Feature a Fantasy Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 21)

It’s a lot easier to choose a fantasy character that I like than to choose a sci-fi character of whom I’m fond. I think I’ll keep it chill today with my selection, which may have been predictable but is no less worthy of feature.

Sebastian (Black Butler) is a fantastic fantasy character. He’s temptation personified, and like so much evil in the world—like sin—he often comes across as harmless toward his patron until suddenly, he isn’t.

seb and seal



And that’s the idea of insidious sin, right? You’re trapped in the sin before you know it, wondering how you lost control of the situation you thought you had in hand, much like Ciel’s illusion of control over Sebastian which the “forest witch” portion of the manga shows us is really all a farce. It’s like addiction. Sebastian holds the reins of this relationship, and Ciel is quickly being taken in a situation that is sure not to end well. Yet, because Ciel succumbed to the temptation*, he cannot escape and continues to grapple with his illusion of control.

*which the author portrayed for the readers as a handsome demon, though his appeal in this area is lost on Ciel who is tempted by Sebastian’s promise of revenge.

But again, all this hides beneath the harmless veneer of a very capable butler.

This topic deserves a post all its own.

[How can anyone watch this OP and not immediately feel the pull to watch?]

I leave you with a question today, and I do hope you’ll choose to respond. If you don’t like Black Butler, why? I am obviously blinded to its faults, and it’s hard for me to be objective about something of which I am so fond. I may respond to provided opinions and assertions in a future post.


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P.S. I found this image on the internet, and I don’t know what is happening but—

Oh. Wait. I remember this. Never mind.

(I was waiting for a startling character revelation, but that’s okay. I can wait. [I don’t expect it to change my feelings on Sebastian’s character, though.])

Image result for black butler
I dunno, guys. Also, please support the official release? This is a manga totally worth purchasing/renting/borrowing from the library.

“You get a bad boy and you get a bad boy and you…!” Build-a-Harem Challenge Post, Demon Edition

I wanted so badly to attempt this challenge, but then life happened. And then I forgot about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And now, whilst making my return to blogging with a proficient laptop, I’ve remembered it again! It’s like an (almost) birthday present to me! (Though by the time this post goes out, my birthday will have passed.) Plus, it’s been a while since the fad hit, so maybe everyone needs another dose of ikimen, right? Right. And, luckily, I’ve also since stumbled across all KINDS of new characters for this build-a-harem challenge! Thank you, Hazelyn, for nominating me! Let’s begin!


The ‘Build A Harem’ Tag Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!


Okay, so in no particular order, I’m starting this list off right with an up-and-coming favorite of mine from Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul. Please, everybody give it up for…


Image result for azazel rage of bahamut
I do NOT care what this says about my tastes in men; I am all about Azazel, my guys.

Okay, so episode 1 spoilers ahoy, but I can honestly say that from the moment I saw him dressed as who I’ve now dubbed “the pale guy,” I was all about Azazel (or, as I sometimes call him for brevity in my watch alongs, Az). THEN he turned out to be “bandage guy” (or “rag demon,” whatever), and that just took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of “damn, son.” (Pardon my French.) And the worse part is that I KNOW what this says about my taste in men. I didn’t want to find him attractive, but how could I NOT?? And I’m not about to sorting these guys because I like who I like in my reverse-harem regardless of trope, but good night, he screams tsundere if anything. I am all agog.

Image result for azazel rage of bahamut
You’re not getting out of here that easily, Az.

Az is that emo/goth guy who’s dark, broody, dangerous, and a bit misunderstood. He’s the “bad boy” without trying who still takes himself just the right amount of serious. He’s driven, determined, and—lets be honest—sexy, omgosh. But Ginger would make fun of me so hard for this, guys, because he’s so my type, and I don’t even WANT him to be my type, you know? He’s gonna take care of you, AND he’s gonna take care of anyone who’d ever try to hurt you. His relationship with Mugaro somehow so tender and sweet, like they’re brothers and Az has to look out for Mugaro, with Mugaro sometimes stepping in to save Az from himself as well.

