“Yuri!!! On Ice” cosplay compilation from AX2017

I’ve finally broken down and started going through all of my cosplay pictures; joyfully, I present to you the first small compilation of “Yuri!!! On Ice” cosplay, as well as information presented at the YOI Creator’s Panel.



God Loves You, Even if You Watch Anime: A Homily (or, “Street Preachers at the Anime Expo”)

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[I have removed the comment section for this post because sometimes religion makes people salty.]
[Also I am not a pastor or an expert, but I’m just throwing this out there, so there it is. You should take questions to a pastor, again, said expert if one there can be.]

At the Anime Expo this year, men with signs and loud speakers stood outside the convention hall, “preaching.” I assumed–though perhaps I shouldn’t have–that I knew the kind of men that they would be, the “Brother Jed” type of men from my earliest college days who spew the fires of hell from their mouths and bodies, so I did not stop to chat. Maybe they weren’t the “Brother Jed” types, but the King James Bible still erupted from their loudspeakers like a judge laying down the law, and while I’ll not argue that as much isn’t within the preview of God, this type of evangelism (which renders me deeply uncomfortable for the face it presents of Christianity), strikes me as wrong.

I grew up in the Church, knowing I was loved by the Lord from my conception. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated by various denominational doctrines, as well as the tenements of other religions and their execution. Because of my upbringing, education, and personal experiences, I am deeply committed to my Christian faith. Due to this commitment, others sometimes have preconceptions about who I am and what it is that I stand for. What does it mean to be a Christian? It’s a very applicable question in the world today. We live in an era of social reform, political upheaval, and general unrest. We live in a world today that claps back at Christianity for its sinful past, overlooking the good in favor of the bad and being on the right side of history.

Answers are hard to come by, and I live every day seeking out the Truth like Edward Elric on a quest to get Al’s body back. In all seriousness, I have long since accepted that I’ll never have complete information while I yet walk this earth. My humanity is not equipped to understand the will and workings of the Most High. And that’s okay. I don’t need to know all the answers to believe with everything in me, and that frightens some people. They look at me as an otherwise intelligent person with this one fatal flaw to my academic facade, a hard-headed sheep lacking personal responsibility, someone who hates more than she loves and condemns more than she lifts up, and it hurts. That people make these assumptions without knowing me, simply by nature of my Christian identity? It hurts, but more importantly, it’s wildly inaccurate, and it’s the label being put to religion nowadays. People like those “Brother Jed” preachers are part of the problem.

As a Lutheran, I completely understand the need for both Law and Gospel. In every sermon on every Sunday morning, we sit in the pews and we’re given our lessons for the week. Law is the force that acts as a curb, mirror, and guide. It shows us our sins and strikes at our conscious. It tells us that we are imperfect people, born in sin and destined to screw up by the very nature of what we are. I won’t get too deeply into our theology here, but you understand my point. We sin every single day, by those wrong things that we do and by those things we neglect to do. What that means is that I am broken. And that’s why we need the Gospel, for my friends, the Gospel heals.

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, and that means that I am healed. Jesus Christ loved us all, came down and walked with us, ate with us, spoke with us, laughed with us, lived with us, DIED for us… And because of His mercy and sacrifice, because of His love, all my broken pieces are healed. Because He looked at me and saw my soul as precious, I am redeemed, daily and completely. I move forward with that knowledge into a broken world full of God’s precious souls who don’t know how deeply they are loved. And when I see all the sorrow and hatred presented by certain “Brother Jed” Christians, it fills me with despair.

The world first needs to see God’s love. I believe that, somewhere deep inside, all of us know that we are flawed. Or, at least, we should know. And I believe that the world is full of souls crying out for something they don’t understand or even want to need. I believe that a person can only run for so long before their legs give out and they need someone to catch them, and that someone is Christ, in and with you and me.

