The Good, the Bad, and the Photo Montage: a life update

It’s been a while, I admit.

These past few months have been full of work, doctors appointments, tests, urgent care/ER visits, more tests, medication, pain, and—as of this Wednesday—surgery. The days have not been full of anime, although otome has featured in my real life if not online. (And, yeah, I’ve been totally off socials for the last month of this impromptu break, too, so it’s not just a lack of blog posts. That alone wouldn’t be anything new.)

I’m very grateful as always that things haven’t been worse, but I’ll admit it’s not been easy. I try to be positive, and I can deal with pain, but it has been a far from ideal few months. I’m tired. (_ _).。o○

But that’s not all that’s been up in the story of my life! Pain is not the only thing! In fact, let me catch you up to speed about some of the good things using this helpful picture montage!

School started again! Slow starts are fine with me ❤
I watched a speech that will probably be famous when I’m older. Or America will be a fascist theocracy. One or the other. 🤷🏻‍♀️
We got vaccinated! Again! Boosters! 💉
We found a tree frog on our car after a bike ride and took that boy/girl to a tree.
Husband took me to a cave for my birthday!! Even though my back was not in a good place, we did out best and had such a good time! We also went to mini golf for the first time in 10 years, ate lunch at Sonic, and went to a local Asian market to buy rice noodles. Yum.
It he. ❤
Said Asian market featured many anime references. Like this one…
…and this one…
…and these!
The garden produced peppers!!! 🫑 🌶 It also produced other things! Husband and I started making strawberry-vine peach smoothies, and they’re really good!
Piofiore 1926 came out! I’d been waiting for it so excitedly!! I’ve started playing it, and I’m currently on Orlok’s route. Gosh, I just can’t get enough Piofiore. I also played (Even If Tempest—loved it—and most of Variable Barricade—funny, but not my favorite.)
The sons continue to be cute as always. They’re doing well, and they’re still the sweetest of black beans.
I’ve continued to try hard at work despite everything! (Lil Torsion is in the house, I suppose.)
We went to our friend’s fall-themed wedding! Husband was a groomsman! He looked nice in the bow tie; I’m gonna borrow those suspenders at some point!
And….parsley! Grown and dried in the Thoughts household. 🏡

I’m going to try to write more, even though it probably won’t be about fandom content so much as life content. On the fandom horizon, the next things I review will be otome, though I don’t know when that will be. Thanks for sticking with me all these seven years though all my musings and fandom ramblings. ❤

I hope you are well, dear readers. I wish you love, peace, geese, and gerunds.



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