Phew. This is all just too much for me. Moving on before I really start to fangirl…


Speaking of types, I took one of those silly Facebook quizzes today that espouses it can tell you “type” in men based on your food preferences. “Haha,” I thought, “I’ve just finished bemoaning that I can never escape ‘my type,’ so why don’t I take this silly quiz and watch it get everything wrong.” Then, this happened:



Yeah, I like none of those extreme sport things, but I do like misunderstood bad boys. And so they might have missed the demon/vampire/emo portion, but hey, pretty close, yeah? How they got as much as they did from the fact that I like to eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I’ll never guess. Speaking of, we all knew that I wouldn’t get through this without including someone from Hakuouki, because if I were to try and do so it would feel like I’d betrayed my own constitution, and that’s just not right, folks! So, even though you’ve heard me rant about this title in the past, for this go-around, I’m going to pick another demon who caught my eye…


Related image
Let’s all be honest when we say that, for the most part, Shiranui doesn’t give a duck’s butt.

I did say “most part,” right?

Kyo is a demon who doesn’t despise humanity, necessarily, mostly due to the influence of a dude named (and I’m going to spell this wrong) Takasugi. Minor spoilers, of course, but when Takasugi died, Kyo decided to carry on in his stead and work toward the future that Takasugi wanted, even if it wasn’t becoming of him as a demon (not that the outlier has ever cared much about that, mind). While this is going on, he meets Harada, and the two strike up an unlikely… while I wouldn’t call it friendship, perhaps “mutual respect” would phrase it nicely. He even says at one point that Harada reminds him of Takasugi, implying just how must respect he has for the Shinsengumi warrior. Their relationship is full of banter, and I do feel like they would have been friends outright in another life. So, in the life of this harem, I’m making that a possibility.

Image result for hakuouki shiranui kyo gif
I don’t even ship it but… Still a better romance than Twilight.

Shiranui Kyo is going to do what he thinks is right, and he’s going to raise a middle finger to authority doing so. I’d call him a “bad boy,” but I honestly don’t think he cares enough to be one. He’s just… him. And he’d be the guy to tease you mercilessly expecting to get back just a good as he gave. (And you can ask Husband, I’m a sucker for that.) I think he’d make an excellent addition to this harem.

Oh, who am I kidding? If I keep picking men with these personalities, they’re liable to kill each other…


As much as I wanted to keep this harem build entirely comprised of demons, it just wasn’t realistic not to include a certain someone from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood who appeals to me on many levels. Every harem needs a childhood friend, or so I’ve been told. Maybe. Point is, if there’s gotta be one, I guess it’s gonna be…


Image result for roy mustang gifs
There is no need to pull a “Welcome to the Madness,” Roy. You’re hot. We get it.

I’ve written extensively about the appeal of Roy Mustang. He’s totally a bad boy in that “working from within the system to circumvent authority for the greater good” kind of way.

FMA made Roy into a much less attractive (though no less impactful) character, in my opinion, so the Roy named today is that of FMAB notoriety. And I’ll admit it; aside from his nobility, determination, and loyalty, he’s also plain sexy. But why? Well, his Xingese features, attractive build, and smirk do him all kinds of favors physically, but he’s also smart, loyal, so very determined, and powerful. He’s so very capable. And his utter commitment to Riza?? THE ULTIMATE SHIPPPPPPPhgbn;souigbhaes'[roa’hoidfv’ho;ihg;aiugdhvb’ds;vish

Phew. I’m okay now. So, in short:2etspt.jpg


Oh, look, another demon. I promise I’m not targeting them specifically. (I gave that up with Mustang!) This member of the harem comes from a show I highly recommend called The Betrayal Knows My Name. Frankly, it doesn’t get nearly enough attention. If you like reincarnated lovers, angst, angels and demons, complicated relationships and/or misunderstood emo men, it is definitely for you.


Image result for luka crosszeria gif
He’s killing me. It’s just too much.

The Uraboku anime leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to explaining Luka’s backstory, and without spoiling the manga, I can’t say too much else. I can mention he’s a powerful demon wholly dedicated to the soul of a woman with a sort of love that transcends even romance. You’d be hard pressed to find a more loyal character than Luka.

He’s tortured by what was even as he sacrifices everything to protect what IS, and he does so all for love. Aside from this, his whole demon aesthetic is just too much for my heart to handle.

Image result for luka crosszeria gif
I mean, what kind of man as cool, unphased, and “above it” as Luka takes time everyday to dress this bad@$$? It makes no logical sense and I love it.
Image result for luka crosszeria gif
bonus gif because it’s so cool

I just want to hug him.


