“Bats in the Belfry” and “When Crossovers Break Fourth Walls:” Adventures in Frantic Fanfic

Frantic Fanfic (@franticfanfic on Twitter) is a browser-based, free-to-play cooperative fanfiction writing game. In the basic mode, each player nominates ?five? characters suitable for fanfiction. Another player will select two of those characters and you or they will begin writing them into a story. When a timer runs out (at normal speed, 3 min), the stories are swapped, and the players’ jobs become to continue the story of another player with totally new characters and a totally unique plot. This continues until each story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

I have twice opened a public lobby and played this game with a stranger. I cannot stop laughing about Tom Hanks. (No one can resist choosing to write about Tom Hanks when I give them the option.) Here are the results, typos and all: four stories, some of which have made me laugh until my throat hurts. My contributions are in bold, in pink, or bolded and in pink.

TITLE: A Business proposal in another world
FEATURING THE CHARACTERS: lan wangji, tom hanks
WRITERS: shoujo, striker, shoujo

Once upon a time and very far away lived two best friends named Lan Wangji and Tom Hanks. In another universe, Tom was a famous and much beloved, unproblematic superstar, whereas Lan Wangji was a war hero named Hanguang Jun who went where the trouble was. The two met after falling into an alternate universe and decided to make the best of it by opening a cheese factory and becoming the very best of friendos. One day, a pastry company came and wanted to do business with their cheese manufacturing business. Lan Wangji was concerned.

“I don’t know if we should listen to them” lan wangji pressured as Tom hanks looked at the contract in his hand they were offering a large sum of money Tom hanks rolled his eyes at his friends worrisome attitude and sighed “yeah well I wasn’t sure about falling into an alternate dimension! But sometimes the best things in life are stuff we ain’t sure off!” Tom hanks disagreed it wasn’t as if the deal didn’t benefit them “that’s different” lam protested much to Toms chagrin “aren’t you a hero or something? You should be all about risks” Tom protested lan rolled his eyes at his partners stubbornness

“I don’t take risks with the things that matter,” Lan Wangji said, “not anymore…” He got that faraway look in his eye that he so often sported when talking about the one he so often reminisced about, a mysterious “Wei Ying.”
“I know the world has hurt you,” Tom said. “Well, I mean the other world. In any case, you can’t just refuse certain possibilities due to a natural, inherent risk. It exists in everything, and this deal isn’t too good to be true. It’s a very realistic proposal.”
Lan Wangji shot him a look. “You cannot be serious.”
“I am,” said Tom. “I was America’s dad. I know best.”
Lan Wangji rolled his eyes. “You’ve mentioned this ‘America’ before, but they clearly didn’t have the best judgement if they always took you at face value.”
“Look, let’s get some dinner and discuss this in more detail, okay?”
Lan Wangji sighed. “Fine.

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TITLE: when crossovers break fourth walls
FEATURING THE CHARACTERS: tom hanks, sebastian michaelis
WRITERS: maikol, shoujo, maikol

Tom Hanks sat on the very bench he sat on when Forrest Gump was filmed, sitting without a thought and thinking what if life really was like a box of chocolates. Then, suddenly, a tall man appeared standing next to the bench.

Tom was bewildered, looking at the man with shock and confusion. “Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler, what are you doing here?” He asked, tilting his head. Sebastian looked down at him, seemingly just as confused as he shrugged, “I’m not sure, Tom Hanks.

“Wait, how did you know my name is Tom Hanks?” Tom Hanks asked.
“I can only assume I’ve been dropped into a fictional universe. You were great in Bridge of Spies, by the way.”
“What do you mean YOU’VE been dropped into a fictional universe? YOU’RE the one who’s fictional here!
I saw you in an episode of that anime… Black Butler? …just yesterday, trying to season some kid’s soul!”

“Well, I am simply one hell of a butler, but what is this ‘anime’ you speak of. No matter, I must return to my young master immediately. I have no time for this nonsense.” Sebastian glanced at his silver pocket watch. “Time for afternoon tea already…” he tisked.

(im lightheaded from laughing so much)
Tom Hanks blinked, trying to process all this all at once. This felt wrong. So very wrong.
“Well, we have to get you back then. Do you have any idea as to how this happened?” Tom Hanks queried, brows furrowing as he stood up from the bench.
Sebastian thought briefly before, comically, a lightbulb appeared. “I was just doing this…” He pauses, focusing his energy as to replicate what he did before arriving in this universe. Then, like a flash, the two men were transported through darkness and light so very quickly. When they came to, they opened their eyes to see a brightly colored world. Friendship is magic-

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WRITERS: striker, shoujo, striker
Bakugou grumbled as he walked along the hallway running a hand down his face training had been harsh as expected the idiots hadn’t shut up the entire day it had gotten to the point where his head had began throbbing a migraine clearly coming on it didn’t help that he had woken up feeling rather sickly nor did it help having a spontaneous loud friend group that had a particular admiration for the name bakusquad he didn’t care much for the name though it made him chuckle and his ego swell when it was said

A door flung open hitting him in the nose bakugou raised a hand to his face “Watch it! You moron!” He yelled throwing it back

Midoriya Izuku looked at him sheepishly. “Sorry, Kaa-chan,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I didn’t know you’d be right there…”
“You’re dead, Deku,” grumbled Bakugo with a nasty snarl. “Idiot, can’t you look before you just barge into the hallways like that?!”

“I-I-I’m sorry!” Midoriya said again. “I really didn’t mean to catch you like that!”

“Do you really think I believe that deku!?” Bakugou argued midoriya knew he was finished dead he should’ve wrote his will bakugou moved his hand to his nose blood stained it a dull throbbing pain of course it wasn’t training that had gotten him it was a stupid door midoriya laughed sheepishly saying his goodbyes to his mother and all might

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TITLE: Bats in the BelFry
WRITERS: shoujo, maikol, shoujo

Gotham hasn’t been the same since the Snap. Sure, Bruce didn’t concern himself with that Avengers-level nonsense, but even keeping track of the Gotham criminals proved difficult when off-the-radar gangsters could have dropped off the map due to the Snap just as easily as they could be lying low in a Metropolis warehouse. Bruce finds it troubling, this lack of certainty. Because of this, he has decided that he needs a less breakable partner (RIP Robin), and he thinks Thor might be just the guy. But… how to contact him?

He finally comes up with how he could contact Thor, after sitting in the Batcave for so very long. He takes out his Batphone from his Batpocket, using a BatVPN, he was able to contact the God of Thunder.

“Thor, this is the Batman, from Gotham City,” He says, with a Christian Bale-like gruffness, ” I need your help, to be my partner. You see, I am the night, I need to watch ov

-er Gotham, but Thanos’ snap really put a damper on my caped crusading abilities. My long line of Robins just haven’t been cutting it, and I need someone with some real power on my side to compliment my genius. What say you?”
There is naught but static, and then… “How did you get this number, mortal?”
“Why, with my Bat tech, of course. Did you not think that my gadgetry could reach you on Asgard? Silly god of thunder, that’s not how this works.”
“… I am deeply concerned about what’s occurring, so… I’m going to hang up now. And I’m going to… report this… incident….”
“Come on, Thor, buddy, throw a dog a bone, will ya? Fury won’t mind you taking on a side gig or two, you know?”
“… Goodbye, um… who did you say that you were?”
“Batman?? The Dark Knight??”

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