“Tell me a story.” — I’ve been nominated for the “Real Neat Bogger Award”

I don’t know if this title indicates that the blogger is neat or that the award is neat, but either way, I’m stoked that Keiko nominated me. Thanks, Keiko! ❤ Award posts are fun because they’re formatted and give me specific instructions re: how to complete them. (^^)

As I answer Keiko’s questions, I am watching the most fan-service heavy anime in the shoujo genre (“Kamigami no Asobi”) and laughing my butt off. Good times all around. But now, on to the show!

The rules:

  • Display the logo
  • Thank the blogger for the award (I should hope one would do this anyway! (°ロ°) !)
  • Answer the questions the one who has nominated you
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions

real neat blog award cover

Keiko’s questions:

  1. What is one thing you want to achieve this year? Hmm… I mean, there are a lot of things I’d like to accomplish this year, but some of them are more just “things I’d like to happen” as opposed to things that I have any control over. Can I pick two of my many things to list here? I can say I’d like to become physically stronger (read: not so fragile!!) and healthier by working out and eating right. I’d also like for the blog to reach 300 followers by the end of this year, which I think we can do, guys!! ❤
  2. If you become any creature what would it be? I would like to stay a human, but I’ve often joked (sort of joked?) to Husband that I wouldn’t mind being a cat like our sweet Muffin because she has remarkably little to worry about. I feel like my life is deeply intertwined with the life of my cat child, anyway, but that requires an explanation meant for another day.
  3. If you were a character what type of character would you be? We’re all pretty complicated characters, for sure, but if I am to simplify, I’d be the josei’s anxious but well-meaning deredere/dandere combo who loves people a lot, feels things too deeply, and is very excitable but only around those she knows well. I’d wear a lot of girly dresses and ribbons in a young adult way, and I’d teach kindergarten (which in Japan is like preschool in America) like Kyou from “Clannad.”
  4. What is the worst anime you’ve watched? Does it count if I only saw like one episode? “Devilman Crybaby.” Done. If you’re talking about anime that I’ve seen more completely but just didn’t fancy, “Full Metal Panic.”
  5. Do you prefer to read the source material or watch adaptations? I generally watch an anime first and, if I really enjoy it, I’ll go look for the manga or otome game. If an otome game makes itself known to me and I enjoy it, I’ll watch the anime when it comes out.
  6. Do you skip openings/endings when watching anime? Why? It depends on the anime! Sometimes those OP and ED are just TOO GOOD, you know? I can’t skip them! But then, even if I like an OP, I might start to skip it after a while. Ex: I don’t usually skip any of the “Hakuouki” OPs, but I will skip the EDs. I also didn’t usually skip the first “Attack on Titan” OP, but I often skipped the second. I also like the first “Black Butler” OP. And the one from “Book of Circus.”
  7. What is your favourite opening/ending from this season of anime? The only seasonal anime I’m watching right now is “B-Project: Zecchō Emotion,” so I guess I have to pick that one even though the OP doesn’t wow me. I did just finish watching Norn9, though, and I really enjoyed the images they used in their OP. (I didn’t watch it every time though.)

My Nominees:








My Questions:

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  2. Where were you five years ago?
  3. Please link your favorite anime AMV for everyone and tell us why you like it. (I just wanna know, okay, guys? I like AMVs a lot…)
  4. What’s better: hugs or holding hands?
  5. You and your favorite anime character are riding in a car. It’s late, and you can see the stars twinkle through the passenger-side window. It’s cold out, but the seats are heated. Your favorite character laughs at something you said. You smile back. Where are you headed, and what will you do when you get there? Describe your situation. Tell me a story.
  6. Who is your favorite European monarch of the 17th-21st century?
  7. If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman? No, I’m kidding; real question–what is your dream job? (If you feel like sharing, what’s your current job for that matter? Student counts!)

That’s all for now. I look forward to reading everyone’s answers to my questions!! ❤



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“Not perpetuating that as a rumor, no sir.” –I’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD <3


(And look at how scrunched that text is on mobile view. You’re welcome, readers. (^_−)☆)

I was nominated for a few award posts some time ago, and if said nominators are reading this, I’d just like to say that I’m sorry. I fully intended to respond to these posts, and yet… I was incredibly busy, stressed out, anxious (but that’s always), and I’d lost my writing bug completely. Now that I’m up to writing again and have the necessary time, I need to go back and see if I can find those nominations again. If I can, I’ll try and respond, but if I cannot, please know that I honestly appreciate your kindness in thinking of me. ❤

Moving on from that, Zainou from This Title is (Not) Acceptable nominated me for this award. With a tag line that reads, “I write about whatever,” this Canadian blogger is new to me, but in my precursory blog exploration, I see that they really like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, so automatically, we have that in common! They’re also undertaking the 30 Day Anime Challenge!