If I include too many demons, are you all going to start looking at me funny? I guess it’s too late to be helped now.  Let’s just surround Roy by demons because I can’t get out of my head how amazing, weird, and oddly specific this reverse-harem is going to be.


Image result for sebastian michaelis gif
I have to use this gif of Sebastian because it might be the best one in existence. I mean, he’s vulnerable for once. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m going to quote a former post of mine, because I really do believe that I can sum up the appeal of Sebastian no better way:

To my current knowledge of both the anime and manga, Sebastian is thoroughly evil incarnate, but he retains a likable, appealing character; he is suave, handsome, charming, and oh so powerful; he’s obedient, until we’re suddenly reminded that he is NOT, in fact, what his human exterior would have us believe.

At the same time, he’s dedicated, loyal, and never tells an outright lie. He gives his all for his aesthetic, and he never offers any delusions regarding the true nature of what he is.

I think that’s the point of it all, really. Yana Toboso achieves in creating Sebastian what I hope was her ending message all along; evil is misleading, tempting, seductive.

Evil is hard to resist.

The creator was so smart in designing a character like Sebby-chan.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif
Misleadingly tender, that.

I just just IMAGINE this aesthetic. Shiranui makes wisecracking quips as Azazel looses his temper over something Sebastian smirkingly said. Luka stands just off to the side looking into the distance, entirely unmoved, as Roy fustratedly tries and fails to bring the assemblage to some sort of order.

I love it.

Before I sign off for today, it’s bonus time! So, the thing about husbandos is that none of them take the place of IRL Husband. ❤ In that spirit, I’ve got a surprise to share! I couldn’t get Husband to opt into the idea of creating a harem of his own (darn!), but I am going to share his waifu… Are you ready!?

Bum bum bum!!!!

Image result for overwatch widowmaker
Audience, meet Widowmaker from Overwatch.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time, keep on keeping on.


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Anime News Update~ Black Butler: BOA on Blu-ray and DVD!

After exactly 500 days of patiently (or not so patiently) waiting, Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic comes dubbed to Blu-ray and DVD on June 5th, 2018!

As it adapts an arc of Black Butler that is one of my personal favorites, I have been anxious to see this particular plot line played out in animation. The emotion conveyed in this portion of the manga seemed something far more touching to behold than usually offered by Kuroshitsuji fare, and I couldn’t get enough.

To quote Funimation re: plot synopsis…

Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler, Sebastian, are back—but their next case has them treading some rough waters! Aboard the luxury liner Campania, the two investigate an illegal human experiment that involves resurrecting the dead. But the closer they get to the truth, closer they are to their own deaths! Will this be their final case, or will one hell of a butler keep them afloat?

You can preorder BB: BOA by clicking the link here. ❤

~Shoujo (*´꒳`*)

Nightcore Update: “Je n’ai pas de Morts” Duet and Black Butler’s “Lacrimosa” Before and After

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been contemplating and toying with the idea of making nightcore for a while now. I’m not quite there yet, because let’s be honest, I only have the faintest idea what I’m exactly doing. “How high is it supposed to be? How fast? We’re straddling that chipmunk line here, but that’s definitely not what I want, so off to the races again…” and so on!

As of the moment, I should be finishing my end of year anime awards post, but that’s taxing, so I’ve decided to take a break and update you on my progress of late in this arena. The two most promising endeavors at the moment have been my odd “duet” with Vic Mignogna and attempts at recording a decent “Lacrimosa,” so the latter is what you’re getting here.

While “Monochrome no Kiss” is still in the works, as indicated by the results of this Twitter poll, it’s proven to be a tad more difficult task, so I’m not ready to share anything of it just yet.


It’s so much harder to post this stuff than it was before because I KNOW some of you guys now, you know? Like, I talk to you and work with you and collab with you, and before this blog was just me screaming things into the void of the internet like “HERE LOOK.”

But anyway, here’s what I got, it’s far from finished.

Am I even doing this right? It’s a fairly operatic song, as you’ll see if you give a listen below. Does it lose something in the English translation? Probably. I also don’t have access to the same background music (even though the one I’ve borrowed from Lykos Duo is amazing in its own right)… Maybe I should make it a touch more contemporary…?


Or maybe I should just get my butt moving on “Monochrome no Kiss!” 😛 Oh, well. The point is, I’m working on it, this whole nightcore thing.