If we are the hands and feet of Christ, we should be eating with our fellow sinners. We should be speaking with them, loving them, holding them. We need to be illustrating what life lived in and with Christ looks life, how whole our broken pieces and filled our empty spaces have become. How blessed we feel.

We invite them to share in that through love, not fear.

We don’t look down on someone who is just like us. We shine God’s light into their broken pieces and make them whole. We share our faith through word and deed and, for me, that means living quietly and humbly and thankfully, praising my Savior and Creator for everything that He gives. That means, that when I see someone in need of God’s salvation, I don’t pick up the most inaccessible translation of the Bible that I can find and start shouting the Law at them.

No. Instead, I sit by, and I let them know I’m present, and I speak of my faith as the beacon of light and hope that it is. And God does the rest.

There’s all kinds of Lutheran or general Christian theology that I could get into. I could talk about what it means to be a sinner and saint. I could talk about the Holy Trinity, the “gender” of God. I could talk about the sacraments and the office of the keys and excommunication and the creeds and suicide and being gay and pastoral calling and what it means to fear God… but I won’t. Because, in the end, much of that is universal, but much of it is subjective. I’m going to let you determine which is which. It’s a life-long process, battling between what we interpret, what we’re told, what feels human, and wondering if it is indeed supposed to. As stated, I don’t know all of the answers, and I’ve changed my mind a great deal over the years as I examine myself and my choices. As I learn and as I grow. But knowing that the Lord loves you, whoever you are and whatever you do and regardless of the choices that you make, is something I’ve never doubted. As a Christian, that’s what I want for you.

I want you to repent, yes, just like I do every day. I want you to live your life to the best of your ability in service to others, yes, this much is true. I want you to fear and love God, respect and praise Him, open up your hearts to His amazing grace.

But I want you to do that because He loves you, and you need Him.

I want to lift you up to bask in the presence of God and show you what a beautiful creation He made when he blessed the world with you. I want to show you how precious your soul is, how very much He loves you that He would die, JUST FOR YOU, today, to redeem that, beautiful, sinful, broken creature.

Not because some man with a sign, floppy hat, and loudspeaker told you that you’d be going to hell.

I’ll end with this. Our Lord (and my faith) is the greatest expression of love, and it will never be on the wrong side of history. ❤

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The End is Nigh (AX2017, Day 4)

Back at the hotel, languishing on our beds and resting after a long few days, Chronic and I have decided that, while this was an experience worth having, crowds and cities are exhausting for us country dwellers. 

Today was a slow day, but a good one none the less. I’ll direct you to my Twitter feed if you’d like to see my excitement over meeting Nick “Lanipator” Landis (Vegeta et al from TFS’s DBZ Abridged) and getting his autograph. He may or may not have said the line, “I AM THE HYPE!!” I may or may not have SHRIEKED in excitement right in the middle of the Exibitor’s Hall. You know, a lot of maybes.

Complete with 4 Star Dragon Ball.
You, sir, are the hype.

I cosplayed as Yuki Cross today, and I didn’t get stopped like I did dressing as Haruhi Suzumiya, but I was really pleased with how it came out. Chronic took this wicked sick picture of me all decked out, so I’m quite happy.

I also got jokingly (and by one member, truly) hit on by the cast of Mystic Messenger (and their cosplay was on point, yo). The group’s lone male thought I was kidding when I said I was married… not so much! To be honest, I was super uncomfortable with people (both joking and really) hitting on me and touching my face, etc., and I was trying to get them to stop without sounding mean… Anyway, the in-reality-hitting-on was a simple mistake, he stopped when he understood I was serious, and now I can say I was personally hit on by Jumin Han. (I mean, you don’t hear that every day.) I told Husband what happened, and he was like… “WhO iS JuMin Han??” Rofl. 

Speaking of Husband, I miss my Snookyplat. I can’t wait to get home and give him a super giant hug. I’m a dork, but it’s okay. ❤

Oh, lastly, I bought a super cute lil Calcifer. Wanna see?

