is powerful. And now he’s also blond.
  • And that’s the end of episode 2, “The Miserables.”

To enter the sweepstakes mentioned here, click here. I’ll include this link on all blog posts published between now and the sweepstakes conclusion. 🙂

I honestly don’t know if I’ll watch along every episode of this show or if it will become too intense as we go along and I’ll need all my concentration to keep up with the action and subtitles (which has already proven difficult on a few occasions), but as long as it seems feasible, I’m in.

Until next time,


Image result for rage of bahamut virgin soul episode 2
Azazel is an interesting character. Also I ship him and Nina a little bit even though I know it would never work out.

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First Impressions/Watch Along–RAGE OF BAHAMUT: VIRGIN SOUL, EP 1

Just about forever ago, I stumbled across a romantically themed AMV  featuring characters from Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (not that I knew it at the time, mind you) and set to the song “Cinderella Step.” I found the song is incredibly catchy, for one thing, but more importantly, the amount that I found myself shipping the main characters was ASTRONOMICAL. The art style looks beautiful, as well, and while Chronic said that I should really watch the original Rage of Bahamut first, the first show doesn’t interest me in the slightest right now, to be honest, and I just can’t get this pair out of my head, so here we are…

virgin soul
I know it’s probably not a reverse harem, but tell me this doesn’t look like it’s a reverse harem.

To quote the plot synopsis from My Anime List:

A decade ago, humans, gods, and demons joined forces to stand against the threat of the colossal dragon, Bahamut.

Now, in the present, humans living in the capital city of Anatae have been enjoying lavish and prosperous lives. Their progress is largely due to the administration of the newly appointed king, Charioce XVII, who has stolen a power from the gods and allowed for the abuse and slavery of the demon race in the capital. As humans continue to immorally exploit demons, a sense of hostility against humans begins to build up within demon communities, threatening a revolt. Meanwhile, an atmosphere of uneasiness is spreading among the gods, as they scramble to regain their lost power.

Amidst it all, Nina Drango, a cheerful young bounty hunter, has arrived at the Royal Capital with hopes of settling down and earning a living. However, her peaceful life in the capital is quickly thrown into chaos when she crosses paths with the ominous Rag Demon who is determined to seek revenge against humans, and Kaisar Lidfard, a noble knight battling an internal moral conflict.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul continues the tale of the social and moral conflict between humans, gods, and demons, and their struggle for survival and dominance.

Before we dive into episode one, I’m leaving this ending sequence below for your enjoyment as the AMV I watched is no longer available online.

And so, we begin!

  • I can already tell just from the operatic opening with dragons, this is something I’m going to enjoy.
  • Oh, my gosh, are those angels?
  • Oops, I didn’t turn the subtitles on, and I have no idea what they’re saying. lolol Better fix that… Who knew Amazon video had so many subtitle display options.
  • OH, MY GOSH. ANGELS VS DEMONS. I’m in love already!
  • Is that thing a leviathan?
  • See, humans are attacking, and I didn’t expect that.
  • I can’t tell if the CG is bad, or if it looks particularly bad because my TV hadn’t finished buffering.
  • I keep saying “oh, my gosh,” but this beginning is so intense.
  • NO NO NO, IT’S THAT GUY!!! (What guy? Well, you didn’t watch the AMV…)
  • Okay, so the CG isn’t great, but it’s not terrible. Also, fire slug lit a cigarette and someone is coming to save the nameless demon ?children? from slavery.
  • Whoa. Um. Yeah. Giant demon.
  • Not gonna lie, I’m a little lost at this point. I should probably back up a few minutes, but meh.
  • Ah, there’s our main girl.
  • OHIO! ;P
  • Her name is Nina and the townspeople love her.
  • And she loves bread.
  • She’s also short.
  • So Lord Chariose is the guy’s name, then.
  • She’s also very strong.
  • “Where are you from?” *Nina dies a little inside*
  • She’s also 16.
  • Okay, so I guess that the humans led by Lord Chariose are attempting to eradicate all supernatural beings (both angels and demons) in effort to protect themselves from anything happening like it did 10 years ago… And I have a feeling that’s not going to go over really well.
  • Chariose’s sidekick is a fantasy medieval Elvis.
  • Did the little boy’s kiss kill the boar demon gladiator?
  • Okay, there is a certain level of disbelief I can suspend. I can buy into the boar demons, the angels, all that. But the talking duck? Really? Isn’t that kind of… outside genre?
  • AAAAAAAND she’s a bounty hunter.
  • “How can a bounty be a good guy?” I mean, he sounds like a good guy. There’s a lesson there, somewhere.
  • The guards, they… they turned into wood.
  • Okay, so he’s “rag demon,” not “bandage guy.” Whatever, he’s still bandage guy in my heart.
  • She’s an easy blusher.
  • Oh, no! Elvis, no!
  • Yeah, okay, the CG is pretty bad.
  • I like how she sees nothing weird about encountering a boy atop a random tower. She’s so casual about the whole thing. And I also love how he just switches places with her, like no big deal. The boy is so unconcerned.
  • Mugaro. That’s the boy’s name.
  • SO… Nina needs a crush to transform into a demon…?
  • OOOOOOOO…. a dragon rather.
  • And now, ?magic? gundams…?
  • She is naked, but she’s O.K.
  • Only at the end do they tell us the episode is called “Red Dragon.”

I really, really enjoyed that dive into Virgin Soul. Aside from the questionable CG, there’s really nothing not to like, at least for me. I’m excited to start episode two! Have any of you anime compatriots seen this title? If so, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below! (No spoilers, please.)

Something problematic just occurred to me. Nina is 16, but Chariose is obviously much older, AT LEAST 26. And while I’m not about that (Please, don’t date children. That’s awful.), I’m going to have to let it go because that is pretty standard in medieval times.

But seriously, humans, don’t date children. Yuck.

Bye for now!


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