Until next time, the amateur is signing off to go contribute to her awards post. Please look forward to posts on MMO Junkie and Ancient Magus Bride when I finish their simuldubs (or reach a good half-way point in the latter), as well as more on the FMAB post series in the near future! (^^)


“I mean, he literally produces fire, so…” –Five Flaming Hotties Tag Post

It is time to play a game!

Yes, readers, I must do that thing I do so well and fangirl myself into a sweet, sweet stupidor. This game of post-tag comes from Lita, who most graciously invited me to play; goodness knows that the blog could use a few more ikemen and bishounen, right? Right. So, let’s get squee-ing!! I’ve been looking forward to participation in this popular game!

I am to list five “flaming hotties” from anime (AND YES I EXCLUDED OTOME, BUT I WILL HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN IN OTOME FASHION), include their pictures, and explain their appeal.


We begin, in no particular order, with…

Infamous Flame Alchemist: Roy Mustang

Image result for roy mustang gif wink
Yes, Colonel. You.

We all knew I would pick him, right?


…Well, I mean, he’s literally FLAMING. He PRODUCES FIRE.

Image result for roy mustang gif wink


I wrote a lot about Roy Mustang here (and I highly recommend you read it so that we can fangirl/boy), so I won’t ramble on, but his determination, perseverance, loyalty, and self-sacrifice are all wrapped in a physically attractive package to boot.

Image result for roy mustang gif wink

He holds so much destructive power, and he knows the cost of wielding it. Just thinking about his phenomenal character makes me want to head back and rewatch some FMAB.

(Or get onto finally watching FMA; tell me PLEASE, readers, is there any more Royai in FMA!?!?!)

Decorated Olympic Skater: Victor Nikiforov

Related image
Extra and honored, I’m sure.

I wrote about his relationship with Yuri here (in the all time most popular popular post on my site!?). Aside from his powerful character progression, he proved that anime progatonists can be well into their mid twenties and still be seen as “the desireable ones.” Give me more protagonists who are adult men and women, anime, please. Romantic protagonists. I will pay you (literally).

Moving on from that, his skating is phenomenal, and he’s just so completely dedicated to his art. Yet, he struggles. He has nothing else to infuse his life with meaning until he learns love.

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

And, I mean, look at him.

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

Image result for victor nikiforov gif

I probably read too much into Victor, but I look at the person he is and where he grew up and I can’t help but speculate as to how he grew into the person he became.

Image result for victor nikiforov

(In example, Victor cut his hair as a teen, but do we know why? I have my theories.)

The Wind Beast and Black Dragon: Son Hak

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif
I promise I’m not trying to distract you from your princess, ya big lug.

Hak is loyalty. He’s unwavering, curious, determined, strong, and attractive. He’s a huge sarcastic nerd and teases Yona into oblivion. Let’s get real for a second; I spent the entire series thinking that THIS MAN WAS ABOUT 25 YEARS OLD. He does NOT look like he’s 18. NOT AT ALL. And then I came to find out his real age and it baffled me because HE DOES NOT LOOK OR ACT LIKE AN 18 YEAR OLD HUMAN. But I suppose that’s a common thread in media, so I’ll let it slide…

Moving on from that, here is a photo spam, because I can. (And the manga is fantastic, so you should go read it, stat.)

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif

Related image

Image result for yona of the dawn hak gif

Related image

To conclude, I don’t get fanservice. Honestly, it doesn’t do anything for me at all (well, except make me laugh). But then this happened and MAN. ALIVE. *literal swoon*

Related image


Temptation Incarnate: Sebastian Michaelis

Image result for sebastian michaelis
Speechless, I’m sure.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

To my current knowledge of both the anime and manga, Sebastian is thoroughly evil incarnate, but he retains a likable, appealing character; he is suave, handsome, charming, and oh so powerful; he’s obedient, until we’re suddenly reminded that he is NOT, in fact, what his human exterior would have us believe.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

At the same time, he’s dedicated, loyal, and never tells an outright lie. He gives his all for his aesthetic, and he never offers any delusions regarding the true nature of what he is.

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

I think that’s the point of it all, really. Yana Toboso achieves in creating Sebastian what I hope was her ending message all along; evil is misleading, tempting, seductive. 

Image result for sebastian michaelis surprised gif

Evil is hard to resist.

