“Don’t you wanna get away?” — CMV/AMV Saturday 7/6/19

It’s probably not a secret that I enjoy music from “The Greatest Showman,” but seeing this particular song applied to Ouran High School Host Club is something else entirely. BecauseImBored1 did an excellent job using “The Other Side” to tell a very accurate story.

In the first part of the song, Tamaki is talking to each host individually (well, except the twins, but I digress). He’s saying, “Don’t you want to get away from the same old parts you gotta play?” to Honey as he struggles against being himself. He says it to the twins that they can “stay in the cage” of their own twin-centric world or they can take the key he offers and join him. Each of them can be free to fly.

But then Kyoya happens. Kyoya, whose family keeps him bound. Kyoya, who enjoys his creature comforts. Kyoya responds to Tamaki. He says that the sacrifice to visit the other side would be much too great, that he would lose his respected position, and that Tamaki is free to be himself, but Kyoya will continue on his expected path.

But then we see how deeply Tamaki has impacted Kyoya. He has influenced him to become greater than the frame into which he was painted. He said it was worth the risk. He said that he knew Kyoya wasn’t really happy. He invites him in again, and Kyoya is moved by Tamaki’s promise of freedom. There’s beauty in that freedom.

The end money matters clinches it (because hello, it’s Kyoya) and they continue the endeavor together, Mommy and Daddy of the Host Club. It’s surprisingly emotional, in all honesty, and very well put together. The scenes fit the song nicely to create a narrative.

But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little
Just let me give you the freedom to dream 
And it’ll wake you up and cure your aching
Take your walls and start ’em breaking
Now that’s a deal that seems worth taking
But I guess I’ll leave that up to you

-The Other Side, Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman

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“I’ve finally made all these fine men my love slaves.” — WATCH ALONG: “OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB,” EP. 11 (DUB)

Blogger’s Note: Well, just shy of a year-long Ouran break, I am back again to bring you another episodic Watch Along of this amazing title! I needed that time, I think, to step back and gain some distance from this dearly loved but (in my case) oft’ over-watched show. These Watch Alongs were, after all, my blog’s first experiment, and though I loved them, I needed to spread my wings and explore. Coming back to my Ouran Watch Alongs feels a bit like coming home to an old friend. ❤

That being said, I had no idea how much I missed this show until I jumped right in. So now, without further ado…

Big Brother is a Prince!

[Spoilers Ahoy!]

  • Aww. Cute lil’ girl is cute.
  • I didn’t realize how much I missed that “Welcome!” ❤Ouran ep 11 -- welcome.png
  • “When I opened the door, the police were there waiting for me!” ROFL
  • “Little kitty cat” now just makes me think of Yurio. Yuri!!! On Ice has ruined me for life.
  • Little girl: IT’S A REVERSE HAREM! Me: *dead*
  • Debauchery! Yay! (Omgosh, I’m dying again. Send the paramedics.)
  • “Twincest” and “the bookworm” *crying*
  • Both blonde = automatically siblings. This much should be obvious. I mean, that’s how genetics work, right?
  • That’s Kyoya, wondering at his potential for superiority even within manga tropes. (Answer, Kyoya, is that a megane has it’s own appreciative fanbase.)
  • If someone would call me “chan,” I think I might scream with joy.
  • “I’m not irresponsible.” ROFL; okay~~ Tamaki.
  • The black roses!
  • Nekozawa looks so handsome without all of his occult trappings.
  • That maid is just dramatically twirling around in the background and I’m like… “can I be you? Can I be that dramatic without consequence?”
  • Butler: *calls Haruhi insightful* Butler: *also calls Haruhi “sir”* <– that contrast
  • “Please don’t be afraid,” he said menacingly while creeping forward and sporting a freaky, occultly-named puppet.
  • I don’t think Romeo and Juliet works like that…
  • Oooo… I missed that my first few times watching this! Nekozawa and family are of Russian decent! He’s Russian!!
  • SHouJo MaNGa!
  • “Is there really debauchery in shoujo manga?” I mean, I dunno about that, Haruhi…
  • ~prayers to the neither~ that's terrifying
  • Poor Nekozawa… this is actually pretty sad, when you think about it.
  • Tamaki is such a good guy. ❤
  • Aaaaandd… there’s Vic Mignogna.
  • “Operation Character Reform”
  • “Senpai, quit getting carried away by your emotions!” Oh, you’re talking to ME, Haruhi?
  • “with darkroom capabilities” lol
  • Aaaaaanndd… there’s our known and beloved Renge.
  • “My vocabulary is a bit limited without those words.” *crying* Same, Neko, same.
  • TRUE STORY: Girls do like those things.
  • For use on his sister…? I dunno, maybe if it’s Sword Art Online… #shotsfired (^_~)
  • Who in the heck is Edgar? Is that supposed to be an Edward parody? No… that would be too recent for… or maybe not. *to the internet*
  • I legit think that Nekozawa might be more attractive that our princely Tamaki, and Tamaki admits as much to Kirimi-chan, so…
  • Ahhhh!!Ouran ep 11 -- unspeakable terror.png