As per instruction, I am going to answer 11 questions from Zainou and then nominate eleven (or, in my case, simply several) other bloggers (and a YouTuber!) to respond to my own questions. And they will be fire (aka, really strange), my friends, of this have no doubt. (^_−)☆

[header image taken from Wallpaper HD]

Zainou’s Questions:

  • If you could change/ make one law what would it be?

Hmm, I thought this would be hard, but now I’m thinking… only one? Can they be policies in general? I’m no political scientist, mind you, so I am going to be quite general about this, but gun laws. GIVE US MORE GUN CONTROL. As a United States citizen, I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of firearm control and by the NRA. No human being in this country should need more than a hunting rifle. Can we please get our laws caught up with the those of world nations that actually care about their citizenry?? Please?? Also, we need campaign finance reform. Also, FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE (I’m shouting for the people in the back)!! Basically, we need to weed out corruption and start taking better care of each other.

Done now. ❤

  • If you could eat one thing forever and never get sick of it, what would it be?

Ranch dressing! No, I’m kidding. (Because I could already do that, probably.) I’m one of those strange people that gets stuck on a food and then loves the life out of it until I move on to the next new culinary delight. (I used to love pancakes, for example, as a child, but then I stopped loving pancakes and didn’t eat them for years. Now I enjoy them, but I’m not all-consumed by their excellence.) I do, however, appreciate this what is natural for me progression, and thus don’t really wish that I could eat any one thing and of it never get sick.

Image result
taken from Genius Kitchen

But if you’re interested in my favorite foods at this moment, they would have to be… beef stew/pot roast with potatoes and carrots*, garden salads, chicken alfredo, shrimp pasta, and fried catfish! ❤

*especially if sweet, sweet Husband (who works from home) puts it in the crock pot in the moring after I leave and it’s ready when I get home from work!! Nom<3 He made it for me on St. Valentine’s Day. (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

  • If you could live a life of immortality would you?

No. I believe that, as Vic Mignogna so aptly sings, “The time is coming when I’ll be with my Jesus, but for now I’m far from home.” Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true, because I am indeed also home here with my family, my husband, my kitty cat… but I know that, when all of this is gone, that death will feel like closing my eyes, only to open them to Heaven.

It hurts me to think on—because I love the people in my life so very much—but there I will be once more among loved ones lost along life’s journey (and I will be waiting patiently in unimaginable joy and peace for those living on). I am a Christian, and while I don’t rush to my death by any means, my faith is an incredible comfort. If anyone ever wants to talk about faith and life—or if you have questions about my own views— you can reach out and I’ll be here! I think that a lot of people have inaccurate views of what being a Christian is, or what it should beI believe that Love is the answer.

A conversation between a man and God’s voice in his heart, this is what being a Christian looks like to me… “If you love Me, love them, too. Let them see My face in you.”

  • If you had 1 billion dollars (or whatever your currency is) what would you do?

I would get my financially-savvy husband invest it properly, or find someone who could help him do so. My family and I would no longer have to work, of course, but I (and they, if I could help it), would still live modestly (abet comfortably and with some upgraded cosplay, hehe). I’d give lots and lots of money to good causes and charities that I’d thoughtfully looked into, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s research among others. I’d do what I could to help other people, especially the homeless, and maybe go on vacation more often. ❤

  • If you could bring one character from a fictional work into real life who would it be?

No one. I think fictional characters should stay fictional. Am I boring? Perhaps, but they have their own fascinating worlds to inhabit, and we have ours.

  • If you could have dinner, or a coffee, or whatever with any real person (a director, and author, an actor etc.) who would it be?

Image result for vic mignogna

Vic Mignogna. For sure. I would have said this even if I hadn’t mentioned him just a moment ago. I was first introduced to Mr. Mignogna when I watched Ouran High School Host Club (and started the journey that rapidly became this blog). I quickly began to identify him in subsequent titles, each time becoming more and more impressed with his work and the personality he brought into each role. When I took a deeper plunge into the anime community, I learned more about him as a person, and about how he shares my beliefs and wants to share Christ with the world through love rather than fear… Quite simply, he’s my role model.