Image result for sebastian michaelis cat gif

Young and Troubled King: Soo-wan

Image result for yona of the soowon gif
He’s so embarrassed.

I really did spend a whole post on Soo-wan already, honest. So, as in the case of Mr. Mustang above, I shan’t wax too fervently on my final post pick. I will, however, quote it briefly here.

It’s hard to hate a villain who hates himself, who has damned himself to the depths of despair and cast off everything he ever loved to achieve his ends, who does all the wrong things for the right reasons. Even though I love Shiranui mostly for his personality and comradeship with Harada, I’ve found the ultimate villain in another anime, and I don’t hesitate to here sing the praises of his characterization.

This man is young, but he’s determined and holds the uncanny ability to harden his heart past the point that most would consider possible. He grew up surrounded by and under the care of wonderful friends and relatives who he loved very deeply, but his life–though luxurious–was anything but simple and was early on fraught with tragedy. In the end, for the betterment of a kingdom for which he cared deeply and in vengeance for the death of a beloved and respected parent, this young man murdered in cold blood the uncle he had also loved–the king who was the father of his dear, smitten cousin, and the sovereign of his very best friend…

Soo-wan is one of the best anime villains of all time, because the best villains are those who, rather than being truly evil, take on the mantle thinking that they’re doing what must be done.

Conflicted morals and angst are attractive, right?


So…maybe not a flaming hottie, because he doesn’t “do it for me,” but I still really love his character and I just wanted to feature him, okay?

Image result for yona of the soowon gif

Image result for yona of the soowon gif

Image result for yona of the soowon upset
Found it on Pinterest under gulin_sharry

Well, now it’s time to pass along the flaming hotties torch, but instead of tagging people, I will simply host an open invitation!

The rules

  • Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game, Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, and include the picture above.
  • List five of your greatest hotties from TV and/or film, i.e. crushes/objects of your affection, including musicians or sports stars too.
  • Tell us how you were introduced to them and why you like them/what appeals.
  • Add some pictures.
  • Tag seven bloggers.
  • Post the rules.

Until next time, keep being…

Image result for victor nikiforov gif


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LOOK, A NOMINATION (The Versatile Blogger Award! *Anime Edition*)

*joyous fangirl screeching*


*Don’t ask what that means; I am a goob.*

Matt from Matt-in-the-Hat nominated me for this blogger award, and that’s pretty exciting. Matt is a fun anime compatriot and he runs his blog in a way that makes me smile. He’s a Christian*, and I love how he’s vocal about his faith. It makes me happy when I see his mentions of God’s love (because sometimes people need those little bits of encouragement and you’re never going to know when.) I am also a Christian, and my relationship with the Lord is super important to me, so I appreciate that I get to see those things when I check Twitter even though my feed is basically all-anime-all-the-time…  (^_−)☆

Getting away from the personal, he also likes English dubbed anime, making him my dub buddy even if we tend to favor different kinds of shows. (*high five again*) I mean, I will always take a good dub over a sub. (But I will emphasize “good.”)

So, go check him out, guys. He’s a cool dude.

*Side note: If you are a Christian who

makes being kind and loving to others a priority,

then you are doing something right. ❤

The Rules of the Nomination Game

So, apparently, all award nominations have rules, and some are more straightforward than others. The rules for this nomination are as follows:


  1. Display the award.
  2. Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog.)
  3. Share seven things about yourself. This time, it’s about my relationship with anime if I am to take after my nominator!*
  4. Nominate bloggers.

*”For this award post, I am going to do something different. I will share 7 things related anime that concerns me. I am an anime fan and I will be sharing 7 things that interest me and anything Japanese related topics.” –Matt in the Hatt

 Seven Shared Facts *anime edition* 

Without further ado, I begin…

1) I will get stuck on an anime (*cough cough* Hakuouki *cough cough*) and re-watch it a million times in whole or in part. In some capacity, I will engage with it nearly every single day for weeks or months before, still loving it, finding a new show to dote on at least in part (*cough cough* Yuri on Ice *cough cough*). I basically live my life this way in a lot of areas (read: food, books, music, etc.).


2) I have an anime music/ jpop/ etc. playlist that I listen to on repeat while I’m driving, in the shower, cleaning, blogging, etc. Currently, it sits at…what…*checking* 32 songs. This doesn’t count the piano-only covers playlist that I listen to when I’m around other people (such as my employers) and I don’t feel like explaining my preferences to them. (They are not going to know that this *see below* is from Naruto, but it’s still GLORIOUS and you should listen to it right now, guys.)