  • Gosh, so handsome.
  • <— That
  • I know Ouran is ridiculous, but it has so very much heart.
  • …befriending a stray cat is occult?
  • Nekozawa: LET ME JUMP OUT THE WINDOW! Me: Isn’t there an easier way to– Nekozawa: THE WINDOW!
  • A touching moment, yes, but I also love how absolutely panicked the puppet looks. Beelzenef is in such a state.
  • Bye, cat.
  • “But even so” is the most over-translated anime line.
  • My heart ❤

As I tap my feet to that out-tro, I can’t help but think that I’ll be getting into these Watch Along posts with a lot more fervor than I have over the past year. Thanks for sticking around, my anime compatriots and dear readers, and I’ll write again soon.


Feat. a Character Who Acts Like You (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 4)

Enter Tamaki Suoh!

Ouran ep 4 14

My best friend, Ginger, watched Ouran with me a few times… Do you remember that? (I apologize if you remember that… though my podcasts probably aren’t much better. Maybe. I dunno. Anyway…) Regardless, she will tell you straight up (and I will proudly agree!!) that I am basically Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club.

Image result for tamaki suoh rose gif

I covered this twice before (30 Day Anime Challenge — Anime Character to Which I Am Most Similar & the “Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters” Twitter hashtag), but I will here repeat and expand my reasoning as to why Tamaki and I are basically one entity.


  • Well-meaning
  • Protective of loved ones
  • Naturally a bit flirty (even if methods differ)
  • Grow mushrooms
  • Mind theatre? Absolutely
  • Just want “daughter” (me: Husband) to notice us!
  • Cut to the heart of the matter when supporting others
  • Caring
  • Play the piano! 
  • Eating traditional comfort food
  • Basically princely (princess) types
  • Massive freak outs (“MOMMY!!”)
  • “If I deny my problem, it doesn’t exist.”
  • Hyperactive and ridiculous with good hearts

Most of us have seen Ouran (but if you haven’t, you should and then come back because I’ll wait…), so you can tell me if you agree. None of you know me in person, but you can totes see it, right?

Ginger and Chronic can totes see it.

The real question is, who is more extra: Tamaki or Victor (YOI)?

(Disregarding any and all similarity to me, I also love Tama-chan, just saying. Vic did such a great job as his VA.)

Until day 5,


Image result for tamaki suoh rose gif


I apologize for coughing into the mic… – a “Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings” podcast (5)

I’m sick and honestly exhausted. My brain is lagging a little, and you can totally tell, but things are about to get busy here at the end of the Lenten season, so I recorded this when I knew I had the time. ❤ Please bear with me. *hugs*

I tired not to cough into the microphone. ❤ I did not always succeed.

And I popped some of my words into the mic.

*hugs hugs hugs*

I just wanna go to sleep now, but I gotta go drive. ❤

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Post-Edit Note (4/13) — Clearly it was a good idea not to put this recording off, because my cold got significantly worse instead of better, but hey, as least I could make the Ciel Phantomhive voice for Arria Cross… Lol

(I know that I am farrr~~ to proud of this. I even showed my husband. lol)


Post-Edit Note (4/15) — Arria has part 2 of her “You’ve been watching too much YOI, haven’t you, you little katsudons?” post out now. 🙂

Fanfiction Friday (04/14/17)