  • If you had infinite resources to fund someone to make a piece of media for you (movie, anime, tv series, video game etc.) what would that project be?

If someone could create a reboot of Hakuouki set from long before the prequel to long after the movie ending (I say this because of who lives, but can’t say more because of spoilers), that would be amazing!! There is so much more historical content; I want all the daily details. ❤

Image result for hakuouki

It would need to maintain all the original charm, humor, emotion, art style, and voice actors, but if we could have it last as long as, say, Naruto… that. That’s the answer. Also, if it could have the effects and animation of the movies. ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

(Also, please make more Skip Beat. Thank you.)

  • What’s the best thing you’ve ever written?

Do you mean as a blogger, or in general? Um, well… as a blogger, my “Victor’s Blush Means Everything” post has been my most popular, and it still gets views daily. I’m not sure if that means it’s my best post, but that’s hard for me to decide for myself. I’m quite proud of it, though. I’m also rather proud of my post on bishounen classification within the reverse harem sub-genre, “Reverse Harem in Retrospect: Your Posse in Effect.

In my personal life, I’ve written some poems that I’m pretty darn proud of. They’re just a bit too much to share on the blog, is all.

  • If you could have one skill you don’t currently have, what would it be?

I would like to have more drawing skill. I’m not bad at drawing, and I produced some pretty awesome paintings in High School, but I’m a far better writer than artist, and I learned that when I was 16.

  • What’s something you could watch endlessly and never get bored of?

Haha! Hakuouki. Next Question. ❤

  • Who’s your favourite director (anime or film)?

Haha, so as terrible as it is… I don’t know much about anime and film directors. Maybe Joss Whedon, because of Firefly, Doll House, and the Marvel movies. Didn’t he have some sort of scandal, though? There have been so many that I’m not quite sure I remember anymore. Maybe I’m wrong. *goes to Google* Nope, I think I’m wrong. Not perpetuating that as a rumor, no sir.

Image result for firefly
taken from Hulu.com

Now it’s my turn to ask questions and to nominate bloggers! I’m only going to nominate a few, because eleven seems like a lot to me… Just ignore this if you’re busy, guys! ❤

Lethargic Ramblings (Leth) ❤ Archi-Anime (Hazelyn) ❤ Fujinsei (Arria) ❤ I Drink and Watch Anime (Irina) ❤ All About Anime (Tessa) ❤ Living Legacy Gaming (Kaylin) ❤ GrimmGirl (Kat Sade)

Questions (and a Request!):

  • If you were to trip off the glitz that someone were to display, what exactly would that mean, and how would you deal with it? (Adam Lambert says, “Hi!”)
  • What advice would you give to yourself at 13 years old, if any?
  • What scene in any anime made you feel the most sorrow? The most joy? Why?
  • What is your favorite kind of flower?
  • Do you think that space aliens (humanoidal or otherwise) would be friendly? Do you think they are among us now, or have been at some point in the past? If you are religious, does this mesh with your faith?
  • Are you jealous of my kitty baby, Muffin? (If so, do not be, because I will share pictures.) Alternately, do you have a pet that you feel comfortable sharing pictures of because “yes, please!”?
  • Was the punctuation ending that last sentence messed up? The English major needs to know.
  • Please write and share a haiku. Yes, I know it isn’t a question. You have fifteen seconds; no cheating, please. This is supposed to be a challenge! (*^^*)b <(GO!)
  • Do you believe that humanity fundamentally selfish?
  • Do you like to eat shellfish?
  • What is your favorite Disney princess? Prince? Why? Would you ship them?


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“I mean, he literally produces fire, so…” –Five Flaming Hotties Tag Post

It is time to play a game!

Yes, readers, I must do that thing I do so well and fangirl myself into a sweet, sweet stupidor. This game of post-tag comes from Lita, who most graciously invited me to play; goodness knows that the blog could use a few more ikemen and bishounen, right? Right. So, let’s get squee-ing!! I’ve been looking forward to participation in this popular game!

I am to list five “flaming hotties” from anime (AND YES I EXCLUDED OTOME, BUT I WILL HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN IN OTOME FASHION), include their pictures, and explain their appeal.


