Look who’s fully qualified! (🎶Hello, it’s me~🐈‍⬛) An Update with a Side of Support

Preschool Prattle

I realized that I hadn’t mentioned anything online about something I accomplished a few seasons ago, but I do consider it an important step forward in my career even if the subject doesn’t make for the most inspirational edublog content. Still, I’ll make it known! As of the end of last summer, I finished my TEFL/TESOL/TESL* and am now a fully qualified TEFL/ESL instructor! If I’m gonna keep working in this field, I need the proper credentials, right? Right!

Anyway, I believe that the certification paired with my English degree and the university teaching experience makes me quite marketable should the need arise, and that feels good. Even though I was like…fully DCFS teacher qualified (ECE), it felt like I was… I dunno, always unnecessarily chasing legitimacy in the eyes of the public K12 crowd, so to have that stamp of approval is nice. Like, no one should doubt my…

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