Final Impressions of Banana Fish, Vlog — “I just keep thinking about how weird this must look.”

I’ll leave much of the explanation up to the end of this video, but I’ve tried something new which may or may not be cringe-y. FaceRig has a steep learning curve regarding its avatar customization, but I do wonder if someday I could get this looking really slick with my own character and all that. Anyway, if you don’t like to watch it as a vlog, this post can also just be listened to as a podcast! ❤ I might write something later, as well.

I did this horrible thing. Save yourselves.

“How do we end this?” –Innominate Anime Podcast, Ep 6 (on Anime Conventions)

Join Scott, Leth, and me as we ramble our way through the topic “Anime Conventions!” We may have taken some detours, and we may be a bit echo-y, but we had a blast with this podcast, so I encourage you to have a listen! (*^^*)b

[ Also, if you watch the video included, keep your eyes peeled every 10 minutes for a surprise… This is why people shouldn’t trust me with editing things. (^_−)☆ ]





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“The one with the tiny mummy…” (OR, “I’m sorry; we’ll have to go to divorce court now.” — INNOMINATE ANIME PODCAST EPISODE 3~ WINTER 2018 IMPRESSIONS)

Please forgive my belated post on the subject, but if you haven’t yet heard, Innominate Anime Podcast is LIVE NOW! There was a bit of delay getting this one out, but in some ways, it’s got to be pretty interesting for seasonal watchers to consider any contrast between their initial/midpoint impressions versus their final thoughts! This episode’s discussion on Winter 2018 Impressions is a great listen whether your a seasonal watcher or not, and it has me pretty interested in watching “How to Keep A Mummy.” Honestly, I might have to go watch it right now… ❤

Join RemyScott, and Hazelyn as they casually discuss their various opinions on Winter 2018 titles! (Odd to say, perhaps, but their voices are quite soothing!) ❤

You can find a back catalog of Innominate Anime Podcast at this outpost, directly on YouTube, or by following us on Twitter (@InnominateCast).

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“That’s even more of a sacrilege.” (Or, “I will die on this hill.” — Innominate Anime Podcast ~Episode 2~ Post-Anime Depression)

We’ve all been there; you’ve fallen head-over-heals for a title and binged it until the end. Now you’re left bereft. How do you handle coming down off of your favorite anime? What do you do in the face of dreaded post-anime depression?

Join Leth, Remy, Irina, Scott, and me as we traverse this topic with good humor, grace, and a little bit of technical difficulty! ❤

(Also, word to the wise? Stick around for the post-closing song hijinx. Because Leth has a sense of humor. I’m crying.)

You can find a back catalog of Innominate Anime Podcast at this outpost, directly on YouTube, or by following us on Twitter (@InnominateCast).

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Innominate Anime Podcast ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

You’ve stumbled upon an outpost of the Innominate Anime Podcast! Make yourself comfortable, as we’ve every reason to get acquainted! Do you like listening to otaku talk and gleaning the perspectives of a diverse viewership?? If so, “take a knee; stay a while!” Come a get to know the group!

We of Innominate (myself included, obviously) are a small but diverse group of bloggers who gather on a regular (read: daily) basis to chat and share our awkward anime opinions with audiences in the form of a bi-monthly podcast! You will find links to our sessions below, but first, a brief aesthetic intro to each member of our cast!

Scott: Irina: Shoujo: Zel: Leth: Remy:

Now that you’ve read my totally subjective descriptions, how could you not want to know if they’re accurate or I’m just crazy? Get started by clicking the links below, or you can follow us on Twitter (@InnominateCast).

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I brought a friend to the Haurhi party… – a “Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings” podcast (10)

Featured Music:

The Last Goodbye as covered by Sarahjanelist

Featured Articles:

Music Box piece on the song Hello, Goodbye Hello from Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Listening to Your Own Judgement—Anime Hype

30 Day Haikyuu Challenge

Podcast Notes:

SPOILERS GALORE! (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆

You’ll need to turn your volume up to approx 70/100!

My “not-ani-blogger-but-totally-ani-friend” Chronic* finally agreed to be a guest on the podcast! Basically, we did what we always do, but in front of a (really bad, to be honest) microphone. Please rest assured that I’m looking into a new and improved mic! (*^^*) In addition, I had much more that deserved verbal rambling, but I tried to keep the rest short because Chronic and I spent a great deal of time discussing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. What do you think about the movie? Let me know in the comments below!

*About Chronic (and written by me from “his” POV), for interested parties…

  • -glorious hair
  • -quiet drunk
  • -telling you how it is
  • -enough common sense for the both of us
  • -who are you?
  • -dandere
  • -don’t care that I’m a twin (but everyone else does because it’s cool??)
  • -spaghetti is not my forte
  • -don’t make me drive the car
  • -retired WoW addict (for now)
  •  -sinking your ship (are you reading this, Chronic? Because I’m talking to you. 😛 )

I stayed on subject this time! Three squares of shoujo sparkles… — a “Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings” (9)

Featured Music:

Je N’Ai Pas De Mort by Vic Mignogna*

Featured Articles:

Karandi takes the 30 Day Anime Challenge

The Wild Architecture of Nanbaka and Ten Swordsmen That Are a Cut Above the Rest

First Impressions: Welcome to the Ballroom

Podcast Notes:

I should first like to clarify that I had a brain malfunction and am in no way implying that Funimation didn’t already record (and release in theatres) the BB:BOA dub. Clearly, they’ve done that. But, come on, Funimation. DVD copies, please.

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*Vic Mignogna is an excellent singer and lyricist, in my humble opinion. You can find a playlist with some of his songs here.