We begin, in no particular order, with…

Infamous Flame Alchemist: Roy Mustang

Image result for roy mustang gif wink
Yes, Colonel. You.

We all knew I would pick him, right?


…Well, I mean, he’s literally FLAMING. He PRODUCES FIRE.

Image result for roy mustang gif wink


I wrote a lot about Roy Mustang here (and I highly recommend you read it so that we can fangirl/boy), so I won’t ramble on, but his determination, perseverance, loyalty, and self-sacrifice are all wrapped in a physically attractive package to boot.

Image result for roy mustang gif wink

He holds so much destructive power, and he knows the cost of wielding it. Just thinking about his phenomenal character makes me want to head back and rewatch some FMAB.

(Or get onto finally watching FMA; tell me PLEASE, readers, is there any more Royai in FMA!?!?!)

Decorated Olympic Skater: Victor Nikiforov

Related image
Extra and honored, I’m sure.

I wrote about his relationship with Yuri here (in the all time most popular popular post on my site!?). Aside from his powerful character progression, he proved that anime progatonists can be well into their mid twenties and still be seen as “the desireable ones.” Give me more protagonists who are adult men and women, anime, please. Romantic protagonists. I will pay you (literally).

Moving on from that, his skating is phenomenal, and he’s just so completely dedicated to his art. Yet, he struggles. He has nothing else to infuse his life with meaning until he learns love.

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

And, I mean, look at him.

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

I probably read too much into Victor, but I look at the person he is and where he grew up and I can’t help but speculate as to how he grew into the person he became.

Image result for victor nikiforov

(In example, Victor cut his hair as a teen, but do we know why? I have my theories.)

The Wind Beast and Black Dragon: Son Hak

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif
I promise I’m not trying to distract you from your princess, ya big lug.

Hak is loyalty. He’s unwavering, curious, determined, strong, and attractive. He’s a huge sarcastic nerd and teases Yona into oblivion. Let’s get real for a second; I spent the entire series thinking that THIS MAN WAS ABOUT 25 YEARS OLD. He does NOT look like he’s 18. NOT AT ALL. And then I came to find out his real age and it baffled me because HE DOES NOT LOOK OR ACT LIKE AN 18 YEAR OLD HUMAN. But I suppose that’s a common thread in media, so I’ll let it slide…

Moving on from that, here is a photo spam, because I can. (And the manga is fantastic, so you should go read it, stat.)

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif

Related image

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif

Related image

To conclude, I don’t get fanservice. Honestly, it doesn’t do anything for me at all (well, except make me laugh). But then this happened and MAN. ALIVE. *literal swoon*

Related image


Temptation Incarnate: Sebastian Michaelis

Image result for sebastian michaelis
Speechless, I’m sure.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

To my current knowledge of both the anime and manga, Sebastian is thoroughly evil incarnate, but he retains a likable, appealing character; he is suave, handsome, charming, and oh so powerful; he’s obedient, until we’re suddenly reminded that he is NOT, in fact, what his human exterior would have us believe.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

At the same time, he’s dedicated, loyal, and never tells an outright lie. He gives his all for his aesthetic, and he never offers any delusions regarding the true nature of what he is.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

I think that’s the point of it all, really. Yana Toboso achieves in creating Sebastian what I hope was her ending message all along; evil is misleading, tempting, seductive. 

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

Evil is hard to resist.

Image result for sebastian michaelis cat gif

Young and Troubled King: Soo-wan

Image result for yona of the soowon gif
He’s so embarrassed.

I really did spend a whole post on Soo-wan already, honest. So, as in the case of Mr. Mustang above, I shan’t wax too fervently on my final post pick. I will, however, quote it briefly here.

It’s hard to hate a villain who hates himself, who has damned himself to the depths of despair and cast off everything he ever loved to achieve his ends, who does all the wrong things for the right reasons. Even though I love Shiranui mostly for his personality and comradeship with Harada, I’ve found the ultimate villain in another anime, and I don’t hesitate to here sing the praises of his characterization.