Now, to feature cosplays. Again, I plan to post categorized cosplay pictures sometime in the future, but here are a few that I took since the last post and that I plan to leave uncategorized. (Also again, my phone has stopped formatting–apologies.)



DBSuper Panel, Zelda Announcements, & Cosplay for Days!! (AX2017, Day 2 & 3)

This whole experience has been mind blowing.

I write today as Chronic and I camp the hall which is to hold the DBSuper Panel in three hours. The hall doesn’t clear, and based on the number of Dragon Ball shirts I see in this crowd, I’m pretty sure many others are camping, too. In the mean time, we’re watching a live drawing from artists behind The Legend of Zelda manga and 2003 Astroboy, after which Chronic will leave to go find food and que up for his Jojo Fan Panel. The love drawing is pretty cool; also, their music for the motion comic playing on the big screens keeps messing up. First the computer played some pop song, and then fans either tried playing the ocansca or other music from their phones; it was pretty funny! Now the drawing begins!




I plan to make separate posts for similar cosplays (ex: Yuri on Ice or Dragon Ball cosplays), but I’ll include others here for your perusal! Please ignore the lack of formatting; my phone connectivity is terrible here.

Four minutes to panel start!! Here we go!!


…that panel. It was soooo~ worth the wait. I’m not going to say much except that I SCREAMED and laughed, and if you replay the live stream on Twitch, I’m sure you’ll hear me shreaking “It’s so true!!” in regards to Vegeta being a better father than Goku, and maybe “Christ Sabat, we love you!!” at the end.

​My throats hurts. Worth it. I’m just going to leave this here:

In other news. I also found the art wall where your allowed to leave your mark! I saw some truly awesome pictures done by con-goers, such as this…messed up… tribute! 😛

Of course, I had to leave my own small mark…

Now I’ll sit and enjoy these cosplay AMVs until Chronic is done with his Trigger panel and we can head back to the hotel! They’re really fun!!

‘Til next time!

Cosplay, Lines, and YURI ON ICE PANEL (AX2017, Day 1)

Dear Diary (No, I’m kidding.),

I begin today as Chronic and I sit in line for the Yuri on Ice Creator’s Panel. Luckily, we have hope of getting in; we’ve been here for about fourty minutes now, and (OH EM GEE, I JUST SAW MINAMI-KUN.) the panel with both co-creators is to begin at 4:00 PM.

Well, I found them. My skaters!!! (Expo Hall)

We just stood up to go inside, and I also just saw another Yurio. I wonder how long it will be until the line begins to move. Oh! And speaking of lines…

Look at the pre-pass line this morning!

As lucky as we are to be able to attend the Anime Expo, the lines have been ridiculous, especially for some. Our own wait was an hour and a half, and that was only because we picked up our badges on pre-day. Some are waiting outside for miles, a four hour wait time from what I’ve heard. Some people are upset, and they hope that there will be a more efficient system tomorrow. The Expo is naturally concerned with security. 🚨 

I wonder how many thousands upon thousands of people are here.


As one would expect, I’ve hear— I FOUND SUCH AMAZING VICTOR AND YURIO COSPLAY BUT THEY ARE TOO FAR AWAY FOR A PICTURE—where was I? Oh, yes, well, I’ve seen several neat cosplays, but being in a hurry to make two panels in these crowds, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like. I’ll share what I did manage below, and update this post throughout the day.

He speaks if watch look below!

People are SINGING “Born to Make History” as the line for this panel moves forward. I’m so excited to begin, but signing off for now. I’ll come back to this post in a bit!