This Was Not the Plan



  • “For fourteen years he had followed THE PLAN. The path that would take him from third son to Chairman and heir. Now, after one meeting he is tossing it all aside, and for what? Could this reckless gambit be the opportunity that causes him to realize all his ambitions? And what is he supposed to do about the woman who comes along with it? [Kyoya x OC]”
  • From its inception, this fiction piece has clearly been a work of extreme promise. I powered through it in a day, and now I’m left on the edge of my seat eagerly awaiting new content. The plot synopsis gives no indication of the jewel hidden behind the link. I highly suggest you give it a gander regardless of how you feel about the multitude of other Ouran fics making use of original characters. Kyoya has always been a man of business and limited personal relationships; this fiction keeps him entirely in character and explores his ambitions and situational judgement in a way heretofore unimagined. The OC is the farthest thing from a Mary Sue imaginable, and not because of any deliberate intention that screams “I was trying soooooo hard to make her truly original” on the part of the author. In addition, the conviction of Kyoya’s various relationships with his friends and (lack thereof) with family members is supremely organic; in example, his relationship with Tamaki is true to form and highlights the nature of their…to word it most appropriately…affection? brotherhood? mommy/daddy-ness?…without guile. The writing itself of this manga-inspired fic is also to be praised, and I cannot suggest highly enough this piece filled with drama, romance, suspense, angst, ruthless acquisition, and abduction.

Does anyone have an FFF recommendations stemming from the Ouran fandom?





Fanfiction Friday (04/07/17)


Notice: My weekly FFF posts will now feature anywhere between 1 and 3 fan fiction recommendations.

Fandom(s) featured this week:

“Ouran High School Host Club”

Just Another Girl


“Ouran High School Host Club” — Updating as of April 5, 2017; 18 chapters

  • “Because even though they didn’t know how or why, someone was approaching their circle, running her slender fingers over the barrier that blocked their world from everyone else’s, deciding whether or not she had the strength to shatter the glass. Hikaru wasn’t ready to let anyone else in. Kaoru was.”
  • This piece included an original character as an addition to the main cast and, in doing so, succeeded wherein so many other works failed; the author took a beautiful, independent, fairly flawless original main character and somehow (I’m still not quite sure, to be honest.), kept her from turning into a Mary Sue. The Ouran fandom is swamped with Mary Sue original characters, so to see one that pulls of the OC attempt successfully is promising. That alone would be enough to spark my interest, but it’s also a piece simultaneously focusing on the relationship between all the host club members while exploring what *might* end up being a romantic relationship between the oft overlooked Kaoru and the OC. That is unique and noteworthy in and of itself. If you’ve been following FFF, you know I’m a sucker for pieces that keep the cast in character, and this work does so in a way only too stellar!! I can’t wait for the next installment and I recommend this fic. (If you read it, you won’t regret it. The mentioned Tama-chan drinking game is something I might try in my own free time! Hehe.)

I read so many fanfiction pieces, guys, but I want to keep my stockpile of noteworthy fics from depleting too quickly, hence the change in formatting.

Tell your authors that Shoujo sent you, and stay classy, my friends, (-.^)



Shoujo Sings?? (For real! With background music! Maybe!)

Pasta from PlainPastaandPlainRice gave me some technical advice! She told me how to add a backtrack to Audacity, and since she did I played around with it just a little bit and decided that a) THIS IS SO FUN, OHMYGOODNESS, and b) maybe I could actually record a whole song like this!! I mean, it’s a step! I have backtrack capabilities even if I still don’t know how to do any other editing!! (* ^ ω ^) ♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪

So, what I did was pretty simple. I took took a little portion from two songs and I put them up on Sound Cloud, as indicated below. I think that it might be some fun pastime I pursue because I love anime and I love to sing, but I’m still very amateurish about the whole thing, so bare with me, ‘kay?

I would like to know if this is something you’d like me to post on my blog if/when I decide to move forward. I mean, I don’t have to post them here. They could just take up Sound Cloud space. But it’s really, really fun and I do think I’d like to give it a go and since I DID start this blog for me back before I had any anime compatriots to speak of, it seems like I should be able to jump into this without fear… ⁽⁽◝( • ω • )◜⁾⁾

I think I’ll post them here. Yes, I shall undertake this endeavor. Notice my talking myself into things. Hehe. (^_<)

Tell me, fellows, which song should I try first? Do you have any other suggestions if not one of those below?


Sakura Kiss — Ouran

You Raise Me Up — Romeo x Juliet



Shoujo ❤