This man is young, but he’s determined and holds the uncanny ability to harden his heart past the point that most would consider possible. He grew up surrounded by and under the care of wonderful friends and relatives who he loved very deeply, but his life–though luxurious–was anything but simple and was early on fraught with tragedy. In the end, for the betterment of a kingdom for which he cared deeply and in vengeance for the death of a beloved and respected parent, this young man murdered in cold blood the uncle he had also loved–the king who was the father of his dear, smitten cousin, and the sovereign of his very best friend…

Soo-wan is one of the best anime villains of all time, because the best villains are those who, rather than being truly evil, take on the mantle thinking that they’re doing what must be done.

Conflicted morals and angst are attractive, right?


So…maybe not a flaming hottie, because he doesn’t “do it for me,” but I still really love his character and I just wanted to feature him, okay?

Image result for yona of the soowon gif

Image result for yona of the soowon gif

Image result for yona of the soowon upset
Found it on Pinterest under gulin_sharry

Well, now it’s time to pass along the flaming hotties torch, but instead of tagging people, I will simply host an open invitation!

The rules

  • Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game, Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, and include the picture above.
  • List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  • Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  • Add some pictures.
  • Tag seven bloggers.
  • Post the rules.

Until next time, keep being…

Image result for victor nikiforov gif


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“I am rapidly racing toward old age and death.” — Nominated for the “One Lovely Blogger” Award

One Lovely Blogger Award

I’m finally completing this nomination without it dissolving into a diary-esque ramble! This “One Lovely Blog Award” has come to me from Keiko! I have been instructed to list seven things about myself, but need they be things you don’t already know? I suppose that would be the most interesting for all of you. I mean, I can only mention so much about how I love Hakuouki.

1. I once made a PowerPoint on Hakuouki because I love it and Scott jokingly said that I should.


I had to start with Hakouki (which my spell check keeps wanting me to type as Habakkuk—you know, like the book of the Bible—), but this will be my only mention, promise!

Anyway, I love it too much, and Scott has far too much persuasive power. No, I’m kidding. I just had too much time on my hands.

Realistically speaking, I need to rewrite my previous Hakuouki review from a more distanced perspective so I can adequately analyze its flaws. I’ve re-seen it enough (and over a long enough period) that I’ve cast aside the rose tinted glasses and stayed a fangirl because it is truly exceptional while being able to accept that it isn’t perfect. I should get on that review redux.

2. The thought of having children in the next few years is simultaneously appealing but also terrifying.


3. I write a lot of poetry.

I’m planning to publish a book of it at some point within the next year or so. So, you know, be looking for that? Or probably not because I’ll be using my real name? Or maybe I won’t because DeCiSiOnS?

4. I dislike and avoid anime with excessive gore/violence, excessive or inappropriate fan service, incest, sexually explicit content, and mecha. ;P

Different strokes for different folks.

(And yes, I did start watching Tokyo Ghoul, but that’s the exception rather than the rule for me.)

But I do really like Paint and Peter Hollens. 🙂

5. I’m trying to get a blog avatar made.

So, you know, send the artists my way, readers?

6. Ferris wheels are terrifying, okay?

When I was but a young, impressionable lass, my dear father (who is truly a wonderful man, I feel the need to clarify) took me on my first Ferris wheel. T’was but a small thing, a one-day-set-up-tear-down type of carnival ride at a local homecoming event, but it was my first none the less, and I remember it… fondly?

This man thought it would be fun to rock the car, you see, until his…5?…-year-old daughter screamed and cried, and then continue to rock it and laugh (I have no idea what was going on in this man’s mind, tbh) as I wailed in true and blatant fear that we were going to fall out and die.

And this was years ago, mind you, but to this day the rocking of a Ferris wheel car is enough to set me on edge.

Let me be clear that this show of disregard for my feelings was and is entirely out of character for my dad, so I can only assume that he thought I was not as upset as I was, perhaps that I was playing around, too. But no, I was serious.

I hardly remember the details of this event, but it impacted me, so there we are.

7.  I sing things sometimes.

This seems pretty self-explanatory.

I do this in church. I do it in the shower. I do it at work. One time I did it as Belle in a musical. And I do it on YouTube if I’m feeling brave.

Once I posted a YouTube video of a song that I recorded in Audacity when I was practicing for an an Easter service. (It’s great for hearing yourself in playback, you know?) It wasn’t perfect (and it was my first time singing all the way through), but hey, I was brave and put it out there and there we go. I also put out a creepy teaser for a Mystic Messenger cover song that I planned to record for Halloween, but then I got more sick and I haven’t been able to sing in forever so…

…hopefully the doctor fixes me! But he wants to take a chest x-ray, so oh nose!!! :/

Now, for those that I am to nominate. Hazelyn, Naja, Auri, Irina, Matt, here are the rules!