Okay, I am calm now. The YOI Creator Panel opened with Welcome to the Madness on the big screens, which make me and several hundred other people SCREAM AND DIE. I may or may not have embarrassed myself with an audiable outburst when Yurio came on screen as the actual talk began. I may or may not have had a small outburst. There may or may not have been a bit of laughter…

In any case, the movie was confirmed and may indeed feature the OLYMPICS~~~~ and the language barrier made it a tad difficult to get 10000% further concessions but it seems that, if we keep loving it, more content is to come!!!!! THE OLYMPICS. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

As we wait in a Funimation Announcement Panel line and I struggle not to poke people smooshed near me with this awesome “Shall We Date?” bag that I got from the associated Expo booth, I think I’ll post some more cosplay pics I’ve gotten since then. 

A Proud Display of Cosplay (AX2017 Pre-Show, Day 0)

Good morning, everyone!! Yesterday was a roller coaster and we managed to stay awake for nearly 24 hours when you consider the time change!! (Rapidly approaching the longest I’ve ever stayed awake!) I was so tired I was unsteady on my feet, but we got back to the hotel just fine after my turn at anime karaoke!

Here are some awesome cosplays I took pictures of yesterday! With the individuals’ permission, I’m featuring them on the blog. (^^) ❤ Let’s give them some love. If you can ID any of these cosplays, try your hand in the comments below!! (Hazelyn, when I saw one I thought of you, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell why!)

Chronic, Dipp, and I were all a bit tuckered out, so we decided to sleep in a little this morning. Now we’re waking up and getting ready to start the day!! (I’m first going to find the giant inflatable Shenron and go on the hunt for CDawgVA!)

Bee 🐝 on the lookout for more cosplay and have a great day!!

Love, Shoujo

PS–Your Expo Adventurers are pictured below!

I mean, I’m not saying I’m Haruhi Suzumiya, but have you ever seen Haruhi and I in the Same Place? (AX2017)

So, as of a few weeks ago (and I’ve yet to write a post on the title), Chronic has introduced me to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I’m loving<3 it; having nearly consumed all of the media by this point, I can say with certainty that the show is a gem of philosophical mystery wrapped up in perfect teenage portrayals. 🙂 Because of this, and because of some circumstantial derivatives, I will now have another complete cosplay to wear at the Anime Expo!

Say “hello” to AU movie Haruhi, everyone~!

(Matt won awesome points for guessing who on Twitter!!)

I’m finishing up my packing as Chronic and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning; darling Husband will be taking us to the airport, and we’ll meet Dippyfresh on site before we board. I haven’t flown in a full-size plane since I was 3 years old, so the anxiety I’m sure to feel will be something~…

(I did ride short distances in 6 passenger planes back and forth from college to home one year, so I got that experience at least.)

I’m trying to make sure that all of my tickets/boarding passes/travel things are in order, but I have no clue what I’m doing, so hopefully I’ll have everything I need (and in mobile form)! In addition, I’ve checked in online for my flight, and now all that’s left is to…

  • Finish packing
  • Do a bit of homework
  • Go out and buy safety pins/brown elastic
  • Glue the ends of my ribbons sealed so they don’t unravel
  • Make sure all cosplay is squared away (and make thigh holster)
  • Update my blog layout
  • Upload the pictures from my phone to the computer so I have space for new photos

Be looking for a fanfiction Friday post come tomorrow as we fly, but before I sign off I’d like to make a short announcement…

You may remember a few weeks ago that I had disagreements with my employers (the Powers that Be) and was looking into other options. I then applied for another job, information regarding which that seemed to fall out of the sky and into my lap. Things happened very quickly, and I wanted the position so badly that I was shaking in my boots.

I am so blessed to announce that I was just offered a job even more perfect for me and provisionary toward my needs than the one for which I originally applied, and I’m floored. Same institution, but different post I didn’t think was possible. Honestly, I would have accepted any outcome, but I’m so happy I could cry at how perfect God worked all of this out for me. I will try to do my best and spread his love through what I do every day. ❤ I promise I’ll work hard!!

Anyway, until you next hear from me on the plane, be looking to my Twitter for updates!!


Shoujo @ AX2017 🙂