3) I’ve played the piano since I was 7 years old (with 9 years of official lessons and recitals). At the time, I resented being made to stick with my lessons, but I am now glad that I did. I am currently attempting to master “Bura-Cha/Brothers” from FMA. I’m getting there. It’s really fun, but also a challenge.(⋆^-^⋆)Anime music makes beautiful instrumentals. I’m going to have to get my hands on more because, aside from the aforementioned piece, I’ve been limited to playing by ear. (I’ve also been limited to using my keyboard since my husband and I struck out on our own, but when we buy our own house rather than rent one, you can be sure that the baby grand I’ve had for over a decade is coming home with me!! *happy dance* I’m also sure my parents are ready to get the thing out of their house!   (^_−)☆ ) Oh, and unrelated to anime, I kinda wish that I could play the violin, even just a little bit! Isn’t the violin so soothing and beautiful?

4) Technically, I’m pretty sure that the first non-shoujo anime that I watched was Sword Art Online. I don’t think that the show gets enough credit. To be fair, I only finished two seasons and then I lost interest in its direction. (I mean, once the threat of death was gone, it just felt lacking. Plus, that cousin-in-love bit was really weird.) However, I really enjoyed the plot of season one. I found it very original, and I think that people are too hard on it. I mean, I’m not even a gamer, but I still appreciated the culture and unique brand of terror that losing your life inside a game creates. It doesn’t make my top five or anything, but I remember it fondly. Also to be fair, I think my favorite non-shoujo (or at least shoujo-esque) anime titles (read: no romance) are Black Butler and Death Parade. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Book of Atlantic dub! J. Michael Tatum is so talented! This leads me to my next point…

5) I just think that English dub voice actors are soooooo cool; I’m always debating writing them fan mail (especially people like Andrew Love who is Hijikata *swoon*). When one of them likes one of my Tweets, I FREAK OUT. Like, “TALENTED VOICE ACTOR SEMPAI/SENSEI HAS NOTICED MY WORDS OMG OMG OMG OMG…”


6) I am, unashamedly, a sucker for idol anime. There, I said it. You may begin throwing tomatoes, I can take it. Keep in mind that I only like BOY idol shows, like UtaPri, B-Project, or Magic-Kyun Renaissance. I mean, it’s a reverse harem full of bishies all vying for the MC and sporting glorious musical talent. What’s not to love? I can ship everyone and listen to things like this all day:

Ahhh…that song is just too much. ❤ ❤ ❤

♪♫ I never give up on myself;

I never give up on my dream.  ♪♫


7) This probably really goes without saying if you read my blog at all, but I like to use kaomoji far better than I like to use emoji. Kaomoji just seem so much more indicative of my personality and feelings than do emoji. I like to fangirl and wave and smile and kiss and hug and write and use magic and wink and show surprise, confusion, love, sadness, anger, etc. with the help of these adorable little faces and sparkles!!! 


 Those I Nominate 

I really do enjoy reading a bit about my fellow anime enthusiasts on their blogs, and this seems like a great time to do so! As such, I will nominate the following! Happy blogging!!

Ava the Nerd







Fanfiction Friday (02/24/17)

Welcome to a new segment! As I’m sure you could have guessed, I’m a huge fanfiction buff. You want a fic? I have a rec. I’ve decided to every week highlight a few of enjoyable fanfiction titles that I’m devouring at the moment or have in the past read through with urgency.

Within the fanfiction community, some woven tales read well and others…well, to be honest, I have an English major’s bias and I’m a sucker for well written prose; if the grammar and spelling are atrocious, I’ll usually turn away from a piece based on those factors alone, regardless of its plot potential.

Some of these mentioned fanfictions will be pinnacles of fan material, novel quality in their construction. Others will simply be fun reads. All fanfiction mentioned, however, will sport qualities that I feel make them worth your time.

Most of my faniction recommendations will of course be anime related, but you shouldn’t find yourself surprised if another medium or two slips into discussion. Naturally, I’m still debating how many stories to feature each week, but I suppose I will figure that out in due time. I was considering three, but perhaps I’ll post more recommendations this week as a celebratory gesture… Nah, three it is!

The formatting will thusly flow:

Title & Link

Author (& Potential Link)

Fandom and Status

  • Fiction author’s written tag
  • Why I recommend it.