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

Best Wishes!




Sunshine Blogger Award! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

(If you’ve been tagged, you should answer my questions because they are fire. If you have not been tagged, you should answer my questions in the comments anyway because they are still fire and you probably are, too.)

What is a blogger award?

In my experience, it is when a blogger previously tagged in such a post nominates you to perform a specific activity, usually in the form of divulging random information about yourself or answering specific questions. Why this is called an award, I do not know, but it tends to be a fun exercise! 😀

Having said that, when Matt nominates you for a blogger award, you can just about bet that you’ll understand how to accomplish it. (Which sounds so random, but I’ve been confused about a few nominations in the past, guys.) Anyway, I have Mr. Matthew to thank for this nomination, and now I shall answer his questions!

(Off topic: I think there was a car alarm going off outside?)


– Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Questions Answered for Matt!

1. What is the cheesiest movie you’ve ever seen?

Oh, my. Well, I suppose…hmm… cheesiest? I tend to avoid cheesy media if I can help it. I might have to come back to this one. Nothing is jumping out at me. I mean… Hmm… Flash (aaah ahhh, savior of the univere!) Gordon was probably cheesy, but it’s been a while since I watched it. (But dang if that theme song isn’t catchy.)

2. Are you an android or apple user?

Haha! I agonized over that decision over here. In the end, while I’m not much of a Mac user (PC! PC!), I did make the jump from an Android phone to an iPhone, and I’m very happy with that decision. Nice pink phone, actually works like it is supposed to, SAR tested at closer distances to the body thus more closely mimicking real-life conditions, no silly add-on apps that one can’t remove, still offers nearly all my otome, no viruses to worry about… Needless to say, I don’t see myself switching back.

3. What is your favorite fruit?

Apples are delicious. I prefer green apples to red apples, but I also enjoy those that fall somewhere in the yellow spectrum. I mean, I’ll eat a Red Delicious, but I’d prefer a Granny Smith or Fuji. However, the possible (and in some cases seemingly probable?) mold within apples gives me bouts of anxiety (and literal shivers because UGH, MOLD, I CAN’T, it’s one of my things), so I rarely eat them.

Is it sad that I have to work myself up to eat an apple because I don’t want to worry unnecessarily since I do it all the time? Ugh, probably… MOVING ON! BACK TO THE HAPPINESS! 😀

4. What is your least favorite fruit?

Ugh. Bananas. Or perhaps… no, bananas it is. I am not big into fruit as it were, and I never have been having always preferred vegetables, but a banana is something I’ve never been able to stomach. I can tolerate banana bread or muffins in small amounts and even enjoy them to an extent, but that’s as far as my relationship with bananas (doesn’t that sound ridiculous?) goes.

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

According to my most recent official taking of the Myers-Briggs, I am an introvert. The data supports this conclusion, even though I am a bubbly girly goob when the situation arises. 🙂

6. Do you have a favorite post of your own writing?

Hmm. I am quite fond of this Yuri!!! On Ice related post, and also of this Black Butler related post. The former is an examination of the relationship between Yuri and Victor as interpreted through the mentioned shows subtext; the latter is an expose of Ciel’s mind through interpretation of the song Monochrome no Kiss. You’ll notice that I most enjoy the posts that require digging, interpretation, and analysis. This was my world for four years, and although I don’t engage frequently (I should do that more), I’m not me if I’m not seeking deeper meaning. ❤

7. Would you rather spend a day in a fantasy world or a scifi world?

I would rather spend a day in a fantasy world, no brainer.

8. What is your favorite weapon/tool from a movie, video game, or book?

Hmm…weapons and tools are not my forte, but if I had to pick one off of the top of my head, I’d say that the sword wielded by Rurouni Kenshin, the Sakabatō, is pretty awesome because it is designed not to kill. I’ve yet to watch of all of the original Kenshin run (though I loved Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection), but I know enough to understand what that sword’s design (intentional or not) says about the warrior who wields the blade in the larger scheme of the series. 

9. What is one fictional world in which you would NOT like to be?

Haha, do I even need to think about it? Please don’t send me to Panam. Or the world of 1984. Or into the novel Brave New World. In fact, how about I just stay right here?

