Windows in the Dark

You know that feeling when you’re a little kid and you need to use the restroom in the middle of the night, so you slink down the unlit hallway or stairs and through the still and quiet house, trying to avoid looking out of too many open windows for fear of what you’ll find staring … Continue reading Windows in the Dark

To Trust (the great societal “you”)

I am not supposed to trust you. I am not supposed to trust that you won't throw me under the bus, or slam the door in my face, or whisper my secrets into unfriendly ears. I am not to speak with you as though I believe in you. I am not supposed to think the … Continue reading To Trust (the great societal “you”)

Hakuouki: Oni Dreams (poetry, HijiChi inspired)

*reposted/reformatted for blog purposes* -Hakuouki: Oni Dreams- In the night-every night-he can feel it. Pulsing. Burning. Aching. Closing his eyes, he holds his breath. He waits. The images come. These sored dreams are, for all their perversion, everything he cares to remember. And yet, he fights to forget. The sensation, reminiscent of the quench of … Continue reading Hakuouki: Oni Dreams (poetry, HijiChi inspired)

“Captains, On Her” (Poetry Collection — Hakuouki)

Hijikata: I hold her hand, so small, in mine. As our fingers intertwine, as her thick hair tangles in the crook of my neck, as her tears fall silently, one hand gripping tightly my yukata… her lips even now refusing to say my given name, too much even as she's shaking… Only now do I … Continue reading “Captains, On Her” (Poetry Collection — Hakuouki)

Atashi no Kuudere *short version*

Kuudere: a character who doesn’t express emotion readily even amongst friends, often identified as cold or uncaring. Characters’ kuudere natures vary; while some kuudere are simply unemotional, others suppress their emotions because they cannot understand or label them, thus having no idea how to proceed but with perceived or true indifference. This type of kuudere … Continue reading Atashi no Kuudere *short version*

To Ship or Not to Ship: That is the Question -misquoted and misrepresented

"To ship, or not to ship: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous secondhand chemistry, Or to take arms against a sea of poorly construed AUs, And by opposing end them? To ship: to interpret; No surety; but by interpretation to say we end … Continue reading To Ship or Not to Ship: That is the Question -misquoted and misrepresented

At Least There’s Some Beauty in That (a reflection, with premise)

I don't even know what I'm doing. I should be writing a challenge piece. I don't even know. This reflection came about because Keiko nominated me for a "One Lovely Blogger" Award; it got me thinking about things my audience may not know about me (for purposes of fulfilling the challenge requirements). I love having … Continue reading At Least There’s Some Beauty in That (a reflection, with premise)

Hypochondria (Or “Just an Everyday Moment”) – poem

Hypochondria—Or, Just an Everyday Moment My heart beats too hard and too fast throbbing in time with my temples the moment I sit in the chair and start to write. Light-headed, suddenly feeling an overwhelming need to catch my breath I close my sore eyes and wonder if the end days draw nearer for everyone … Continue reading Hypochondria (Or “Just an Everyday Moment”) – poem

“The Uniform Was a Lie” (poem)

A brief poem based on the bonus episode "Extra Chapter On Edo" included with the Blu-ray release of "Hakuouki Hekketsuroku." Koundo-san awaits execution. Hijikata speaks with Souji for the final time. He doesnt tell him. That little boy spark in the eyes of a dying man All I wanted: For him to grin that impish … Continue reading “The Uniform Was a Lie” (poem)