Now, my fellows, let us begin!


Fandom(s) featured this week:

“Hakuouki” & “Black Butler”

The Teachings of Demons

Impractical Demon

“Hakuouki” — Updating as of Feb. 20, 2017; 78 chapters

  • “[Canon/AU] Chizuru appears ordinary but isn’t. The Shinsengumi have a secret to protect. The demons have their own agenda for survival. Can the Shinsengumi endure demonic lore? Can the demons adapt enough to heed their own legends? Plots, power, Oni politics, history and romance. Kazama C. Amagiri K. Hijikata T. Okita S. Yamazaki S. Kazama Chiharu (OC) Kimigiku Shiranui K.”
  • Without exaggeration, I check this piece of fanfiction for updates at least once daily (even knowing that Impractical Demon–or “Oni” as I still think of her–seems to maintain a roughly bi-monthly update schedule?). The work is novel quality and leaves you hungry for more; upon first discovering the fic a few months ago, I managed to read through all the available chapters in less than two days while staying responsible to my other considerable obligations. Did I sleep much? No. Was the sacrifice worth it? Absolutely. The story is packed, as the description would indicate, with politics and romance; at this point in the plot, we’ve really entered into the thick of things. I crave resolution (and an eventual sequel!). There are SO many plot points I can’t wait to see come to fruition, but I’m in no hurry for the literary journey to end. ❤


The Seven Gates of the Demon Arts


“Hakuouki” — Completed as of Aug. 25, 2015; Sequel seemingly abandoned as of July 17, 2016; 25 chapters

  • “Chizuru Yukimura is struggling to come to terms with her demon lineage, but when she refuses to relinquish her place in the Shinsengumi at Senhime’s request, she is offered a far greater proposal – to master the Seven Gates of the Demon Arts. Will she be able to control her intrinsic powers for the sake of the Shinsengumi? Does she have what it takes to stand up against Kazama?”
  • This is a wonderful piece of fiction, and the only criticism I have regarding it is its lack of resolution; the first installment leaves off at a critical point in the story, but the sequel (“Warden of the East”) has been abandoned for some time. In any case, the tale is rife with fan fodder. (Can you say Hijikata x Chizuru shipping?) I am not normally fond of authors taking Chizuru and treating her as a blank slate onto which they might project their own characterization and make her bad@$$ (because, let’s face it, she does have a character! She’s just demure!), but this author managed to turn her into a warrior without portraying everyone wildly out of character. I appreciate that, even if “warrior Chizuru” isn’t always my favorite incarnation of the girl. Parts of the story had me laughing aloud at their imagery. (Spoiler alert: Chizuru bursting into spontaneous flames and Nagakura attempting to smother them?? Hijikata being the catalyst for Chizuru’s flames of desire??) If you can get past the cliff-hanger ending (the sequel only has 4 chapters completed), I recommend this fic!

Subject 13’s Butler


“Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji” — Updating as of Nov. 24, 2016; 62 chapters

  • “Ciel takes the leap into Oblivion, only to wake into a strange white-washed world of beeping machines and white-coated doctors. The only thing that seems real is Sebastian, who steals him away from the hellhole laboratory to save him from the sick sake of science.”
  • Many of us are familiar with the non-cannon ending of “Black Butler II,” but what if it wasn’t really the season’s (the show’s?) end? In fact, what if—in the course of a few physically painful moments—Ciel’s whole reality came crashing down around him, leaving him to cope in a world of new design in which the people and incidents that he remembers seem real and yet…strangely not? The plot is fascinating, the characterization believable, the incidents dramatic; if you handle the slow update pace of AoUsagi (who has been working on the piece since 2012), I highly recommend this fic. It stands as one of my favorite pieces, and I await the next chapter’s confrontation with great anticipation. (And THANK HEAVENS IT ISN’T A SEB x CIEL fic, dear goodness.)


Have you read any of the fanfictions above? Do any tickle your fancy? Are there any works of fanfiction that you would like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay classy,

Shoujothoughts ❤



After Post Edit:

Having since spoken with author Girliebird, it appears that her work “Warden of the East” was not abandoned at all, but rather put on temporary hiatus due to the pressures of school life!! Thus, we readers can expect new content this summer, and potentially a new chapter as early as next month! (o^ ^o)