10. Do you like dogs or cats?

The Muffin Neko-chan can attest that, while I have nothing against dogs in the slightest, I am definitely a cat person at heart.

11. What TV or movie series do you wish never ended?

Isn’t this where I’m supposed to say Firefly? Hehe, I could also add in Skip Beat! and probably a half dozen other shows, but I’ll leave it here for now and wish you all a good day/evening! (^-^*)/




Yssa (I found you during my “MysMess Hell” post series!)

Arria (I don’t even know if you do these, but I’ma nominate you anyway!)








Questions I Ask!

1. Close your eyes and think of a random scenario in which you feel incredibly physically comfortable and emotionally contented. Can you describe it?

Weird question, so… example:

I am cocooned in a soft brown comforter—thick and draping over my neck. I sit on the over-sized, plush couch. My feet are unusually toasty, and my face is slightly cool. My eyes are tired, a bit dry. I’m holding a large mug of warm chicken soup with two hands, and the delectable steam warms the corners of my eyes as I hoist the cup toward my lips, making me feel sleepy. The husband causally strolls into the living room in which I sit, giving me a kiss on the head and caressing my cheek with his hand before heading toward the kitchen to arrange his own snack. All is well.

2. Do you think that potatoes should be considered their own food group?

3. Multiple universes theory: yes or no? (Also, Heaven—if you believe in it—existing beyond the 4th dimension?)

4. Pick one Yuri!!! on Ice character to fit into each category: adopt, marry, and make your bff!

5. Do you like pickles? Is so, what kind? If not, how do you feel about Alexander II, Czar of Russia?

6. Do you think that we will, we will rock you? Alternately, what would you do if you just realized that you were hopelessly in love with a track-competing, football wielding college-aged sports superstar intergalactic hero, but you were on a seemingly hopeless space mission during which you had only 14 hours to save the world? (Clearly, Flash Gordon is not going away now. Thanks, Queen.)

7. If there was ever a time in your life that you felt truly chilled to the bone in a single moment, can you describe it here? (I don’t mean an event that scared and worried you for clear and rational reasons, but a singular moment (rational or not) in which your hair stood on end and you literally got chills.)

Weird question again, so… example:

I was driving home from a friend’s house one evening when I suddenly heard someone clearly, terrifyingly whispering into my ear from the backseat when I was quite certainly, to my knowledge, alone. My entire body went cold and warm at the same time—really, numb I suppose—and I froze for several seconds, totally convinced that someone had snuck into the car that I usually left unlocked and hid in the backseat that I hadn’t checked before driving off… This happened after rumors hit our school about the couple murdered after arriving in their driveway one night because someone hid in their backseat… (I’ll just leave that story off here, but clearly I am still alive.)

8. Would you ever consider moving to Madagascar to study the lemurs? How about just a visit?

9. What was/is your favorite subject in school? At which are you best? Which is your least favorite? At which are you worst?

10. If you could have met one and chatted over coffee with them before their death, would you have chosen David Bowie or Alan Rickman?

11. You’re trapped in a room and won’t be let out by your captor until you agree to watch 13 episodes of one or the other: a revere harem idol boy anime or a moe girl idol title. Which do you pick?

LOOK, A NOMINATION (The Versatile Blogger Award! *Anime Edition*)

*joyous fangirl screeching*


*Don’t ask what that means; I am a goob.*

Matt from Matt-in-the-Hat nominated me for this blogger award, and that’s pretty exciting. Matt is a fun anime compatriot and he runs his blog in a way that makes me smile. He’s a Christian*, and I love how he’s vocal about his faith. It makes me happy when I see his mentions of God’s love (because sometimes people need those little bits of encouragement and you’re never going to know when.) I am also a Christian, and my relationship with the Lord is super important to me, so I appreciate that I get to see those things when I check Twitter even though my feed is basically all-anime-all-the-time…  (^_−)☆

Getting away from the personal, he also likes English dubbed anime, making him my dub buddy even if we tend to favor different kinds of shows. (*high five again*) I mean, I will always take a good dub over a sub. (But I will emphasize “good.”)

So, go check him out, guys. He’s a cool dude.

*Side note: If you are a Christian who

makes being kind and loving to others a priority,

then you are doing something right. ❤

The Rules of the Nomination Game

So, apparently, all award nominations have rules, and some are more straightforward than others. The rules for this nomination are as follows:


  1. Display the award.
  2. Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog.)
  3. Share seven things about yourself. This time, it’s about my relationship with anime if I am to take after my nominator!*
  4. Nominate bloggers.

*”For this award post, I am going to do something different. I will share 7 things related anime that concerns me. I am an anime fan and I will be sharing 7 things that interest me and anything Japanese related topics.” –Matt in the Hatt

 Seven Shared Facts *anime edition* 

Without further ado, I begin…

1) I will get stuck on an anime (*cough cough* Hakuouki *cough cough*) and re-watch it a million times in whole or in part. In some capacity, I will engage with it nearly every single day for weeks or months before, still loving it, finding a new show to dote on at least in part (*cough cough* Yuri on Ice *cough cough*). I basically live my life this way in a lot of areas (read: food, books, music, etc.).


2) I have an anime music/ jpop/ etc. playlist that I listen to on repeat while I’m driving, in the shower, cleaning, blogging, etc. Currently, it sits at…what…*checking* 32 songs. This doesn’t count the piano-only covers playlist that I listen to when I’m around other people (such as my employers) and I don’t feel like explaining my preferences to them. (They are not going to know that this *see below* is from Naruto, but it’s still GLORIOUS and you should listen to it right now, guys.)

3) I’ve played the piano since I was 7 years old (with 9 years of official lessons and recitals). At the time, I resented being made to stick with my lessons, but I am now glad that I did. I am currently attempting to master “Bura-Cha/Brothers” from FMA. I’m getting there. It’s really fun, but also a challenge.(⋆^-^⋆)Anime music makes beautiful instrumentals. I’m going to have to get my hands on more because, aside from the aforementioned piece, I’ve been limited to playing by ear. (I’ve also been limited to using my keyboard since my husband and I struck out on our own, but when we buy our own house rather than rent one, you can be sure that the baby grand I’ve had for over a decade is coming home with me!! *happy dance* I’m also sure my parents are ready to get the thing out of their house!   (^_−)☆ ) Oh, and unrelated to anime, I kinda wish that I could play the violin, even just a little bit! Isn’t the violin so soothing and beautiful?

4) Technically, I’m pretty sure that the first non-shoujo anime that I watched was Sword Art Online. I don’t think that the show gets enough credit. To be fair, I only finished two seasons and then I lost interest in its direction. (I mean, once the threat of death was gone, it just felt lacking. Plus, that cousin-in-love bit was really weird.) However, I really enjoyed the plot of season one. I found it very original, and I think that people are too hard on it. I mean, I’m not even a gamer, but I still appreciated the culture and unique brand of terror that losing your life inside a game creates. It doesn’t make my top five or anything, but I remember it fondly. Also to be fair, I think my favorite non-shoujo (or at least shoujo-esque) anime titles (read: no romance) are Black Butler and Death Parade. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Book of Atlantic dub! J. Michael Tatum is so talented! This leads me to my next point…

5) I just think that English dub voice actors are soooooo cool; I’m always debating writing them fan mail (especially people like Andrew Love who is Hijikata *swoon*). When one of them likes one of my Tweets, I FREAK OUT. Like, “TALENTED VOICE ACTOR SEMPAI/SENSEI HAS NOTICED MY WORDS OMG OMG OMG OMG…”


6) I am, unashamedly, a sucker for idol anime. There, I said it. You may begin throwing tomatoes, I can take it. Keep in mind that I only like BOY idol shows, like UtaPri, B-Project, or Magic-Kyun Renaissance. I mean, it’s a reverse harem full of bishies all vying for the MC and sporting glorious musical talent. What’s not to love? I can ship everyone and listen to things like this all day:

Ahhh…that song is just too much. ❤ ❤ ❤

♪♫ I never give up on myself;

I never give up on my dream.  ♪♫


7) This probably really goes without saying if you read my blog at all, but I like to use kaomoji far better than I like to use emoji. Kaomoji just seem so much more indicative of my personality and feelings than do emoji. I like to fangirl and wave and smile and kiss and hug and write and use magic and wink and show surprise, confusion, love, sadness, anger, etc. with the help of these adorable little faces and sparkles!!! 


 Those I Nominate 

I really do enjoy reading a bit about my fellow anime enthusiasts on their blogs, and this seems like a great time to do so! As such, I will nominate the following! Happy blogging!!

Ava the Nerd